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You know you are in China when .... [Copy link] 中文

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Our friend Mutfire from Africa launched this  topic on his blog, He starts his odyssey conclusions as follows:

Pay 1RMB and ride the bus till you are tired

This is not an invitation to a joyride, you Tom Sawyer!

The guy on the traffic light moves when it turns green

And there is also a bike, whose wheels also spin when green

The ground floor of the building is the first floor

Here, your first floor is actually the second floor; the ground floor is first floor – Which actually makes sense.

Someone picks their phone and they say ‘Wei?!’

At first I was like, this Wei guy is making too many calls…and then it hit me, no hello out here.

The year starts one month after the year has started

People act normal on 1st January or Christmas, hell breaks loose 30 days later.

On some day you walk into the street and some people burn ‘money’

It’s some festival[color=rgb(68, 68, 68) !important]l, the naïve data I have gathered says it’s a way of getting blessings by sending some money’s to the ancestors. So here it’s not ‘make it rain,’ like Lil Wayne, its ‘make it burn’

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If you have your own judgements, welcome to follow his steps to express here below

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You know you're in China when you see the public actually using public transportation.
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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This post was edited by WhiteBear at 2014-5-1 05:52

Talking about the road traffic...

You are in China when:
- 90% of AUDIs and BMWs are extended versions (L/Li)
- there is more e-Bikes that You can count
- RollsRoyce driver is also an owner
- every few hundred meters there is a flashing lights in front of You (no matter You overspeed or not)
- drivers throw out of the window everything and everywhere
- if You drive to close to the shoulder or sidewalk - beware of garbage in red foil bags
- everywhere there are workers collecting the garbage and litter
- there is a decent garden separating traffic lanes (also on the highway)
- if You don't have a loud horn - You are weak and thus unable to join the traffic
- direction indicators are just an ornament (everybody knows that You turn left here, so why to bother indicating?)
- priority depands on the car You drive (price of the car and/or the licence plates)
- some cars drives without the licence plates, but with the foil on the seats (yup, he bought it just a week ago!)
- bicycle lanes are as wide as car lanes (snd some cars uses it to avoid congestion)
- you use each and every lights installed in You car as You please (no matter driving conditions)- overtaking the lorry is impossibe because You are blinded by the white spotlights on it's sides turned... backwards

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life is colorful with you.

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In China, traffic issues is serious, in future it is changed by some regulation or even laws, who know how it is future.
life is colorful with you.

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...when you see people wearing helmets in the supermarket
some day Jiangsu will rule China

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You Know you are in China firstly when you see a two mile queue at passport control

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