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US scare tactics cannot stop China’s rising power   [Copy link] 中文

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ZhuJon Post time: 2014-4-24 22:57
If the United Snakes of America stops interfering it would make the world a better place.

There w ...

The U.S.A. likes to show off its military power but when the shooting starts it hides its troops in order to kill civilians. The dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ranks as one of the most vile, evil and cowardly acts in military history. Unlike the Russians who invaded Germany, the Americans just waited to play safe and dropped the atomic bombs as an "experiment" even though the Japanese were about to surrender. And yet to this day, the Americans claim they "won" the war against the Japanese when in fact that coward General Douglas MacArthur "escaped" from Manila by submarine and ended up in Australia leaving his troops to surrender to the Japanese who were then treated like pieces of meat. At least, the warlord-turned-fascist Chiang Kai Shek never surrendered, despite overwhelming odds against the superior firepower of the enemy and the poor quality of the KMT troops (except for the German-trained divisions).

They did the same in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, bombing and killing civilians, and then claiming the U.S Military is "superior". The only thing "superior" about the U.S. Military is its ability and willingness to kill civilians.

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I am not your secretary, use Google to find your answers.
I'm just here for the money

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There would be no China if not for Mao and the Communist Party of China

MAO and his followers would BE DEAD, killed by the Japanese as they advanced into China.
CHIANG would never have made it to Formosa (Taiwan).
Allied forces STOPPED THEM, China sat back like sheep and allowed themselves to be beaten like dogs.
I'm just here for the money

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Laowai2? Post time: 2014-4-24 06:23
Have you ever researched Chinese geographical history? You do talk a lot of cr*p

I know more than seneca, that's for certain.
All he knows is what he's been indoctrinated with in western schools.. a very unreliable and biased source.
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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“But this kind of rhetoric accusing China of aggression is scare tactics which won’t work to stop China’s rising role in world affairs. It’s the US that is increasingly isolated because people around the world have experienced a century of the US empire and they are tired of it,” he concluded."

NOT one world size empire ever survived by historical records that includes British, French, Spanish, USSR, etc ... .. and America is NO exception. Obama with an insignia of Noble Peace Prize is spreading the seeds of discords and confrontations all over the world and lastly here in the Asia Pacific corner to the extent that even protested whale (best japanese sushi in town) was fed and eaten with mouthful blood seen in red dripping as it was consumed, grinning brightly for the media. What's a joke for the Abe-clique!!

What's on your mind...

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US scare tactics cannot stop China’s rising power

It's already too late buddy!

Yanks have stopped China's rising power by dumping their 20 million rusting GM 'buckets-on-wheels' on our ignorant 'foreign-made-is-best' mainlanders.
The correlation of China's deadly smog with GM's rust-bucket SUV surge in the mainland is uncanny.

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