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Share China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: A symbol of friendship and strategic cooperati
imranurrahman 2019-10-9 16:53
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: A symbol of friendship and strategic cooperati
The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), officially initiated and launched in 2013, is a pilot project under the umbrella of One Belt One Road (OBOR). Ever since China and Pakistan established a deal and signed agreements on launching one of the largest megaprojects in the history of Pakistan, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), huge developments have taken place in the progress and implementation of the project activities. The project provides a win-win situation ...
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Share Did China 'Steal' American Jobs?
MichaelM 2019-6-7 14:52
This is an assertion that Trump made during has campaign and now, during his presidency. To rational, intelligent people, we know that this isn't true, because, in fact, it would be impossible for Chinese to 'steal' American jobs. American companies started outsourcing manufacturering jobs to many countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh and others, many years ago. Why did they do it? The answer is simple. These countries could produce consumer goods at ...
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Share 31 May is No Smoke Day
J.E.Overington 2019-5-28 04:44
31 May is World No Tobacco Day, thanks to the World Health Organization. If you could ask someone close to you to stop smoking, who would you ask? How would you say it? Tobacco is dangerous. On World No Tobacco Day, the WHO presents special awards to organizations or people who have made great efforts to get people, especially children, to stop smoking. Does winning a prize motivate you to ask your neighbourhood to stop smoking? In 2008 the WHO called ...
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Share Is America or China Great?
MichaelM 2019-5-18 08:42
I've not published a blog on China Daily for quite some time. Frankly, I read China Daily every day (sometimes, every word of every page). There seemed to be such an 'anti-American' sentiment in so many stories, I feared even writing here. Recently, I've changed my mind. I've lived in China for 8 years. I'm in Hong Kong presently trying to get a new visa. The hotel has a copy of China Daily, Hong Kong edition, nearly every day on the coffee/tea table in the lobby. I've not only lived in C ...
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Share Good child can go anywhere
SEARU 2019-4-18 14:24
Those countries should learn from China: Our government officials at different levels have done hard and detailed work to help the poor get out of poverty by all means! The basic solution to the problem should be letting the local people make full use of the natural environment condition and try to make money with their own hands! The Chinese character 穷(poor)has meaningful body language in appearance: Its top part is 穴(cave)while the lower component is 力( force or strength)which whole ...
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Share Space.
J.E.Overington 2019-4-4 05:49
Student: Even though we are facing the serious problem of having accelerated the Holocene extinction, we can't put all our budget into this problem. Me: I agree, although environmental extinction is a direct threat to any national continuity, we certainly do need to continue investing in transportation, education, police, and other parts of the wealth redistribution and infrastructure that governments provide. Also, nations are looking to make a profit by producing something. Stud ...
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Share Welcoming the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation
GreenNanning 2019-3-29 15:49
Welcoming the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation
The late 1980s saw that our city, Nanning of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in the southern region, sent a host of engineers and construction teams to work in the international engineering market, opening the exploration of world market for the first time as the country China began to recover from the stagnation of economy in the previous period. Those engineers worked in Bangladesh on a highway that connects the home village of the great writer Tagore to the outside world. Due to lack of i ...
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mauriciomunhoz 2019-3-19 06:26
A GREAT HIGH TECH FARM Maurício Munhoz What is modern in economics? Who is thinking about the new trends for this increasingly globalized world? The Chinese are certainly ahead. I had the opportunity to spend a period of my life at the economics faculty of Beijing University, and I knew the mechanisms of the so-called One Belt and One Road, which is a great design for the formation of an incredible economic bloc. The Chinese also saw, ...
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Share Mosut. Fashion for martial artists
jaseminsibo 2019-3-7 08:34
Mosut. Fashion for martial artists
This new year of the Earth Boar, I am determined to take my 1-man fashion project Mosut to the next level. Inspired by martial arts legends namely Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto and Ip Man....I am using all my skills to create modern Gis (adapted from the traditional Karate uniform Dogi). Following the footsteps of Bruce Lee and Stephen Chow, I aim to take this several thousand years of heritage to the centerstage and break into the contemporary fashion industry with gusto! Martial arts legacy + cul ...
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Share The Most Basic Motivation For Wealth Creation
KIyer 2019-2-4 09:57
Not all who are wealthy are at fault somehow. Many earn it honestly or inherit it legally, not at anyone else's expense. Not all who are poor and struggling are so due to someone else's fault. They truly have not earned wealth or sympathy in society. There are corrupt and honest rich, just like honest and corrupt poor. They each need to be treated differently, according to their nature, not their level of wealth. A single individual cannot use more than a certain amou ...
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