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Traditional Chinese versus Western Medicine   [Copy link] 中文

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slimpanda Post time: 2013-12-9 15:19
Chinese Medicine:
1. Rather to cure by Recovery.
2. Mostly use herbs to boost your failures organs t ...

well said

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SoCalChevy, I share similar views with Snowipine and Seneca. I grew up in the cupse of TCM of my grandparents who are from Fujian province (China) and western medicine whose influence I grew up with.

Seneca may be close to the mark as I felt TCM addresses balances of body meridians (hot and cold) and tends to heal the cause like help the organ heals itself. Making it a longer treatment for serious disease.

Hipocratic medicine ( modern medicine) addresses the symptom and surmised what the cause of the malady and treat it by empirical methods using pharmacology that may be derived from herbs, molds (antibiotic) and fruits  ( like citric juice for anti-tussive properties) just like TCM

TCM do not deal with surgery, radiation nor chemo theraphy but has the remarkable acupuncture procedure without chemicals introduced into the body.. So in a sense Snowipine view that both are complimentary seems true.

Personally, I take large and frequent dosage of Cantonese soup every season and in the Chinese restaurants I frequent in HongKong , Canada, the soup comes automatically before every meal and the dessert ( like seik kap= Frog's reproductive jelly) are quite effective. They have red dates, Goji berries, different roots ginseng etc..
Fujian have very good tea for many occasion like to for prepping up ( you have Oolong- Black Dragon) or for calming down Loong Ching.Green teas is a fad now in western cafe but it has high caffein and tannic acid so if you drink with empty stomach it may cause gastro-acidity.

I am not sure if Ayurvedic medicine should come under TCM ( which is even longer in history than Chinese as it is Hindu Indian origin). It extends even to food intake. I find it very effective too for thoraxic and endocrinal cure.

The German initiated a curious treatment called Chiropractic which adjusted and lined up the spine properly. They also initiated Homeopathic medicine, which uses flavor and floral essense in mini droplets under the tongue to cure certain maladies. It is very effective for pain management and cold

My son is going into a medical program that combines the traditional Hipocratic medicine with Chiropactic is now the new practice called Osteopathic medicine that treats a person as a whole. So the East and West is merging somehow..In the future the lines will be blurred and what treatment is best for an individual would be available from all these discipline.

SoCalChevy ( I assume you are in the LAX area). my son is going to Univ Cal near Ontario, California for his interview for this combination Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in 3 days (they may have more explanation you are seeking for)..I hope the freeze there is over by now as he transits thru Dallas., Texas which was a mess three days ago.

Hey Snowipine, Seneca..stay healthy. Hear Ratfink in down..Is he back to health yet?

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Western methods can be said as invasive, Chinese method can be said as preventive. Many cancer patients nowadays are discovering the alternative of natural treatment over radioactive treatment

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huaren2323 Post time: 2013-12-9 07:02
SoCalChevy, I share similar views with Snowipine and Seneca. I grew up in the cupse of TCM of my gra ...

It can certainly be helpful to see what is good about both kinds of treatment.
The car is red. I am not.

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CMC Post time: 2013-12-8 23:38
How so?
Just because many people believe something to be true doesn't make it true. There are no r ...

Good point. I think there may be some good things in Chinese traditional medicine, but they can't truly be sorted out and proven to work without testing.
The car is red. I am not.

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snowipine Post time: 2013-12-8 11:32
I seldom have the fortune to get the treatment.
Anything is no good to physical health if it is u ...

Yes it is and you are right. I was suggested doing cupping for small problems shall choose the sunny weather.

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seneca Post time: 2013-12-10 21:05
That was a very cogent post, huaren. Thanks for writing it. It clarified some of my thoughts.

Your are welcome Seneca. The search for effective cure is always ongoing as our toxic food and environment creates new complications. Never heard about peanut allergies when I grew up (although that is not to say it is absent) and now there are all sorts of allergies ( Gluten, weeds, bromide in the skin of the fruits, Chlorides in corn, hormones & anti-biotic in milk and meat) and then there are the GMOs that China rejected a corn shipment from USA.

Canada advocates  wellness and prevention physically and mentally . By the way, TCM such as acupuncture, herbal medicine and suction cups are eligible for medical coverage in this medical system. So are chiropractic adjustments, homeotheraphy.

When I walk in to see a physician for maintenance medicine, the dieticians follows through with constant seminar and one on one advisory of portion and balance diets as well as Life style choices. The pharmacists joins the dietician to examine what else I am taking that may be contra-indication. For example, there are medication one takes that is completely rendered useless by grapefruit taken together in the morning.

The mental health professionals also comes in to address issues of andropause or geriatric reproductive health and there are social sessions like volunteering work that keeps the baby boomers mentally happy and balanced.

Since all medical tests and attention are all computerized, our attending physicians have the luxury of history of any patients captured by the system and can easily pass these information (electronically) should any medical emergency happens abroad.

Whatever the malady is, diagnosis is the basic framework to predicate any treatment so laboratory analyses has to be timely and accurate ( blood, urine, stool, sonargram, MRI), then the drugs and pharmacists must do their part to ensure no contra-indications. In any case, prevention is worth more than its salt than cure.

TCM is beginning to be supported by more budgetary provisions so that there are more concomitant services that comes with the cure. With enough qualified TCM health professional its credibility and tested cure may be more understood and acceptable.

Hope all the CD forumites stays healthy and happy.

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