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Mother’s Day 2014: Your stories!   [Copy link] 中文

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It's Mother's Day this Sunday, May 11, and we want to salute moms all over the world and give thanks to all the moms who brought us up and made us who we are.   In what positive ways does your mother have an impact on your life? What are the things you most admire or appreciate about her? Is there anything you want to thank her for? In honor of the upcoming day, we’d like to invite you to share the most touching moments that happened between you and your mother.

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I have written a letter to My mom and she said she was moved and she wanted to conmmunicate with me by writting.

2014-5-24 11:03:50

Mom, you are the most valuable in my whole life.

2014-5-20 22:04:33

Mother is the greatest people in my life. You will understand this completely when you have become one of them.

2014-5-19 15:17:44

i wanna say something about "mom i love you" online

2014-5-12 23:33:03

Check my entry.....IN HONOR of ALL THE MOTHERS IN MY LIFE Viewed 5 times 2014-5-11 20:10 |Personal category:In Honor of ALL the MOTHERS in MY LIFE|System category:Life

2014-5-12 08:45:45

Mom is always a special person to me.

2014-5-11 21:42:08
11diylife 2014-5-11 18:49:18

my mom is the best

2014-5-11 17:22:36

I did nothing but call to say I love her.Action can work much better than just say

2014-5-11 16:34:15

Mom is the one who give life to us and who love us in the most natural way. I love my mom and I want to thank her for bringing me up.

2014-5-10 18:40:08

No one can deny the fact that our mons have been giving the us their most precious and permanent love. We are supposed to express gratitude for them and love them forever.

2014-5-10 15:21:19

Two words: he ro

2014-5-10 09:15:02

Thanks for your cultivation,your love for me, your hardworking...

2014-5-9 22:11:43

Dear mother, although I am not so tame, I want to let you know that I love you forever!

2014-5-9 21:41:43

What I think is we should say our love to our mothers out instead of just writing our best wishes in the paper or in the web.

2014-5-9 13:40:39

My mother is 86 years old now. My hometown is in countryside, in order to offer good care for mom, my elder brother and me brought her to live with us in the city lont time ago. So we can have good ti ...

2014-5-9 11:23:23

Mom I love you !

2014-5-9 10:07:18

I love my mom very much through we often quarrel with each other.Now I am working in Beijing,but I call her every week.Sometimes we talk about things about family,sometimes about my career.I love her.

2014-5-8 17:49:00
lewin.X thankyou mum!

2014-5-8 13:17:20

Hello, sharing stories with mother together!

2014-5-8 08:56:09

My mom is the original dream-weaver, the wind-chaser, and the one who invites me to do the same. I love her for teaching me how to love fully and honestly.

2014-5-7 20:58:37

I love my mum ...

2014-5-7 16:45:35

I love my mum and my mum is the best of world.

2014-5-7 13:14:21

Honesty and goodness is the best thing that my mother gives me, I love you Mom! and I also need to thank to my annother mom, my husband mom is appreciated and thanks to you help me to take care of my ...

2014-5-7 09:16:04

I love my mother for ever

2014-5-7 09:02:23

My mother is dead. End of story.

2014-5-7 08:59:45


2014-5-6 21:17:59

I love my mom,without her without me !

2014-5-6 21:07:00

I want to join

2014-5-6 20:20:59

Happy everyday with my mom!

2014-5-6 17:43:14

Wish all the mothers happy everyday!

2014-5-6 13:33:30

I love my mother foever

2014-5-6 12:38:19


2014-5-6 11:59:14

Thanks to mom.She told me that nothing is impossible if you stay at the library all day long

2014-5-6 08:39:58

I come to share stories.

2014-5-5 22:34:06

i want to talk what you are talking

2014-5-5 21:44:53
Ellen530682567 2014-5-5 18:09:48


2014-5-5 17:21:09

I will book a ticket for my mom to travel to Hongkong and Macao.

2014-5-5 14:17:33

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mom never give up on me even I alway do something that hurt her deeply. i LOVE HER

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caiyuqian Post time: 2014-5-5 14:26
mom never give up on me even I alway do something that hurt her deeply. i LOVE HER

Would you share one touching moment?

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Mummy choose to continue to live with a brutal man(my father) for me. Since I have grown up now, I'm gonna protect her and make her feel happy. She is the woman I admire most.

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caiyuqian Post time: 2014-5-5 14:26
mom never give up on me even I alway do something that hurt her deeply. i LOVE HER

me too

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mum is a common people who works day and night, but she never said a complaint. she always provides me as much as possible, no matter in material or sprit. she is hard and tired. i love her, maybe i year later, i can do something for her. now, my only massion is to study hard in order to find a good job which will please her.

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My childhood suffered from a long period of comminuted fracture, haunted by the risk of potential disability. It was mom' overwhemingly strong will that I would rise to my feet again and continue the life of an ordinary boy, incessantly kept the journey of treatment on-carrying me and theheavy planter cast to almost all the available hospitals in Wuhan to seek for the silver lining. During that time, the only one who was available for to rely on at any time was my mom.  Fortunately, I recovered safter receiving the diagnoisis and treatment from a renowned pediatric orthopaedic specialist in Shanghai. And it was one and half year later since I was afflicted with the severe injury in my right foot. Years have passed, but the picture of tears swelling from mom's eyes after hearing the diagnosis never fades away in my mind. I am always indebted to my mom. She makes me believe that love can create miracles!

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