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Laowai says 'Show Me Your Boobs’   [Copy link] 中文

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Editors Pick ?????

Another evidence of the tendency of the mods.

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Laowai2? Post time: 2013-12-30 18:08
Sadly ALL foreigners seem to take on a different persona when abroad including Chinese.

Twentyfive percent out of nothing is still nothing!

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HarryVC1822 Post time: 2013-12-31 09:09
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but generalizations are never a good thing. Maybe the pl ...
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but generalizations are never a good thing.

In social statistics, when more than 50% of a group or population share similar traits, it is acceptable to generalize.

China over the past 15 years I have found nothing but friendliness, kindness, helpfulness and generosity

You're obviously not in China all the time. Short trips for a week or 2 aren't the same. Stay for a year or so.

As for US citizens travelling overseas I have heard the term “Ugly Americans” used on occasion and it is not used to describe their faces.

Chinese have a much worse reputation abroad, so much so the government has to print materials to educated them on proper behavior. They even give them out to Chinese entering HK.

One last thing, I walk the streets here at night without fear which is more than I can say for some suburbs in my home city.

Then why does everyone fear darkness here and feel they need to urgently get home by 9pm? They fear virtually everything here. Rain, sunshine, strangers, foreigners, dogs, spending money, introducing themselves, losing face, not passing an exam, not pleasing parents, not finding a spouse, the list is endless. This is, without a doubt, the most fearful society on Earth. And, I challenge anyone to find a society that has more fears, phobias, myths and misinformation than the society of fear, fraud and favoritism. Indeed, even I don't feel truly comfortable walking the streets in the daytime here. If it's not scammers and fraudsters, it's people driving on sidewalks, broken or no sidewalks to walk on, feces and litter (watch where you step), protecting my breathing from the abhorent pollution, line jumpers who you have to "educated", nose pickers (men and women), wild dogs roaming the streets, pedestrians have no right to cross a street it seems, spitting on the subways, urinating on the sidewalks, pickpockets await you at every turn (guess how many people I've met that have been pickpocketed here), most of all, the constant lies - this is a society that believes lies are acceptable. They'd rather lie to save face than to be honest and know the truth. And, this is the truth. They will tell you anything...especially to sell you their junk. So, no, you won't have all of this back home and even trying to compare this society with "back home" makes you a hypocrite.

Visiting a place and living in a place long term are much different experiences. You can't truly learn, understand and experience anything as a tourist or short term business person. Which reminds me of a phrase a Chinese woman once told me: "If Chinese people know you're just visiting, they will try to make themselves look good, but if they know you're living in China for long time they will treat you as a Chinese." Hence, why they will lie to you, show their passivism, waste your time, play games, etc because now you're "one of them." It's pretty sad, but that's the reality...and you wonder why this is a society of fear, fraud and favoritism....look around..

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seneca Post time: 2013-12-31 11:47
Is that how you Usanian rednecks want to retaliate against China for not being a democratic count ...
Don't be surprised if the Chinese adopt this same attitude!

They already have. Read the poster's comments. This is an anti-social society with severe xenophobia and single minded discrimination. It's quite blunt and obvious, and they don't seem to be cognizant of it because it's so engrained into their psychie.

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Incedius420 Post time: 2013-12-30 15:10
In the vid it takes the guy a quarter second to grab the microphone.  But in the recreation they fig ...

Because the media has to exaggerate and play the nationalism game to paint other people as "animals". It's common, even on these talk shows. They get students who have studied abroad on their TV shows and have them talk negatively about other countries/cultures they've lived in. The idea is that they're supposed to educate people on other cultures, but they twist it into a propaganda show to try to paint other countries in a negative way. They do so because the TV show hosts asks all of the questions and leads the discussion in that manner. When the show is finished, it gets edited with all of the possibly good stuff left on the cutting room floor. That's the game. It's especially bad when the students studied in the U.S. and Japan. Indeed, quite common in the media here.
And you wonder why most Chinese have such bad impressions of other countries and people? Russians and Germans are now a common target. In essence, it's all a brainwashing method to build nationalism and make these youth believe their society/culture is somehow better or if you do choose to study or visit these places, don't plan on staying/living there. We want you to come back...It's purely a game of the minds. Pathetic!

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cmknight Post time: 2013-12-30 22:32
So, an Eastern European gets drunk and stupid. Whoop-dee-doo. What should we do about all those Chin ...

I'll toast to those comments.

It's purely a propaganda piece. Anytime they can paint foreigners or foreign countries negatively, they pounce on it without a seconds thought about self relfection. That's what's wrong with Chinese, they have no self reflection. I suppose I'll buy everyone a mirror for Chinese New Year, so they can "see themselves".

That's why I said in my post "Chinese like to blame foreigners for everything" that they simply feel the need to lash out at others because they're taught to hate, discriminate, fear, and belittle others. Now, when others do it to them, they take it personally and get easily offended, even if it's "you need to improve your study habits. You can't memorize your way through life"<<yes, such a simple comment can set them off, offend them, and make them complain to others. Such a trivial society.

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youknowhat Post time: 2013-12-30 22:59
dont be'd never understood anythin anyway just let it be for now

typical Chinese redress - passivism. "Forget it, nevermind, nothing, can't say, don't know, let it be" and you wonder why I continuously mention passivism? It's quite obvious...

Just imagine if you, a Chinese said this to your Boss who happens to be a native English wouldn't have a job for very long. you can't explain, clarify or elaborate. They wouldn't tolerate passivism. Passivism is not good for business. In fact, it's not good for anything. Not sure why you would adopt any practice that is not a good practice. The same goes for not responding to or addressing questions in emails - bad for business.

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