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Painting by the Reservoir and Other Poems [Copy link] 中文

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A Small Paper Boat

a white dove

turning afloat

on a blurred bluish water

night falls

a heavy fish net has dropped

onto the ground

hills darken besieging

a small paper boat

turning afloat

like a blanched fish

on the blurred blue water


Meditation by the Reservoir

A foamy surf of clouds

pulled by a breeze

casting down a ribbon of shadow

on the back of a fisherman

A shade of a bird swoops down

hovering over the water

ready to pounce

on a speck of confusion

or a loosening ripple

Long long I watch

the void

or the lake

like the fisherman


or the bird



An Elderly Bachelor

A butterfly

alights lily-white

on your foot

her wings waving

in the wind

lowering opening


like the long white skirt

your daughter holds out

on her both sides in a photo

the tissue of the wings

tender and delicate

as your daughter

A butterfly

lands lily white

on your foot

strikes you satisfied

as if you had a daughter


Painting by the Reservoir

The semi-visible moon

poised flying like a kite

eastwards in the sky

Down below

from the brownish grassy bank

arise dragonflies brownish

or their shades

bustling jostling

in the hazy sunlight

Beyond the lake

a band of land

glows flesh

at dusk



Under an old tree

sits an old man

amid the fragrant dried grass

a twig, whip-like in his hand

rise-falls rapping

between his crooked legs

as if in a secret sacred rite

His cheeks have shrunk

cheekbones protruding out

like the root of the tree

Behind stays the sun

with its powdery shine

to make up

smelling of

withered turf


An Incidental Walk with a Monk

A red-yellow flower at his nose

he pointed to a roadside

asking what's that, barkless?

A kind of gum tree I was told

what peels off as its bark

was once its heart

that's why it never looks old

Really nice he answered

his hand like a gnarl

moved gently on the smooth trunk

and the flower vanished

magically unknown


Final Glow

Heart abandoned

maybe still throbbing

amid such a pack of rusted parts

as springs and strings

Small stones

keep throwing at stem of grass

which trembles

when accidentally hit

The final glow

by the swathe of earth

dies away

at the deathly gray water



A bundle of grass

growing among the stones

strikes me so vehemently so sprightly

that I come to examine carefully

the location of each stem

but nothing could be more messy

Wether the blades or their shades

or the variation of their lengths

distract my eyes

and makes dizzy my breath

Knowing it is hard for me to sketch

I just murmur to the ledge

a bundle of grass appears

so sprite with force

that they seem to have sprung up

in a twinkle of eyes

their sudden sprouting up

that still quivers

can be felt


Expression of Life

When I hear the chirps of birds

crystallized by the morning

I desire to sketch a tree

in a way Picasso would do

a tree lush with leaves

leaves shaped and noisy

like thousands of birds

When night is deadly calm

I will stare at the drawing

and think of life

living in bunches of light


On the Mountain

Flow flow

the joyous sounds

of the stream

riding ridging racing

cobbles pebbles


are seen

fresh and frail

as newly hatched

Flow flow

the joyous sounds

of the stream

lashing washing my brain

words thoughts

are now but sands

My eyes close

but open in a vision


where it is

that all creations are glinting

pure and clean

as newly born

Flow flow

the joyous sounds

of the stream

its fragrance is echoing

and my life is following


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These are very good....we need more ....
Never Let Anyone Outside The Family Know What You're Thinking.

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agree, we need more.

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The first one is my favorite. What is yours?

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literature2013 Post time: 2014-2-21 12:13
agree, we need more.

Sorry, I can't post more, or  the publisher will be upset with me.

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