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English learning

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use  UK English not USA English please use UK English not USA English please

use UK English not USA English please

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Translation Contest Translation Contest

This group is created for BISTU-China Daily Translation Contest in 2018.

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Speak English Right Speak English Right

If you want to learn American English like a native English speaker, Michael will give you daily lessons to achieve your goals. Jo ...

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English-study Notes English-study Notes

Learn From Each Other.

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English Conversation Corner English Conversation Corner

Drop by for a chat about anything. Through chatting, you practice your English, learn a thing or two and make some friends.

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Hello people! I'm qu Hello people! I'm qu

Hello people! I'm quite new here, so you can see :-)

I'm living in Nanjing for a little bit longer than 3months and I ...

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American Tongue American Tongue

Learn Tips of the American Tongue - slang, idioms, expressions, speaking skills, and more.

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Oral English-Faith Oral English-Faith


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English Funcast English Funcast

Welcome to English Funcast. This podcast uses humor and jokes to teach English. Learn how to understand jokes and how to tell joke ...

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认知语言学 认知语言学


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