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Foreign woman detained after slapping 6-year-old at Pudong Airport   [Copy link] 中文

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the kid could have hurt himself and others by playing with a trolley.  The responsibility lies with the parents who don't teach proper behavior to their kids.

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Kbay Post time: 2014-2-7 20:21
She should be deported to Siberia.
Only Putin knows how to deal effectively with these ...

China should ask Abe how Unit 731 works, especially as Abe was sitting on a T4 (gas chamber) training plane, painted with "731", and use his picture as a warning on all airports to would be offenders.

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buddy1 Post time: 2014-2-9 03:34
Here is another case of how the Anglos used to treat little innocent Aborigines babies:

From the same source as above, we see Anglo men in action:

White settlers found no reason to spare Aboriginal men, boys and children. Aboriginal girls and women, however, were often kept for sexual pleasure. Research uncovered “stories of girls as young as eight who were kidnapped and raped and infected with syphilis. Teenage girls were kept for sex and chained up at night to stop them running away. One group of girls was held in a chicken wire enclosure.”

Read more: ... -1838#ixzz2slFXtEdg

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magnetic1974 Post time: 2014-2-7 17:33
I hope the Chinese government  ban this foreigner from returning to China forever.

the  government should also ban rude and ill-mannered Chinese tourists
from traveling overseas.  They've been a black-eye for the image of Chinese.

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Of course we know that these Anglo savages have killed Russian kids who they adopted as well!


Russia may halt adoption of children by US parents - Foreign Ministry

­The adoption of Russian children by US nationals should be put on hold until a bilateral adoption agreement between the two countries is signed, says Russia’s Foreign Ministry.

According to the statement the court of Pennsylvania delivered Theresa McNulty, who terribly abused her adopted daughter, an “unreasonably soft sentence” of eight to 23 months in prison.

The office emphasized that for the same crimes against US-born children the state’s legislation provides sentences from five to 10 years.

Russia believes that regulations concerning adoptive parents should be tightened and is pushing for more control over the legalization of Russian children on US territory.


Seven-year-old Ivan Skorobogatov, adopted by an American family from
Russia's Chelyabinsk region, was allegedly killed by his adoptive parents,

Ivan was adopted in 2003 together with his twin sister Dasha (Elizabeth)
by Michael J. Craver, 45, and Nanette L. Craver, 54, and moved to Carroll
Township in Pennsylvania.

In the US he was given a new name, Nathaniel Michael Craver

On August 20, 2009, his parents brought him unconscious into the local
Holy Spirit Hospital. They said that a day before he had fallen from stairs
and hit his head on an oven head. The condition of the boy left no other
choice but to put him on life support.

Four days later, the family insisted that Nathaniel be taken off life support.

One more day he struggled for life on his own, but died on August 25.

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Texas investigator found 30+ bruises, cuts on dead boy adopted from Russia

A 3-year-old adopted boy -- whose death in West Texas has drawn stern criticism from Russia -- had more than 30 bruises, cuts and other marks on his body soon after he was pronounced dead, according to a report from a Texas medical examiner obtained by CNN.

Along with his 2-year-old brother, Max Shatto arrived in the United States with his adoptive parents in November 2012. Just more than two months later, his adoptive mother told authorities that she found him unresponsive in the family's Gardendale, Texas, backyard. He was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at a nearby hospital.

Soon after Max's death on January 21, Russia's top child rights advocate tweeted that the boy had been "killed" or "murdered." Children's Rights Commissioner Pavel Astakhov later acknowledged he might have spoken too soon -- though he has remained highly critical of the U.S. handling of the case.

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3yo Russian boy ‘killed by American adoptive mother’ in Texas

After being brutally beaten by his American adoptive mother, who gave him psychotropic medication for an extended period of time, a 3-year-old Russian boy named Maksim has died in Texas, Russian diplomats have said.

Russia’s Investigative Committee has launched a probe into the death of Maksim Kuzmin at the hands of his adoptive American family.

The boy died before medics, called by his adoptive mother, arrived at the scene. An autopsy showed that he suffered multiple injuries to his head, limb, abdomen and internal organs prior to death.

The investigation revealed that Maksim was beaten by his adoptive mother, who had also fed him strong psychotropic medication. The boy was given Risperdal, an anti-psychotic drug mainly used for short-term treatment of schizophrenia and bilateral disorders and approved for prescription in the US with the starting age of 10.

The US State Department did not comment on the boy’s death, which reportedly happened on January 21. Nevertheless, the incident became known to the Russian Embassy in the US.

Russian Children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov has asked the Russian Foreign Ministry to conduct an impartial investigation, and to keep Russia informed of all details concerning Maksim’s death.

Russian MFA Representative for Human Rights Konstantin Dolgov said the US State Department failed to provide help to the Russian diplomats investigating Kuzmin’s death. In a Twitter post, Dolgov called the incident “yet another inhuman abuse of a Russian child adopted by an American family,” and said he was expecting “severe punishment for those found guilty in his death.”

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