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Rent a trolls
Rent a trolls
if you are paid to be here, or just happen to go by one of these names cestmoi, seneca, green dragon, LCSULA, Lono_Sainoa, JFenix, bandito, Alex2010, verdane, doberman, st george, Revolutionar, africanking, vincent001, scrotymcbugerba, exported kiwi, messi30, lotusfly7, Everynowhere, aki1, desperado123, grb, ttt222, soapdodgerk, wowzers, doberman, 468259058, blueskies88, uya, fredius, FreddyAguilar, emucentral, xoce, Ques, blinkblink, laowaipengyou, questioner, laincoubert, goldengrove, jaydee, nabobochi, yaya138, 29042012, RealMadrid1, pantarhei, spadger, MisterPanda, then join this group
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