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UK attempts to hide evidence on torture [Copy link] 中文

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May 18, 2014

Press TV has interviewed Rodney Shakespeare, political analyst and commentator from London, about the British government blocking documents that could prove the Blair Government was complicit in ill-treatment of terror suspects.

What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: How and why do you think the British government is trying to block this? What exactly do you think is in those documents that would be so damning for the British government?  

Shakespeare: This goes further back than these documents. It goes back to the greatest crime of all, which was the false flag attack on 9/11 and in due course it would reveal the British government was complicit in 9/11. Amongst other things, two aeroplanes cannot bring down three skyscrapers.

Subsequently, we were complicit in the organized rendition, that’s code for kidnapping, and the torturing of suspects and then of course we were complicit in the false-flag attack on Iraq. All of it then is a program of murder on 9/11, of kidnapping and torture and the attempt is being made to hide the evidence.

I’ll be rather surprised if this evidence is actually published, actually it comes out from the USA but that’s of course because negative repressive forces work and try to reinsure that these reports are not published.   

Press TV: Even if they are published Mr. Shakespeare as you said you will be surprised if they are. But if, let’s say in a hypothetical situation they are published, will anybody really hold the UK government or the US government even accountable?   

Shakespeare: Well, there’s an increasing support for the recognition that 9/11 was totally false and it was something which is organized to open up what was then subsequently become attacks on up to seven Islamic countries, and all of this in support of the Zionist entity and its expansion. More and more people are recognizing.

But we have to face the fact there’s still a very substantial control of the Western media, particularly television media, and therefore they will endeavor to hide the truth. But more and more people are learning the truth about 9/11, about the waterboarding, about the torture, about the fact that all the time that British and UK foreign policy is controlled by Zionism.
Press TV: When you speak about Zionist control over the media, Mr. Shakespeare, recently we just had a report that said that most British actually support torture or some of the British at least support torture and that is due to many of the TV shows that they watch such as 24, Homeland etc. So then any such revelations do you imagine the British public would react negatively towards the British government?      

Shakespeare: Well, you made a very good point there. You do have programs effectively supporting torture and you have people in the British public who have been scared and panicked which you see torture doesn’t work. It does not get the information out and it does not prevent, and all it does, it completely destroys your moral authority.

But of course UK has lost its moral position and even more has the USA and that is why people are pretty disgusted and one day we will succeed in arresting Tony Blair and getting him up before some sort of court and we are going to do that to these other criminals as well.

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