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A Clear Message to ISIS Leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi   [Copy link] 中文

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al-Baghdadi was trained by MOSSAD

IS is supported by the West.

IS is a special creation of the West.

IS was designed to encircle and weaken Iran, by destabilizing Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon.

Saudi Arabia is bankrolling IS.

Turkey provides logistic support and a deployment zone for IS.

The USA coordinates IS with intelligence from spy satellites, surveillance drones, and CIA/NSA data gathering.

IS is a covert intelligence operation by the USA.

The USA launches dozens of spy satellites every year, equipped with high resolution cameras, which can identify objects down to 20 cm.

The satellites have also infrared sensors which can even detect isolated small arms fire.

The information from satellites and drones is most likely analyzed in the US, and transferred to the US embassy in Ankara.

Ambassador Francis J. Ricciardone is allegedly leading a control room there, where the exact military operations of IS are designed.

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US/Israeli proxy forces in Syria and Iraq

Bullshit lies about ISIS or ISIL

According to the criminal US Government, "ISIS" is out to get you.

Yes, I am truly sickened by all the fraud Jew spew media reports that have been constantly bombarding the gullible saps living in the once free United States of America with all the bullshit lies about how "ISIS" or "ISIL", or what ever phoney baloney acronym they can come up with next, is this great threat.

I cannot  help but laugh at the ridiculous notions concocted to make this absolutely fraud "terrorist" group look so evil.

Sadly, the vast majority of Americans are swallowing this crap and like gullible stupid sheep will blindly follow their criminals who run their government into another meaningless and useless war of aggression.

Before I again go into detail about this ISIS, or ISIL, and its ridiculous "threat" that everyone is suddenly believing actually exists, I do have one very important question for all those fools that still think this is a legitimate "terrorist group".

Have you ever seen this "ISIS" group of supposedly mad "Islamic Extremists" ever threaten Israel?

Lets be blunt here.. If this is an all powerful Islamic group that threatens so much of the Middle East and even the United States, then WHY has it not come out with any "videos" where it threatened harm to the ultimate enemy of Islam itself and the true poison facing all of mankind,  which of course is Israel?

The fact that there has been absolutely no threats by this group against the true evil on the planet, namely Israel itself, is the absolute dead giveaway that we are indeed dealing with a fraud.

If nothing else that I and others have stated that exposes this ISIS group as a hoax has not convinced any of you, then the fact that it has never, ever, threatened or done any damage to the Israeli state rests our case..

Ok, again back to this ISIS laughable fraud and its real target which is Syria.

I put up an article just a few days ago where I absolutely tore that idiot President of the United States' so called "address" to the American nation about this ISIS "threat" apart.

The fact is that speech was so full of hogwash and lies that I found it impossible to find one ounce of truth in any of it.

Ripping it apart and exposing the lies that it contained was so easy, and after doing that, I paused and thought to myself about how the fools living in the United States cannot see them for themselves.

I actually felt ashamed for the American people, because here we have their LIAR in Chief trying to sell an illegal and despotic war against another innocent nation, namely Syria, and the majority of American citizens will blindly support that war that indeed could quickly escalate into a regional conflict and potentially a world war against both Russia and China.

What is truly astounding to me about the criminal President of the United States is the fact that he has the gall to openly call for war without the full support of the American people.

I can guarantee that most American citizens are sick of war and having lived through the messes in both Iraq and Afghanistan, many absolutely would quickly vote against another war footing.

But here we have Barry the warmonger going forward and calling for war without both Congressional approval and the approval of the American public.

Sad is an understatement, because the hawks in Washington DC along with their masters in Tel Aviv are just licking their chops about the prospects of another war of aggression.

Many of these criminals do not care if there is another innocent nation destroyed, and even if that war costs the lives of thousands of American soldiers.

Most are in it for profit as well as pleasing their Jewish masters in having another "threat" to Israeli hegemony over the entire Middle East eliminated.

We have seen over the last several years how the US and Israel have used their proxy forces in Syria unsuccessfully to destroy the popular Bashar al-Assad government there.

We saw the lies of the "chemical weapons" used by Assad being a laugher, and of course the lies that Assad was killing his own people and "terrorizing them".

The Jew spew media propaganda machine tried in vain to vilify Assad and the truth became known that Assad was in fact loved by his people (still is) and many Syrians saw the reality that the so called "Syrian freedom fighters" were absolutely nothing more than hired American/Israeli mercenaries.

These people were not fools, and even went to the last general election in Syria back in June and voted overwhelmingly in support of Assad himself.

This failure by the criminals in the US and Israel to have Syria destroyed put them back a few months, but now they have their "Plan B" in motion which of course is to use the newest US/Israeli proxy "ISIS" to get Syria invaded and destroyed through the "back door".

One thing that did catch my eye the other day and should be the dead giveaway (again) that this ISIS is a fraud is the fact that this fraud US/Israeli funded and directed ISIS just signed a "non aggression" treaty with the fraud US/Israeli funded and directed "Syrian rebels".

THIS should have been the dead giveaway (like so many others) that this ISIS is a phoney.

This agreement makes sense if you finally put two and two together and realize that BOTH of these groups are run by the CIA and Mossad, and therefore it does not make any sense that they shoot at each other.

BOTH groups have the planned aim at overthrowing Assad in Syria and now the Israelis and Americans will coordinate their combined forces in Syria itself.

Wake the hell up people!!

What also pisses me off about this fraud ISIS crisis is the fact that not only is the United States gearing up for a regional war, but the gullible and idiotic Jew stooges here in Canada have gone ahead and sent over a small contingency force into Iraq to counter this fraud "threat" as well.

Yes, that idiotically stupid Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, went ahead and sent some 500 Canadian soldiers to Iraq while claiming to the Canadian public that they are there on a "support" basis.

Yeah right. The fact is clear that this is only the beginning of that so called "coalition" of nations that President Barry called for in his Wednesday address to the American people.

Sadly, most Canadians were not even aware of this move by the criminals in Ottawa, and what is truly sad is that most of these Canadian soldiers being shipped over to Iraq will be used for the planned invasion of Syria in which many will die for the glory of Israel.

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Western officials have ramped up a campaign of deception to provide a pretext for military intervention in Syria.

They point out the necessity of military action against the Islamic terror group IS (Islamic State).

This military action against IS will escalate the war against the Syrian government.

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This is the American/Israeli  news about IS:

Misinformation, Deception, And Smoke-Screens

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dragon8 Post time: 2014-9-15 22:06
US/Israeli proxy forces in Syria and Iraq

Hey Dragon $h!+,

You never provide any proof or facts to backup any of your spew you put forward. My suggestion is that you personally meet ISIS face-to-face and ask them. Hopefully, you'll even be seen on Al Jazeera TV with a hooded man behind you.

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Will the real terrorist group please step forward?...Is it the USA behind most of them?

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Time to act...

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