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Continuing „week of the pancakes”… yesterday for a diner I made small, sweet omelets.

Dish is quite easy, You should only practice a bit to archive well cooked (but not dry) inside, and golden brown outside.

This dish I remember since I was a kid… it was most precious of all pancakes.

It were a hard times, and eggs was a bit expensive for my family, so it was the dish for some special occasions.

Sunday afternoon, with the smell of delicious omelets is one of the best “cuisine” memories of my early childhood.

Sometimes later, when I was about 10 – situation changed a bit, and eggs became more “usual” food, but still – my parents didn’t allow me to cook it by myself.

My first omelets I fried, when I was about 15 J

Of course first was or raw inside, or burned black outside, but pride didn’t allowed me to claim it, and I ate it all.

Next time was better, and I could proudly share it with my family.

Don’t be afraid if it is Your first time, This maybe looks very easy but to have best result You need some practice.

So, here it comes…

Sweet small omelets

level: medium
preparation time: 15 minutes
cooking time: 1-2 minutes per pan (about 3-5 omelets in one ”shot”)

ingredients (for about 6 small omelets – that makes full single dish dinner for me):

- egg (separated white and yolk)
- self-rising flour (I use wheat flout), or all purposes flour with a bit of baking soda
- pinch of salt
- teaspoon of fine sugar


- beat the white to a fine foam (don’t have to be fully stiff), with a pinch of salt

- mix the yolk with teaspoon of sugar (can be less)

- add some flour to the yolk (enough to have semi-liquid cream), and mix it very, very well… (this is important)

- carefully add small parts of “yolk cream” to the white foam, and mix very delicate, to keep some “foamy” structure


- heat the pan with some oil in it, and when oil is hot – pour in few pancakes, and fry until You’ll see some browned edges,

- then fryon the other side (maybe reducing the heat a bit)

Best tastes if served hot.

I made it with fresh fried jam made of apples, sugar, and some grapefruit.
The taste of this jam is a bit strange for a first time… but I like it’s sweetness with a very significant bitter note.


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Fried Polish sausage with steamed potatoes and cabbage.

preparation time: 5 minutes
cooking time: over 1 hour (depends on the size of the potatoes, and You spend "in kitchen" much less then half an hour)

European type sausage


clean the potatoes, and place it with the cabbage in steaming pot (I used rice-cooker with steaming tray)

Pout water in the steamer, and turn it on.

Now You have a lot of time to take care about sausage.

When You’llfinally set it free from all “safety layers”...

cut itdiagonally in one direction,

…and then across

to have this kind of pattern:


European type of sausage (especially Polish) is much softer then Chinese dried sausage,and it is “instant food” – can be eaten right after opening the package. It is made of first quality meat, with a little of fat, and with a bit salty and spicy seasonings.

Then it is “blanched” in hot water, and smoked in the wood burning smoke, until all meat inside is done, and sausage archives unique its unique taste.

Some types of sausages are then dried a little, some – sold in it’s “fresh state”.

Dried sausages can be stored out of the fridge, but “fresh type”should be kept in cold (after You open the package).

When steamed potatoes and cabbage are ready…

(You can test it with the chopstick)

Peel the potato

And cut it in a large pieces

Then cut the steamed cabbage

Fry the sausage on the grill or pan (on the small amount of oil, best quality lard, or butter for more delicate taste) on both sides, until browned.

Use low, then medium heat – to heat all the sausage, but not to burn too much.
When frying – sides will “open”, allowing fat from the sausage to pour out into the pan.

In this sausage is only pure ham meat, but “opening the sides” allows to exchange tastes.

When sausage is almost ready – put potatoes and cabbage on the same pan, and quick-fry to season it with the taste of sausage. Nothing of this delicious taste and smell should be wasted!

(to have qual heat distribution You can also cover it for a one minute, when on low heat)

Serve it hot just from the pan.

Or with some sauce or mustard (I used garlic sauce that I made for tortillas).

This is “Polish cuisine style” dish, when the meat is well and deep cooked, potatoes and cabbage – very soft.

Simplicity of this dish is opposite to rich taste and smell.

If You want to “taste Polish cuisine” – it can be one of the good examples.

To have even more „Polish taste” – You can cook the potatoes in salted water (or bake it in an oven) and cook the cabbage in separate pot (with salt, sugar, and a pinch of citric acid or lemon juice).

But I like it the way I did it this time – also very tasty, but more healthy.

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Oat pancakes

easy, cheap, and delicious taste that I'll always remember from my childchood...

I published a recipe in other part of Forum,but now it is time to show it with proper pictures

- Oatmeal flakes
- eggs
- salt

- put an eggs into bowl (1-2 eggs for one person is enough)
- add salt (big pinch, but it is up to You)
- mix it
- add oatmeal flakes (at this moment it will be almost dry - it is OK)
- cover it to avoid "unwanted guests" ;) and wait until oatmeal will soften (10-30 minutes)

- form cakes about 1 cm high
- heat some oil on the pan (middle flame) and put a cakes on it
- fry until gold on both sides, You may add a little butter to enchance the taste (best moment - after turning over the cakes before frying second side)

- serve as a meal/snack - and be carefull... it makes stomach full very easy

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Plum in the Paradise

preparation time:
- preparing ingredients - about 15-20 minutes (because of frying)
- dough preparation - 5 minutes
- cooking time - 5 minutes
- level: medium

- apple
- plum
- 2 eggs
- self-rising flour
- sugar
- brandy (any)
- (may be a cardamon - but You can do without it as well)


- cut an apple in small cubes
- open a cardamon piece and take out the seeds
- crush the seeds with knife
- put the apple cubes, cardamon, and some sugar on the pan
- heat it on medium heat, stirring, untill apple looses excesive moisture, and sugar begins to turn into caramell
- add brandy ... just a dash, or more to extract the taste (in this case was about 100 ml, maybe a little more)
- keep it on very low hear until brandy eveporates, and apples are gold and softened
- now take prepared apple and keep it in warm place (oven turned to 70C is OK) until other ingredients are ready
- cut the plum in thin slices just before You start doing a dough
- separate whites and yolks
- beat the whites to a foam (can add a small pinch of salt)
- put some sugar to yolks, and mix well- add some self-rising flour, and mix well
- add foam, and mix very gently (but also well)
- heat the pan with some oil (best - with neutral taste)

- fry the pancakes, diameter not bigger than about 10 cm
- when You see delicate browning of the sides - it is time to flip it (with wide, flat wooden spatule)

- serve with the hot apples, and cold plum

What is the result? Just try it.

Taste of fried apples, caramell, with a tint of brandy (but no alcohol in served dish!)... served on the pillow of delicate omelet, with a plum adding a little contast (You can select also some sour fruit).
Cardamon adds a note of freshness.

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Obwarzanki rolls

Recipe based on traditional Polish recipe - Obwarzanki.

In traditional recipe - You use only a little yeast, just to grow the dough a little. Result is firmer.
In this recipe - result is more delicate, closer to french baguette (French loaf).

Is it easy? Not very easy, but if You have some practice in baking - You can do it.
But it is not for a beginers - at some stages You have judge very quickly if it is "good moment" (to pull it out from the boiling water, to rise a temperature in the oven...)

- wheat flour
- sugar
- salt
- dried yeast
- warm (lukewarm) water

- mix flour with dried yeast (at least 10g/1kg), sugar (few table spoons on 1 kg, or more - if You prefer more sweet rolls), salt (at least one tablespoon / 1 kg)
- add some lukewarm water, and mix "initial" dough in the midle of the flour
- step by step add water and mix, untill all dough is evenly mixed, and don't stick to your hand
- now let it stay for about one hour in warm place - it should double the size
- when the dough is "grown" - hit it, to collapse

- form small buns
- then from each bun - make two rolls of dough

- twist the rolls together

- form a "circles" by connecting ends of twisted rolls
- let it rest about 15 minutes, in meantime - boiling water with some sugar

- put the rolls carefuly into the boiling water, for about one minute

- then if You want - add some decoration (on wet dough), here I used sesame (can be salt, sunflower seeds, etc.)
- bake in the oven, first 5 minutes in about 180C,
then rise to about 200-220 and keep it until rolls became golden (all baking usually don't exceed 15 minutes)

result... hm...

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Asparagus with mushroom and chestnut

This dish is quite quick to make but not very easy.
Reward is worth few attempts :)


- asparagus (few pcs)
- mushroom (I used big Chinese mushroom)
- chestnut (fresh)
- rice noodles

- slice mushroom in about 2mm thick slices
- slice chestnut (as thin as possible)

- on the dry pan - fry thin slices of the chestnut until crispy and litte brown, then remove it
- now (also without any oil) - fry sllices of mushroom, arring few drops of sou sauce at final stage, then remove it
- clean the pan
- boil asparagus over the steam - about 3 minutes (5 if it is not very fresh)
- on the pan with butter - fry asparagus for 1 minute, then add fried mushrooms, noodles, and chestnut
- fry by tossing it over the pan for about one more minute, may add a pinch of salt

Serve on the hot plate

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This time I made donuts in "mixed style".

In traditional Polish recipe - there is a milk. Here - I used a warm water.
Traditionally Polish donuts have rounded shape. Here - I made rounded "mini-donuts" and (a little Chinese style) twisted like a oil-sticks.

- wheat flour
- dried yeast (about 20g/1kg)
- eggs (4 yolks, and 1 egg)
- warm water
- sugar (no more than 6 table spoons /1kg
- a pinch of salt
- vanilla essence

...and a lot of cooking oil for a frying

- solve sugar in about one glass of warm water, then add the yeast and a spoon of wheat flour, mix it and wait
- add a pinch of salt to the flour, mix
- mix 4 yolks and 1 egg
after about 15 minutes
- add the yeast (solved in the water) into the flour
- add the eggs
- add the vanilla essence
- mix it all together, adding some flour or warm water if needed
- when the dough is ready (not sticking to Your hand) - let it rest and grow for about 1 hour (should double the size)
after one hour
- knead the dough once again, roll it flat, and cutt rounded pieces
- rest of the dough knead again and set aside
now let it rest at list 30 minutes - donuts will grow again

- heat a large amount (1 liter is a minimum) of cooking oil (in a metal pot or deep skillet) - 180 C will do
- fry the donuts on both sides (donuts have to be floating)

- when there is rest of the dough left - form it in the 0,5-1 cm thin "ropes" about 30 cm long
- bend the  "ropes: in half, and twist together
- then fry as the forunded donuts was fried first

I served it with the traditional Polish plum jam (not very sweet).

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