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Rumors, Japan harvesting human organs [Copy link] 中文

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NgTran Post time: 2014-1-5 16:22
It is true - but those are not Japanese

The waters off the southern Philippines are rife with piracy, and the region is also a hotbed of Islamic militants....

It seems the Filipino al Qaeda affiliates are getting bolder and stronger since the American's return to Clarke Gable Bay off Manila.
Al Qaeda is of course founded by the CIA (sorry to keep reminding our readers of this).
The Divide and Conquer script look set to be used again in the Pinoy land by Uncle Sam's naughty monkeys.

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tedbrent Post time: 2014-1-5 15:52
Today's headlines: 1.陈光标 to Make a Bid for Hollywood.
                           2.American tro ...

You have an ego complex it seems. If you think Chinese are going to somehow take over the world, think again. Outside of the "great, sealed wall" of communist propaganda, people aren't keen on anything Chinese in person, place or thing. They all know it's the society of fear, fraud and favoritism. Nothing more.

In fact, many businesses aren't keen on even doing business with China /Chinese because they know the total corruption that exists. Albeit the Philippines is a corrupt country, it's nothing compared to China/Chinese. From birth to grave they're taught to lie, cheat, steal, take short cuts, adopt passivism and the Machiavellianist ideology - a deadly combination when communism is already being practiced. But, you can keep dreaming.  I forsee China in a war with someone in the next generation because they think they can bully the world, make demands, tout their ideologies to those who really don't like it. At least the U.S. tries to do good deeds for the world and make it a better place. Chinese just want to control everything for themselves. Greed is all they know. Just look at what they did to HK and Singapore. Now the top 2 places on Earth with the greatest income disparity. This is a red flag of what Chinese are all about...GREED.

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Gilbert_Ho Post time: 2014-1-5 17:04
It's got to be true.
Why, and what other reason to send in troops to 'Find and Rescue' mission in a  ...

So what ?

The PLA was also helping during the big earth quake in China.

And the Peace Arc was also a PLAN ship.

They have performed thousands of operations on rescued Filipinos.

But I would not spend even a glimpse of a thought, that somehing may have been done wrong.

You are indeed very weird minded people here.

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americantongue Post time: 2014-1-5 17:11
Why? You can't handle an opposing view of the world? Your Chinese "thoughts" and "beliefs" are the o ...

Chinese participate in some of the most vile and lewd behaviors imaginable.

Not so........
I have yet to see a porn clip showing a Chinese man licking the arse of another.

I guess you do this all the time with you filthy twisted American tongue.

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americantongue I would report that guy.

enough is enough.

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Gilbert_Ho Post time: 2014-1-5 17:24
Chinese participate in some of the most vile and lewd behaviors imaginable.
Not so........
I have yet to see a porn clip showing a Chinese man licking the arse of another.

Is so. I can show you lots of things Chinese post on blogs, websites, and even in their phones. They're all into sexting now. But, of course, someone like you who's in denial can never admit the truth.
Don't think your society or culture is so righteous and perfect. It's definitely the most vile and despicable I've encountered. And, if you think Chinese aren't into porn, better have a talk with today's youth...and the old sugar daddy's who buy these girls. It's amazing how they all boast about it. hypocrites.

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americantongue Post time: 2014-1-5 17:18
You have an ego complex it seems. If you think Chinese are going to somehow take over the world, th ...

  Are you cranky or gonzo? Can't you find out that I was trying to talk like Robert? What do such rumors have to do with hypocrisy and nationalism?  You don't have any sense of humor?  Pace, my detractor, I was not suggesting that the Chinese would take over the world or making such assumptions; instead, I was just joking, trying to emulate Robert's talking style.

  Please don't make such pontificating remarks like this again. Please think clearly before you come out making animadversions on an innocent lad like me. Please  get a grip of yourself if you are  a high-minded American. No hysteria,  no piffle and showmanship.

  Personally, I respect you and I'm not even a touchy-feely, crotchety  guy intent on making demagogic remarks against foreign nations. Just check my all my replies here. I have never tried to revile any nation or skewer people who are not my country fellows.

  I don't care about what's happening in Philippines. I don't care if that nation is a place beset by corruption or venality or not. Why would I want to get to know Philippines? You hail from that nation?
  Guess what? Having read some of your bile-infused replies and incendiary accusations against the Chinese, I think it's fair to call you a China-basher. If you are resentful of the Chinese, then you can go elsewhere to land a new job. Why would you trash China while working in China? I have trouble sussing it out. What are your  motives? Could you dwell on it for us here?  Man up, man. If you are a real man, just tell your Chinese clients that you are dismissive of their attitudes and even their values. Just tell them that a smart-aleck like you is superior to them. If you have the guts to tell this, then we will all take our hats and even our socks off to you. If you are just a sayer or someone trying to take it out on us here, then you are a wuss. If so, please don't be a prima ballerina anymore and even tell all the Chinese visitors off here. That sounds so hubristic and ludicrous since you have no cojones to tell your Chinese clients they are all muppets in person.

  This forum is a place where people from all over the world compare notes with each other about Chinese culture while making friends. I think we should respect each other and treat each other equally, regardless of our nationality.

  Sir, your grouchiness and rudeness only reinforce  some Chinese nationalists' notion that foreigners like you are just scornful of the Chinese and fearful of a rising China in terms of military might and economic  power, among other things. And maybe I'm exaggerated, sir, but  you seem to be suggesting that China is a nation overflowing with lowbrows, a greedy nation that can only be saved by inculcating Western values in China, such as the ideals of Edmond Burke. Is that what you meant? Duh, you are not someone talking like a soft-spoken ideologue or orator; rather, you are someone talking like a self-aggrandizing and overweening columnist who used to write  for The New York Post. That former columnist of The Post has  Filipino roots;  she got sacked by the Post after writing an article riddled with racial overtones.

   You are not a racist like her? . At any rate, I wouldn't throw a fit like you .  Your outbursts are truly horrible and your groundless charges are utterly risible. Good Luck to you.

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