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When I mentioned before about Polish traditional cuisine … I almost instantly remembered taste of potato cakes.

This is also very simple recipe, and can be done in many variations, served as a single dish or with some sauces.
Amazingly… it fits to Chinese dishes too!

This cakes can be served “sweet way” – with sugar, or as part of the “main dish” – with some vegetables, meats or sauces.
And that second way is the key to mix it with Chinese style cuisine.

Well fried potato cake is also close to traditional Chinese cuisine by mixing textures and tastes.
When served fresh and hot – it is crispy outside, and soft inside. Have some hint of sugar, and some of salt.
Served with sugar or sweet sauces – can contrast with onion taste inside, creating interesting combination.

OK, stop talking “about possibilities”, time to move to work J

Potato cakes

Preparation: 15-30 minutes (depending on used tools and skill)
Cooking: 2-3 minutes per one cake, can be fried few at one time off course.
Skill: simple


- potato(es). Available on many green-markets.
- eggs (one for each two big potatoes or for each “jin” of potatoes, here we have  about 1kg potatoes, so 2 eggs are OK)
- wheat flour (for shown quantity You will probably use 150-200g)
- onion (one medium onion for each 3-5 big potatoes, this one was enough for about 1kg of potatoes)
- sugar and salt
- oil (for frying)

(using quantity shown on picture You can feed 2-4 adult Bears {:soso_e144:})


- grind potatoes and onion (fine grind for more uniform consistence)

- mix, and remove excess water

- add salt, a bit of sugar, and eggs

- mix to a uniform pulp
- add wheat flour to achieve consistence of soft paste (can be put on frying pan by cooking spoon)

- heat wok or frying pan, then add about 3-5mm deep of oil, and wait to be very hot (just before “smoking”)

- fry medium size (half of open hand), 5-10 mm thick cakes, on medium up to big heat, until golden (delicate) or little brown (more crispy)

When You do this first time – it is good idea to check first cake if it is properlyfried (no raw dough inside - it will be soft but could not taste of raw potatoes), if cake is brownish, but still raw inside – set lower heat and fry a little longer.
If cakes are “browning” to early – add a little oil to the dough, and mix well.

serve with:

- sugar (traditional Polish way – could be also with thick cream)

- stew (Polish and Hungarian style)
- any sauce or “wet dish” You like (fusion style)

I love it with quick-fried, and a little stewed spinach (fried with a lot ofgarlic),  any peppers (fried, steamed, or in any kind of stew), and other vegetable dishes, that are soft in consistence, and “stout” in  taste.

On picture above - 3 potato cakes are cut into strips (but put on the plate the way, that it seems to be not cut) and served with fish stewed on bok-choi leaves, and red pepper, under a lot of oyster sauce.
This way (cut in strips) can be eaten by chop-sticks.

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Now, one of my favorite dishes, that I learnt here.

Fish in sweet, sour and spicy sauce, on peppers.

preparation: 30 minutes
cooking: 15-20 minutes
level: easy/medium


for frying fish
- fish
- eggs
- cornstarch
- oil
for sauce
- sweet chili sauce
- rice vinegar
- red hot peppers
- green onion
- cornstarch
- water
for frying/stewing at final stage
- peppers (any kind You like)
- onion


- cut fish into pieces

- remove bones

as seen on pictures – pillars are useful tool also in kitchen :)
try to remove as many as possible until squeezed piece of fish will not puncture Your fingers…
is You left too many – You will have to be more careful when eating

- mix eggs with cornstarch until get a “little melted icecream” consistence

and observe interesting effect… cornstarch mixed with small amount of fluid (here – egg) becames “non newtonian fluid”. What it is? Take a spoon and hit it. What do You feel? And now slowly immerse spoon. What do You feel now?

- add pieces of fish

now we will make a sauce in easiest way, that means using one readymade ingredient

- sweet chili sauce

- add some rice vinegar and mix

- add equal quantity of cornstarch and water, and mix (should be liquid)

- chop green onion and red hot peppers, then add it to the sauce base, mix and set aside

preparing frying-stewing “bed”

- chop peppers and onion in medium size pieces (as seen on pictures)


- warm oil in a wok (hot!)
- fry pieces of fish covered with egg and cornstarch masse

finishing – frying and stewing

- pour to the empty wok a little oil, and make it almost smoking
- add chopped peppers and onion, fry about 1 minute, moving

- add fried fish

- pour with sauce
- mix and fry for 1 minute

- then cover and stew under the cover for 1-2 minutes until peppers are still tender but delicate, sauce will “disappear”, and all pieces of fish are soft

- serve always hot

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Piggy in the woods

(Pork with mushrooms)
recipe dedicated for my friend from UK J

I’m not a big enthusiast of fat pork, but sometimes… why not?

So thisstory is about poor little porky, that strayed in the woods.
Big Bad Bear caught a porky, and decided to eat with anything he have around.

Unfortunately there was only wild garlic, spring onions and – as always in theforest – some kind of mushrooms.

Bear decided howewer, that it will be enough.

Preparation:15 minutes
Cooking: 20-30 minutes
Skill: easy


- pork meat (remember – this bought with the skin)
- little flat black mushrooms (dried)
- little, long, white mushrooms (fresh)
- garlic
- green onions
- noodles as “filling” (not important)
- dark soy sauce


- wash black mushrooms, then soak it in boiling water (takes about 10 minutes if You use small and thin mushrooms, for bigger ones – it can be 15-20 minutes of “hot bath”), You can use soy sauce in bath – to add extra flavour

- soak noodles in hot water for 5 minutes, then rinse with cold water, and letit to drain from excess water

- chop garlic (fine)

- chop green onions (no matter what, can be even 3-5 cm long,

but even)

- wash white mushrooms in cold water, then let it drain a little
- You can separate white mushrooms (as I did) or leave it with “groups”), because I wanted to mix it with noodles – I made it separate

- cut the pork meat in even bars (long cubes) ... or use previously prepared

- fry it until golden outside, and fat is semi-transparent (at list 10-15minutes) - I used pork meat preserved in garlic, so You see some garlic on this pictures too. If You want to absolutelly avoid any trace of bitter taste - remofe garlic from meat before frying (can rinse with the water and dry on paper). I don't care about it - so I left it.

- add white mushrooms, and fry stirring, to let them absorb taste from pork (1minute)

- add black mushrooms, and fry for 1-2 minutes

- and garlic, fry stirring for 1-2 minutes (let garlic to add its taste to other ingredients)

- add noodles and some of green onions, mix it all together, add some soy sauce, and let it simmer for few minutes until noodles are cooked. If there will be not enough moisture – add a little of boiled water (don’t use cold at this stage!)

Serve hot

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Crazy Laowai in Sichuan

This dish I “invented” when looking for some dish, that would connect fried potatoes (laowai) and spicy taste of peppers (Sichuan).
Nuts and garlic gives crispy and aromatic influence, and oyster sauce – salty taste and sauce texture (also helps to combine ingredients on the plate).
I like it spicy - so You see a lot of spicy peppers, but You can use others off course.

Preparation: 5 minutes
Cooking: 15 minutes
Level: easy
Remarks: needed two woks, or wok and pan


oyster sauce


- chop the peanuts

- chop the garlic

- cut the peppers (fine)

- cut the potato in thin (3mm) slices

- cut the potato slices in “matches” (about 3x3mm)


- heat the wok with oil, and heat it well
- fry the “potato matches” until creates “skin” (do not make it “golden” yet), then put it out from oil (keep the oil hot)

- heat the second wok until smoking
- add a little oil, and instantly chopped nuts, fry for 30 seconds, stirring

- add the cut peppers, and fry for 1 minute, stirring, then set aside

- add the oyster sauce and stir with other ingredients, set the low heat and goback to the potatoes

- put potatoes back to the oil, and fry until crispy and golden-brown

- put the fries on the plate, and cover with the fried peppers, nuts and garlic

serve hot (hm… it should be double hot)

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Merry Porky in the burned forest

This time poor Porky ended His life in burning forest.
He failed to escape…
And because of His liquid supplies - His death was instant, and smelled good.
The minute of silence for His memory.
R.I.P. (Roast In Pan)

Preparation: 20 minutes
Cooking: 60-90 minutes
Level: medium

- pork meat (could be with fat) – I used meat from leg, marinated in garlic and spicy peppers
- dried black mushrooms
- fresh white mushrooms
- brandy

- meat should be marinated at list overnight

- pour dried mushrooms in hot water, and let it rest for 15 minutes in hot bath
(You can add soy sauce – the best will be black, or black mushrooms flavored)

- wash and dry white mushrooms

- cut soaked black mushrooms in stripes

- pour oil on the pan or wok (this time I used pan), and heat
- add the pork meat  (with its marinade), and fry until liquid almost disappear, and meat will be golden-brown

NOW BE CAREFUL – remove all flammable items from around and above pan, hide children under the table, etc.
- pour serious amount of brandy to the pan (at list one “medium rice bowl” or big glass – 0,2-0,3l maybe more)
- hold the pan in extended  arm(s), and move it little aside to let fire from stove burn the brandy

- let the fire subside, and now You have nice sauce J

- add black mushrooms, and simmer it until meat is almost ready (edible but alittle hard), if there sauce would evaporate before that – just add a little boiled water (hot) and continue cooking

- now add white mushrooms, set high heat, and cover the pan (wok), let it cook for about 3 minutes on high heat, then stir, set low heat and continue simmering until meat is as soft it can be “cut” with the sticks

serve hot:
- Chinese style (with rice, or noodles)
- western style (with potatoes, fries, or bread)
or any other way You like

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Crocodile on the noodles.

Sometimes I want to make something, that is unusual in my homeland.
This time on the street market I found a man with a crocodile.
Beast was already resting in peace (nobody can live with separated limbs), so I decided to make good use of one of the parts.
It is not cheap, but is worth its price – because of taste.

In this dish I’m showing how I prepared all meat, but I used only few chunks – this was my first crocodile dish and I didn’t want to risk.

preparation time: 10-15 minutes
cooking time: 10 minutes
level: medium (because of delicate meat – need some experience in frying fish etc.)

- crocodile tail, and exactly - part of it
- lotus root
- garlic
- mushrooms (I used two kinds, one medium with small brown heads, and one huge for a slices)
- some leaves
- dried rice noodles (wide)


first You need to separate meat
it takes about 5-10 minutes if You are note xperienced, and 2-3 if You already done it before

cut the skin (on bottom part is always thinner)

holding the skin with one hand – “push the meat away” with delicate moves of the knife

after that you have it skinned

now remove meat from the bones – almost the same way, just a little cutting,
more sliding the knife edge and “pushing” the meat from the bones

this picture shows it half-way

and here we have completely separated meat
(do not throw-out the bones! There is still some meat on it, and You can make a nice soup).

OK, so then cut some meat in medium (2-3 cm) cubes, and add some sliced garlic (and let it stay, while making other “manipulations”…

sink the rice noodles in hot water and in meantime – do the vegetables

time to prepare smaller mushrooms – just by cutting-off lowest parts

and cutting bigger one in thin slices

some leaves can add more “vegetable” taste, and improve color of the dish

lotus root should be done last (because it changes the color when unused)

cleaning lotus root – by scratching its surface

then cutting-off the ends

cutting few slices (quite thin – no more then 2-3 mm)


pour some oil on the pan or wok (first time I’ve done it in the non-sticking pan)

heat it on high (if You use wok - heat it before adding an oil)

fry crocodile meat cubes until it changes color
(30 seconds, maybe a little more, but be careful not to fry it completely at this stage, if You do so – meat would be to dry)

then remove it from the pan (throwthe  burned garlic away)

on the same oil fry slices of lotus, and big mushroom

when slices are a little golden-brown (2-3 minutes) – remove it from the pan
(to the same bowl when meat is waiting)

throw in smaller mushrooms, and fry until it changes color, and soften a little (1-2minutes).
mushrooms may “drink” oil from the pan, it is OK – it consist a nice taste of all the fried ingredients

add the soaked noodles (should be quite soft by now), and fry a little

add the green leaves, fry for a few seconds

then add all previously fried ingredients and stir fry for few seconds

at the very end – add a dash (ok, maybe more – few table spoons) of water, and cover,
then simmer for 1 minute to reheat and soften all ingredients

serve hot J

on the table - I added a little bit of high quality light soy sauce to add some salty taste

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Beer pancakes

Pancakes are one of the easiest things, that You can cook.
And very quick... if You are experienced - preparation takes a minute or two, then about 1-2 minutes per cake when frying.

Because it is cheap dish - You can practice it with many variations, until You will be the Master of the Pancakes.

Taste of beer-based pancakes is a bit sweet, and with almost untraceable bitter, with significant beer aroma, so if You don’t like beer – replace it with the milk.

level: easy
preparation time: 3-5 minutes
cooking time: about 1-2 minutes for each pancake

(for about 6 thick, or at list 10 thin pancakes)

-         2eggs

-         1can of beer

-         wheat flour

-         salt (up to Your taste)

-         oil (2-3 table spoons)


stir the eggs with the salt

add the beer, and stir again

add some flour,and mix until uniform

then add some oil, and mix very well

tip: if You want to have thick pancakes – final mixture should be more dense,if thinner – completely liquid like an oil (add more flour, or more beer)


heat the pan well (with a bit of oil)
and pour in enough mixture to cover bottom of the pan

fry on one side until sides will rise a bit – then add a little oil (no more, then a tablespoon), and move pancake over a pan, to equally distribute oil

fry until golden, and reverse on other side


You canserve it as it is, fresh fried, with any sauce You like, of with some filling

or... You can fry it crispy with some filling

Frying with filling:

Add filling on the pancakes (I used fried minced meat with garlic, so I had to use some “glue” to avoid “unwanted escape” on the pan… hoi-sin sauce was a good choice, but anyother that matches the filling – up to Your taste – is good)

Fold it any way You like – in the example I used roll, and ¼ fold

And then fry it until crispy outside

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