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Most beautiful girls in school uniform   [Copy link] 中文

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  You mean he is a well-meaning person? Lol. He has bashed lots of people here; typically, he just says you are stupid every time when he fails to talk his detractors into buying into his arguments.

  Guess what? He is not even Chinese nor someone who speaks Chinese like me. Whose side are you on, huh? Don't be judgmental, sir. There are no grounds for you to ban me because I have never said anything that's near the knuckle. By contrast, that robert is just pushing the envelope when he tries to sing the praises of North Korea.  Plus, robert is no great shakes when it comes to offering his two-cents worth other than his repeated recriminations against capitalism. He once even suggested that Taiwan is a colony for America.  How on earth China Daily doesn't ban him for being a dissident?  Because he is  a soi-disant American? This is China Daily, not America Daily. If a mod like you condones such soapbox remarks, then don't cavil at me for not respecting an old geezer like him.  Actually, that robert has taken a dig at me several times,  saying I'm just a tyke. I have the right to fire back and show him that it would be wrong for an old guy like him to sneer at me and get away from it.  On top of that, he should be held accountable for his own rudeness as a guy who is much older than me. Otherwise, it will be not fair for  me.

I know that you guys are confidants and it's understandable for you to go to the wall for him after he reported me again. But please tell me what have I done to him. Personal attacks? Could you pin it down for me? Robert has uttered lots of  repugnant remarks on this forum, calling his detractors simpletons and me stupid stooge of capitalism. Do you think the terms used by him are acceptable ones ?  I would say his acts border on personal attacks as well. Why don't you ask him not to roast people who are not agreeable to his political stance?

  Are you Chinese? If you are going to ban me, then I think you are not a dutiful mod. It will be a disgrace for a mod like you to mistreat me like this without figuring out the root cause of such verbal confrontation. By the by,  are you implying that I just can't utter obnoxious words like him simply because he is much older than me? . Please go check all the threads and replies written by that Robert claiming he is American before  you make such decisions.

   Could it be that you want to  ban me because he is someone claiming he is American?

  It's okay for you to ban me or even find a way to refrain me from logging on to this website as a mod. But you have to show me your smoking-gun that suggests that I have made such personal attacks. again  since the last time robert reported me Otherwise, you are just someone trying to abuse your power.

  It's okay for you to ban me. I couldn't care less. This is just a forum, not your own property. I can visit other websites and find  like-minded friends there, ahem,  if you think that a new arrival  like me just can't retort  when I'm in the  firing lines or being derided by an old chap like that robert.

  So just ban me to show your friendship  to your amigo robert. Whatever.

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Ratfink Post time: 2014-2-20 18:02
The massaging techniques are all pretty standard though Asian women in particular tend to be over  ...

As someone famously said a few years ago, the medium is the message / massage. Your points basically show that it's far better to meet a person in real life than via any digital version of reality.

Hey ho.

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呵呵 这些真的是好年轻

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