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Two Japanese men beat and bash and punch a Chinese girl in a brutal attack. [Copy link] 中文

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to markwu

Thanks for the reply to my post and I keep my impression of the sensible person you surely are.

The why I haven't asked such question to others, is simply that I refuse to ask things to people, be them on one side or the other, whose "modus operandi" is using verbal violence. I did once advise a poster to try to be polite and use facts and not just insults, and I got badly bashed by several, so I simply gave up.

I asked you, because I assumed from your initial posts that you were of the rational type. I still think so.

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The Real issue!

"aloss4words, the thread was not to allow you to attack the loyal and honourable Mark Wu of the Chinese side."-Inquisition

SIDE?? We are supposed to just divide ourselves according to race/nationality/religion etc.?? Should one not have an opinion of their own, seperate of their ethnicity or nationality? This idea that we should stick together is ludicrous. It's an a forum. It's in English. If I'm not mistaken it is for exchange of views, arguments etc. I'm sure that the purpose isn't  polarization, but rather the opposite.

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thank you, i am completely like you (or you are completely like me, since i am much older),  always bashed by people.

it has been said the meek shall inherit the earth.

i don't think so!

but i will go to my grave believing it, even if my blood is spilled.

because, for every one of them who spills blood, there are a thousand jvt1965s who saves it.

good luck with your life ahead;  may the whole of next week be a good and happy week for you and your family.

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again, for the 4th time in comsecutive threads, you are nasty and you make nasty little posts about the Chinese, you are full of spite and can be tracked from post to post, saying simlilar things.

You are the problem that you complain about. Simply Amazing.

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You don't have to prove to me, or anyone else that you're this "god sent hero to all of mankind"... I'm sure everyone has done something they can to help the ones in need, no matter if they're from a poor country or not... That's a good thing you did in Manila, and I'm sure you are much appreciated by the one's you've helped... I am not going to the phillipines anytime soon, but when I do, I'll be sure to check up on the people that you have helped, I'll also be sure to check up, in person, on my own family in the hundreds, to see if they're alright too... I will make sure to do all that I can do, to make their life more comfortable.. I will give them clothes, food, money if I have it and a smiling face, just as I've done so in any country that I've been in (China, Vietnam, India, Korea, and yes, even Canada).

Now, on a different note... I have read every word you have written, yet you condescend me by not taking the time to read what I've written personally for you... Is that another method of rebuttal you can add on to your list? Well, congradulations Markwu, you have succesfully crossed the line from being, man with mind and reason to just a guy that uses ways of manipulation to hide from the topic at hand... Weren't you the one who said that you are finished here? that those were your last words? I guess not, because the great marwu must always have the last word.... give it a rest buddy, seriously.

You are who you are, that is fine, but don't try to be someone you're not... Have a little respect for yourself... I mean, I sometimes never agreed with you, but at least I respected you.

And one more thing, just curious, if the helpless people that you so kindly assisted were Japanese just living in the phillipines, would you still be there for them? Oh, that's right, you hate "japs", any "japs". got it, selective assistance, I see.... everytime you want to help others in need, you first ask "Are you  in anyway related to a jap?"... later bro

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"Oh, that's right, you hate "japs", any "japs". got it, selective assistance, I see.... everytime you want to help others in need, you first ask "Are you in anyway related to a jap?"... later bro"

what're you ranting again?

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inq -putting words in my mouth.

"As a defender of the Jap.... You Jap lovers..."

I've said it once, and I'll say it again, I am in no way a defender of the "jap", I am a defender of racial hate.... I am not a "jap" lover, I love my family, my wife, my friends and whomever I so dearly care for, I DON'T care what country they're from, nor care what the colour of the skin is... unlike yourself, you first look on the outside, because it's easy for you to come to a descision of hating somebody for the colour of their skin, your love is not enough for so many people....  I get it... A little adive - we must first look inside and work our way out, only then, we can decide if he/she is a person we can truly love.... judge someone by their acts, not by their skin.

And I beg of you, unless it makes you feel good about yourself, please stop putting words in other's mouths... but like I said, if you get cheap thrills by doing so, then by all means.

p.s. I can tell you first hand that Markwu doesn't speak for all Chinese, nor is he the "leader" of any such society... at least I hope not... but hey, what do I know, I'm not full Chinese, so I don't know squat.... later BRO

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