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Two Japanese men beat and bash and punch a Chinese girl in a brutal attack. [Copy link] 中文

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aloss4words, where you lost the 4 words, I have no idea.

POLITICALLY CORRECT in all your stance and actions and language, shows not only your age but your membership to the international elite.
( which is what Mark Wu said in the first place )

POLITICALLY CORRECT, breeding, the funny thing about that, is that the Politically Correct Elite will always choose a thoroughbred dog or pony.

The Jap, is Asian, he is not black or white or red, he is Asian, he is a Jap.
( Racism has nothing to do with it, it is your Politically Correct creation in your own limited mind, that can not think for itself, but must think like the whole body of the Politically Correct Elite )

The fact ( yes fact ) and the truth ( yes truth ) that the Jap, has dealt some wicked and evil deeds into and onto China for more years than anyone cares to count and to expand again, that Nanjing in 1937 was not the only place the Jap performed his many crimes against China, there were other places in China, at least 14 other places where the wicked and evil Jap did rape and torture and murder many.

Mark Wu did not place words in your mouth, you placed them there yourself with your dirty Jap defending fingers.

It is you who have a limited ability to carry on an exchange and or a conversation and it is just by chance ( I am sure ) that your racial mix has nothing to do with your attitude problems, as I am sure the racial mix of tsupasat has nothing to do with his attitude problems and lastly I am sure the racial mix has nothing to do with the attitude problems of gtnbia.

In any case, the Jap is Asian, and has made War against the Chinese for around 2,000 years, this is not a new event, it is just that you are NEW and like any new stud or new bull you want to show the old bull or the old stud, it is of course a fact, that the older bull and the older stud, breed better offspring, but we will leave that for the animal husbandry section.

POLITICALLY CORRECT ELITE, you speak the same speak and say the same say and think the same think, with a very limited imagination.

You are very dull people and you allow others to dream the dreams and create the creations, while all you do is be a dull bore.


Why the Jap is vicious.
Why the Jap tortures.
Why the Jap kills.
Why those Japs punched and beat up on the Chinese girl.
Why the Japs never say sorry.
Why the Jap Government will not control the Jap man.
Why the Jap Government will not make an apology

And more and more and more

POLITICALLY CORRECT is to make no apology.
POLITICALLY CORRECT is to claim racism racism racism
POLITICALLY CORRECT is to wishy washy everything.

The JAP is a PIG and he always was a PIG and something and someone needs to do something about the JAP pig and sooner or later, if the Jap Government does not control him, we will.

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RACE may or may not be an issue and it may or may not matter.


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That your handle was created just for me is such flattery. You have six posts and I think 5 are toward me. Perfect.
How did I say anything bad about Chinese people? I actually asked for people to post as they feel, instead of just picking sides based on nationality or race.
I came to China of my free will and am still here with no intent of leaving any time soon. Where do you get off telling me that I am anti-chinese?

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Where do you get off telling me that I am anti-chinese? by tekvivious

Oh, my guess, would be the constant reference to Chinese women as
wxxrxs would have something to do with it.

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Where do you get off telling me that I am anti-chinese? by tekvivious

The constant defence of the Jap pig would be another.

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Where do you get off telling me that I am anti-chinese? by tekvivious

Yes another would be random attacks on nice Chinese posters.

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Inq - on tek being "anti-chinese"

My dear inqmeister,

Some women are whores, some are not, who gives a rats ass if they're Chinese, Japanese, Italian or Canadian... seriously, give it a rest... tek made a full explanation on his use of the word "whore"... and it in no way applied that all Chinese women are what you think he said they were.

No one here is defending the "jap pig" as you so eloquently put it, but merely NOT to assume character by any given race... Not all Japanese are "pigs", just like not all Chinese are pickpocketers, not all Canadians watch hockey... Foolish, aint it? Yet you and so many else still choose to judge an entire race by what a percentage of the country has done.

And if you think defending innocent Japanese is "anti-Chinese", you got another thing comin...  Are you telling me that every living, breathing Chinese has a personal vendetta with all Japanese? NO. For Japanese of WW2? and probably the government? YES, no doubt.... So for you to say that anyone has any relation to or is defending an innocent Japanese, is just ludicrous.... What about the ones that marry a Japanese? Are they anti-chinese? Or their offspring? Are they anti-chinese? Or even those who eat, or wear, or use Japanese products? Are they anti-chinese? Gimme a break, right? You're taking little things and blowing them WAY out of proportion, there is no "deeper level" or "subliminal message" of defense for these "jap pigs"... Sometimes you gotta take things the way they're presented, cuz some people are just telling it like it is.

Random attacks on nice Chinese posters is of course has something to do with being "anti-chinese"... But who here is being nice? I don't see anyone even trying to be nice... tic for tac buddy... It has nothing to do with RACE either... I can't say this enough, yet you come up with these racial situations, and/or hatred by myself and others (a.k.a. putting words in one's mouth) How, or why you do it, I'll never know... I mean, what if I said you are anti-canadian, because I so happened to be Canadian? Or anti-filipino? Or anti-part-chinese? Or anti-man even? It sounds ridiculous doesn't it? It's not fair is it?

I'm sure there are people out there that ARE anti-any-given-race, and it would probably be safe to call those people racist... Is racist simply a good thing? of course not... Then why are people racist? I don't know, could be a personal matter, could be taught by others, could be anything really, but that don't matter what it is, because there's NO justifiable excuse for racism... later bro.

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