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What surprised you the most when you first came to China? [Copy link] 中文

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First the good:
People are generally very nice. Sure there are bad ones, but when you get to know people they are usually incredibly nice. My first spring festival in china I didn't have any really good friends y e t,only been here a few months, the shop owner under my apartment invited me to his house for the holiday. At that time I couldn't under stand any thing, just enough to under stand that he was inviting me to his house and to get on hisscooter. Ha ha, it's was a great time. I've never been treated like family bystrangers faster than in china.

Family values. I love how important familyis out here. I have my pro blems with it (I'l l write about that below) butover all I love it.
Food. Not at all like American Chinesefood. Some of it is terrible, but good Chinese food is l so much better thangood American Chinese food.

Now the bad:
Manners. Spitting, shitting, pissing, puking, blowing snot rockets, all onthe street. Table manners also. This surprised me the m o s t. I came to China after living I n Japan for ayear. L Talk about a shock.

Parental control. It drives me crazy howmuch control parents have over their kids. I got married last year andbasically am a terrible son in law because we haven't made a baby for theparents yet.

Kids don't grow up. Because of the parentalcontrol kids stay kids for ever. My best friend who is 28 and married lives athome, goes home for lunch, and basically can't do any thing to take care of himself. Awe some guy, but seriously needs to man up. He got married a few monthsback, doesn't want a kid yet, but it doesn't matter so he and his wife arealready expecting. His mom called me sel fish for not knocking my wife upalready.

What's your make of it? You must have things to add.

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some day Jiangsu will rule China

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What surprised me the most is seeing people use the sidewalks has toilets and how dirty it is, people throw garbage anywhere and everywhere.

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This post was edited by BoMiller at 2014-4-25 18:10

2007 Beijing--early afternoon--Flagged down a taxi near T Square- no sooner did I enter the front seat four unmarked police cars pulled in front- to the sides and behind the taxi.

No uniforms--starting pulling the driver out through the drivers side window--who was also attempting to grab his official taxi license from the dash board--an official from passenger side reached through the open window with a police stick (with metal edges) barely missing my head, hit the drivers hand and took the license from the drivers hand and dash board.

The Official opened the passenger door and asked me to 'please get out." I inquired what was happening--no reply--he never made eye contact and didn't answer. I then asked "Should I get another taxi?" He pointed toward another intersection without speaking and closed the door behind me and motioned me to move away down the street.

I glanced to the other side of the car where the man was successfully removed through the drivers window and was being placed in the rear of another car--handcuffed and visibly shaken. Another man quickly sat into the taxi driver seat when all the cars where beginning to drive off almost in unison down the street and around a corner.

This all happened in the span of less than 5 minutes.

I stood on the same spot for a few minutes analyzing what had just happened--glancing around to get the reaction of other bystanders. The faces of all those who were present were blank--turning a blind eye and going about their business. No one made eye contact with me either--I tired--- to make eye contact with anyone who was in the vicinity--not a single body of what must have been 20 or more showed any interest in what just occurred.

Just 2 hours before hand in the Main entrance to the Forbidden City--I witnessed a struggle between 10+ official looking men surrounding 2 men and 3 women who were in line to enter the gate. All the women began screaming---trying to protect the men from being forcibly moved up against a nearby wall. Those in line tried hard to make themselves very small and out of harms way. I observed this incident from roughly 20 meters away and still recall the shock on the men's faces and women's screams.

I do have to add I have been in war zones and am acutely aware of dangerous area's and situational awareness. These experiences rate high in speed of action in particular the lack of Public involvement or even curiosity. It appeared to be commonplace-but I was also aware any public acknowledgement would put a bystander in jeopardy and open to detainment by reason of complicity.

I have witnessed  separate issues with police action in other cities without the cloak and dagger stage where uniformed Police are patient and non-violent--even to the point of watching two strangers fisticuffs over a traffic accident without interference and join the bystanders in the watch and listen.

I even witnessed a police officer enter into a kicking match below the waste with a vendor who was accused of cheating a patron over a shoe shine. it took another plainclothes officer to break it up and calm both men down. I was the patron getting my shoes shined and have become friendly with the vendor whom I see once a week now for the last 7 years. He offers me fruit from home most times.

These are a few experiences I will share. The Good -The Bad---the  Ugly ones are not printable in this forum and are best forgotten anyway.

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You still do not get to know real China.

life is colorful with you.

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i am a chinese,married a japanese and living in japan for 7 years.completely understand what you post.To be continued....

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