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Two Japanese men beat and bash and punch a Chinese girl in a brutal attack. [Copy link] 中文

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aloss4words, it is not about RACE it is about BREEDING

Look aloss4words

You wrote this:
Not all Japanese are "pigs", just like not all Chinese are pickpocketers, not all Canadians watch hockey... Foolish, aint it?

Now it is subliminal, you write like me, off the cuff, you do not sit there and think, you just write it, and look what you wrote, the subliminal anti kicked in on all 8 cylinders.

Japanese are PIGS, alright fine.
Chinese are PICKPOCKETS, alright fine.
Canadians are Hockey Fans.

Now lets list your subliminal or freudian slip again.

Japanese = PIGS
Canadians = HOCKEY FANS

Once more for the dummy


A pig is a not nice term
A pickpocket is a not nice term

A hockey fan, is what, what is disgusting, criminal, or insulting about a Hockey fan

Other readers can see what you did with the subliminal message in your own mind, but can you see it.

I bet you can now, but you could not then.

You see, it was your TRUE inner thoughts, the thoughts of the RACIST calling all others a RACIST, or just plain HUMAN, I will give you just plain HUMAN aloss4 words, but I could have twisted it couldnt I, but I didnt.

Here is a different version.

English=Soccer Players

Is there something wrong with this picture.

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inq - didn't I just follow with "foolish ain't it?" ??

I was merely making a point that whether GOOD or BAD, you can't judge someone by their race.

And if you took any offence to what I wrote, please forgive bad.

Anyway, you just proved my point, reading too much into things, taking everything "subliminal".

But come on, is that all you can do? Quote people and BLOW it out of proportion? There were other things I wrote as well, I'd love to hear your thoughts, but I guess you have no logical rebuttal for the others... I see... a little cowardly are we?

You ARE creative, I'll give you that.... but come on, you need to relax a little bit buddy, may I suggest social interactions with PEOPLE? get out there,  make some friends, drink a beer, watch some hockey, the world ain't as bad as you think it is... I'll be glad to take you out for a night of fun... anyway, take care bro... and remember, God loves you.

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How nice is this??

Here's a quote from a nice Chinese poster(after all, aren't all Chinese nice??)

Why the Jap is vicious.
Why the Jap tortures.
Why the Jap kills.
Why those Japs punched and beat up on the Chinese girl.
Why the Japs never say sorry.
Why the Jap Government will not control the Jap man.
Why the Jap Government will not make an apology

And more and more and more

POLITICALLY CORRECT is to make no apology.
POLITICALLY CORRECT is to claim racism racism racism
POLITICALLY CORRECT is to wishy washy everything.

The JAP is a PIG and he always was a PIG and something and someone needs to do something about the JAP pig and sooner or later, if the Jap Government does not control him, we will."
Stay on the topic indeed. Seems like some of the 'Bigotteers' haven't gotten their hatred fix yet!!
Inquisition...You either don't understand written english very well or you are a blind bigot. Have you looked objectively at what the hatred ratio in here is??? all the talk of Jackals, foreign devils, Japs, foreign scum, etc,etc... is done by our 'Nice' friends. Where have the jackals called names, created shadow posters to publicly give themselves support/face, or blatantly called other posters dogs,vermin,or less than humans??
You are a bold liar, who actually insults 'his own people' by thinking they side with him (even though they are silent), as if they have no opinions of their own. STop saying WE, when it means you.*


*Unless you have a multiple personality disorder(but all the personalities are cloned) which case you should carry on displaying your wit and charm for our entertainment.

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reply to tekvicious

tek wrote:
That your handle was created just for me is such flattery. You have six posts and I think 5 are toward me. Perfect.

Just wait until there is a ghost who's name is suoicivket.  Then you can really feel special!


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