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Share An Irrational Hostility Towards China
KIyer 2020-5-14 09:39
It is strange that there is such hostility towards a country that has provided and continues to provide plenty of ( increasingly, to now about 90%) of all the daily use products affordably to most of the world, by their people working hard, for low wages, for about the past 30 years! The hostility is due to this very reason that they do so!! What seems to be forgotten is that this dependence is one we have willingly cultivated, developed, engineered and participated in for over 30 years! ...
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Share What now? Post Covid-19
KIyer 2020-4-8 07:38
It is obvious the world has changed. It is not just the Coronavirus that has us worried for our immediate survival. We are seriously worried for the times to come, post COVID-19, well after the novel Coronavirus has washed over us all, retreated or we achieve a sort of equilibrium with it, just like with so many other diseases and viruses. What seems to be fueling a lot of the worry, the anger, angst and venting in many 'advanced' countries, my own Australia included, seems to be rooted in ...
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Share Will our clock return to the stone age of slavery era ?
12dream 2020-4-5 16:26
While covid-19 is hitting all over the world of people and businesses very badly, downward spirals of varied degrees anywhere between -10% and -70 % of respective national GDP and businesses of all sizes, is my best guesswork. The global economic outlooks are really bad . Many people, businesses, small and huge enterprises will go bankrupt and the social well beings of all will be damaged badly. Fighting and stealing activities will ramp up by at least 500% or 5 times mor ...
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Share Egg, pork and mask
SEARU 2020-2-20 10:29
Do you believe that an egg is more nutritious than the newly-born chicken?Yes, much useful substance inside the egg will be ‘burnt’ during the hatching process before its crust breaks with one animal coming out!In this sense the egg price should be higher than that of chicken-meat. Is it a joke for the following: Yesterday, the shopkeeper asked me: "Now,one KG of pork is equal to twelve KG of eggs.Which do you prefer?" (As I know, the egg-price a ...
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Share The farming sense is diminishing in China
SEARU 2020-1-12 16:23
Traveling around the suburb of the Dong-ying City in last Summer Holidays, I met with a strange old man with a spade on his bike whom I mistook as a farmer. In fact he was a retired worker from a big oil company. The man had been a farmer in the commune before becoming a worker who had special deeper loving to farmland than his colleagues! For this reason after retiremet he worked hard to develop some waste land into fertile fields where he growed crops and vegetables. His words left me a de ...
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Share Did SME lose the entire game in business?
garywang2007 2019-11-20 15:59
Did SME lose the entire game in business?
"It doesn't matter whether a cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice."Said by Mr. Deng Xiaoping In this fast changing business world nowadays, a cat or even lost-fat cat than Mr. Garfield is simply NOT good enoughfrom basic living. Particularly SMEs may find customers are becoming more diversified than ever. For example, Chinese tea can be traded more simple via wechat; and a bottle of perfume can be shipped out right away with real time video footage on Tik Tok ...
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Share China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: A symbol of friendship and strategic cooperati
imranurrahman 2019-10-9 16:53
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: A symbol of friendship and strategic cooperati
The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), officially initiated and launched in 2013, is a pilot project under the umbrella of One Belt One Road (OBOR). Ever since China and Pakistan established a deal and signed agreements on launching one of the largest megaprojects in the history of Pakistan, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), huge developments have taken place in the progress and implementation of the project activities. The project provides a win-win situation ...
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Share Did China 'Steal' American Jobs?
MichaelM 2019-6-7 14:52
This is an assertion that Trump made during has campaign and now, during his presidency. To rational, intelligent people, we know that this isn't true, because, in fact, it would be impossible for Chinese to 'steal' American jobs. American companies started outsourcing manufacturering jobs to many countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh and others, many years ago. Why did they do it? The answer is simple. These countries could produce consumer goods at ...
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Share 31 May is No Smoke Day
J.E.Overington 2019-5-28 04:44
31 May is World No Tobacco Day, thanks to the World Health Organization. If you could ask someone close to you to stop smoking, who would you ask? How would you say it? Tobacco is dangerous. On World No Tobacco Day, the WHO presents special awards to organizations or people who have made great efforts to get people, especially children, to stop smoking. Does winning a prize motivate you to ask your neighbourhood to stop smoking? In 2008 the WHO called ...
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