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Men tend to forget more than women [Copy link] 中文

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Men are always criticized by women for their carelessness, and their tendency to forgetthings like birthdays and wedding anniversaries, or simply forgetting to take out thegarbage. Recent research published in the journal BMC Psychology offers some defense tomen, saying that men - regardless of age - tend to forget more than women.

Together with his team, Jostein Holmen, a professor with the Norwegian University ofScience and Technology, analyzed the information provided by 37,405 participants. Men ofevery age reported poorer memories than women. Holmen's team also found no evidencethat memory problems accelerate much over time among both men and women. Youngmen are as forgetful as the old.

"It was surprising to see that men forget more than women. This has not been documentedbefore," said Holmen. "It was also surprising to see that men are just as forgetful whetherthey are 30 or 60 years old. The results were unambiguous."

Last year, research indicated that men and women differ in the structure of the brain,which may explain why men are good at some things that women are not. The researcherstried to speculate on the factors which lead to the gender differences in memory, but theyhave not come up with any definitive explanation.

"We have thought hard about why men report more frequent problems with rememberingthan women do, but have not been able to come up with an explanation," said Holmen. "The mystery remains unsolved."

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really a man who has good memories on detail things is to terrible !!!, show fashion clothing, handbag, luggage, shoes, jewelry, etc.

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Sharing this with my lovely lady, who is frequently disappointed in my seeming forgetfulness. ;)

Thanks for posting it!

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However, it is also surprising how many things women remember wrongly, but are so totally convinced they are correct that arguing (even with evidence) is not only futile but dangerous...

I'm convinced that men and women just remember different things. For instance, I'm very quick to try and forget any quarrels (not something I like to remember or dwell upon), but the female species seems to memorise every detail and bring them up time and time again. I usually also tend to permanently forget what day of the week it is. But if a girlfriend were to ask me what she was wearing, or how she had done her hair when I first met her (or on any particular occasion) and that's usually pretty easy to remember.
All your islands are belong to us!

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I would dispute this. (I'm tempted to add that I've forgotten why) Men don't forget things, we choose not to remember and there is a huge difference between forgetting and not remembering.

Men have much better memories than women, we just choose what is important and needs remembering. Women remember minutia and trivia while men have vast piles of data stored away in our memory banks.

Yes, women can remember wedding anniversaries while men don't. Women say that this shows we have memories like sieves but the truth is that most of us don't want to be reminded of that day. We would actually rather forget it than face the reminders. Ladies, if your husband remembers your wedding anniversary every year plus your birthday, your shoe size, your bra size, your favourite perfume, which shampoo and toothpaste you prefer, he's probably gay so you need to take a step back and have a closer look at the man you're planning on spending the rest of your life with.

Women can remember many petty, unimportant things but men can remember the important things in life. Show me a man who, at the drop of a hat, couldn't say who won the World Cup ten, twenty or thirty years ago or who won the most fights in a boxing career and I'll show you a man who drinks girlie cocktails. Personally, I can remember who won the world motor cycling championships in every one of the last sixty years. Compared with that, birthdays are a breeze.

Men also know things about tanks and submarines and it takes a really good memory to remember that kind of stuff. Wedding anniversary? Bah, too easy!

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I think it may also be the result of what men and women prioritize.

I work with algorithms and information. I do not remember them implicitly, but I do remember where I wrote the notes down on how to do it, after I worked it out. Usually they are too complex to remember all the details, but the abstract of methodology is retained.

Trying to remember on what day I made a breakthrough is beyond me, only that it took place.

Like Einstein, I do not remember my times tables or matrices, but I can grab a book to provide the answers quickly while I am in the middle of something complex that needs those answers.

The day I stop learning will be the day I die. Maybe.

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