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Two Japanese men beat and bash and punch a Chinese girl in a brutal attack. [Copy link] 中文

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markwu -- just think of about the therapist, that's all I'm asking.

Text in quotations are written by my dear friend Markywuster --- Text in brackets and all else, are of course myself.

"it's got nothing to do with racism, you blinkered idiot" -- I once at least respected you markymark, but name-calling? really?

"can you and all the other 'holier-than-you' bums wake up to the CONTEXT of the postings? so far it seems not." -- look who's talking

"the context is very simple: too many times it has happened to show that the jap govt ---- (JAP = RACIST SLUR) and those in power in japan have not done enough to curtail and reeducate their people on their evil past; ---- (YOU'RE RIGHT THERE MY FRIEND) some of these people then continue to harbour some stupid sense of superiority and nationalistic arrogance whenever they encounter the Chinese people. --- (NO DOUBT)The two scums are a case in mind. --- (STOP, how do YOU know it was a racial hate crime? oh, I know, because a "jap" was involved, got it) The orgy was a case in mind. --- (STOP, how many times have local chinese men had orgies with other chinese prostitutes? Why do you think it was so easy for the "hotel" to set it all up? BECAUSE they do it all the time.. that said, WHY weren't these previous orgies ever talked about? BECAUSE certain crimes are not worth mentioning unless "japs" are involved.... Talk about giving a "message" to people eh? To add, I'm not denying the brutality and/or such sickened criminal acts, I am merely trying to make a point) So many other events in recent time add on to the insult, injury and suffering of the past. Yet they continue to entice and degrade... ---- (YOU may be right, I'm so not denying that, but you may be wrong... one thing I do know, is that you have HATE for the other innocent people that live in Japan.. the ones that are not and never had involvement in any such brutal acts done by the "japs" of WW2.. the ones who despise, and are ashamed of (if acknowledged) the very same people you seemingly hate... or even the ones that, to no fault of their own, have been kept in the dark about what really happened in WW2, they are who they are, they are innocent.. it's like if your father was a killer but you never knew, and one day someone notices that you are the son of this killer and starts bashing you about how sick and cruel your family is, meanwhile, you're thinking "what the heck did I do to deserve this?")

give it a rest markywuster, "enough's enough"

"Can you read and think and look yourself in the mirror, you who come from a country that has suffered so much too at the hands of those fascists," ---  (NO DOUBT, but those "fascists" are dead now, the war's over buddy, haven't you heard? we won!... and if there ARE these so called followers of the dead fascists, then of course I will hate and despise them, just like yourself, but not because of what country they're from, that's not fair, but because of what they stand for, to me, they are not "Japanese", but merely low life despicable waste of shit.. the Japanese that I know (yes, I have many Japanese friends) are friendly, fun, caring people, with values and morals taught to them by other friendly, fun and considerate people.. does that mean that ALL Japanese are like that? I don't know, but I will not assume good nor bad towards an ENTIRE country's people, the way YOU have... which, my friend is likely percieved as being RACIST... )

You can't tell me that everyone shares the same racist view as your own... Yes, many, if not all Chinese despise the Japanese of WW2 and in some cases, the Japanese government, I do too, but the people are not and were not soldiers, soldiers is too nice of a word, sorry, just for arguements sake, AND the people are not the government, AND the government does not speak for the people and the people does not speak for anyone else but themselves... just like any country... I have friends from many countries where their own government is hated, and I'll tell you first hand, that NONE of them share the same views as their so-called "leader".

"Don't try to think you're being clever shifting attention around and calling others racists; you're not and people see right through you." -- talk about shifting attention, you do it all the time.. and not once, have I heard you deny the fact that I call you racist.. knowing full well, in the world that we live in today, that racism is not right, simple.

"If the world's so simple, there will world peace long ago without the likes of aloss4words" --- hahaha, may I ask how you came up with THAT one??

"You come into China and then you chew others up using your brand of logic without the slightest consideration of CONTEXT and PERSPECTIVE, historical truth and present-day FACTS. And those who disagree with the likes of you cannot reply or rebut you because their hands are tied, just like the time when the japs mowed down civilians, tied four to a group, at the edge of the river. Thousands died, if not by machine gun bullets, then by drowning. SHIT if you don't know and SHIT if you think you do".---

I know plenty, my ignorant friend, AND I came into China not to chew others up, but to experience the culture of what my great ancestor was a part of.. if I "chew" others up with my "brand of logic, blah blah blah", I do it because of people like you, people that I disagree with for any given reason ...  that is called a DEBATE, I am not here to pick fights with anyone, markwu.. and if my so called "irrelevant brand of logic/ narrow viewpoints/ small pea-sized brain yada yada yada" is not suffice to YOUR ever so precious INTELLECTUAL mind, then WHY are we having this conversation????????? (did I just hear a foot shoved in one's mouth?)... and you telling ME to grow up? pahleease, as if you're some kind of "old wise man" that knows everything about how people are and how people think, from any stretch of the universe, when YOU yourself call other's by childish names and your methods of rebuttal are lowered to mind games, play of words, lashing out on those who do not support you, and refusing to ever admit that, hey, maybe I AM wrong? but nooooo, one has to much pride for one's self, one is SO stubborn, that one cannot even admit that the right thing to do would be to say "I am not racist", because if one does, one may think that one has lost..... This is not a game where me or you wins or loses, my friend, it is merely a matter of discussion... and in some cases, a matter of defining what is good, and what is bad... well, what are you waiting for marky? come join us, we miss you over here, on the good side.

"Do you know what's making me really angry right now? not a single jap has come up in this forum to say something that expresses even a little contrition, 'regret', 'apology'. Am i not right on that? Doesn't that show what we've been discussing about has some merit?" ---

Well, let's put it this way.. whenever I or anyone else says something good about China, EVERYONE, and I mean every Chinese that so happens to catch a compliment towards their country, they give praise and write comments such as "Thank you so kindly, Welcome to my country, I am so proud of China, Good luck to you my friend.... etc." BUT the minute, something bad is written about China, only a few may choose to comment, and what do they say you ask? "fuck you, go back to Canada, you don't know anything! you just steal our money and complain!...etc. etc. etc.".. where are all the "regrets"? the "apologies"? thee "I'm so sorry you had a bad time, please disregard the bad people of China"????????? WHERE ARE THEY MARKYWUSTER?? BUT, I DO get the "Oh, it's not a big deal, don't worry too much about it" from some ... and I GUESS that counts for something right?...... just something to think about (cough, cough *hipocrit* cough, cough)

You know what? YOU are absofuckinglutely correct!... Some japanese SHOULD come on here, but not to apologize, or give their regret.. Why? because it is not their fault that these "japs" chose to do what they did, they have no control over these type of people, hence, it is not their problem to be dealt with... it would be nice, no doubt, but that's a bit of a stretch don't you think?... Well then, why should they come on this forum you may ask? to DEFEND themselves of such racial hatred towards their own country, from the likes of yourself, hongtea, and whomever else feels so freely to use the term "jap", whom, I might add, would NOT survive a day in a multi cultural country where those type of slurs are, yes, illegal, to say the least, but also degrading, to not only the victims, but to yourself, they are considered RACIST -- do I have to frigen DEFINE the WORD FOR YOU? I hope not, but just to start, racism hurts anyone, there IS NO exception, nor exemption, there are no if, and, or buts about it.

"you should be the one to go see a therapist. maybe one in Manila can help. But i am no longer so sure." --

whoa whoa now, what the hells that supposed to mean? I hope it doesn't mean what I think it does, BRO... btw, I'm Canadian first, but I'm proud of all my roots (canada, phillipines, china) so don't be lowereing yourself even more by dissing the country(s) I come from... that's just low, dude... and proves to me even MORE, that you are as racist as a canadian winter is loooong.

In closing, my dear dear brother markywuster -- get over it. or seek help. I beg of you. help me, help hurts me to see you like this. I care for you too much, for you will always be... my homie... godspeed BRO.

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aloss4words, the thread was about evil attacks on Chinese by Japs.

aloss4words, the thread was not to allow you to attack the loyal and honourable Mark Wu of the Chinese side.

It was after all, innocent Chinese that the Jap cowards attacked in the first place.

As I see it here above aloss4words, you have again as is the habit of all the Jackals, twisted and colored the English to form an attack on yet another innocent Chinese, this time Mark Wu.

As a defender of the Jap, you take a brutal Jap attack on innocent Chinese women and turn it around into another brutal attack, but this time on an innocent loyal Chinese man.

You Jap lovers and defenders of their mass murder and torture in Nanjing know no shame, there is no lower level you will not go to, to support your Jap brutality and the Jap animals that inflict that Jap brutality.

As already mentioned to you a thousand times, you are fortunate that much of the Chinese side has a muzzle, otherwise you would not have been able to pick up speed and switch the topic as you have from two coward Japs attacking innocent Chinese all the way around to one coward Jap defender attacking Mark Wu.

Shame on you Jap defender.

Shame on you.

Jap cowards and coward Jap defenders.

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We must never forget.

We must always remember who is the Jap.

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reply: aloss4words

i've not read your rantings above but there's something that you can do which i no longer can.

if you get to go to Manila, go to the Shangrila Hotel, stand at the entrance looking out.  From that position, somewhere north-east there's a park.  O the park there're some small shops;  outside one of the shops along the curb of the side road, there's a Filipino woman and a young girl.  The woman sells cigarettes. Both were malnourished from what i remember of them. Their hair was falling off, they were thin and gaunt.  But both have the good hearts of the poor.

For each of the time i went there, i bought them things - vitamins, toys, clothing and food.  So that the poor woman wouldn't feel bad, i paid for a packet of cigarettes with a 500-peso note and asked her to keep the change.  

i am not able to do this anymore.  But before i die, i need to know if they're alright.  I have no friends in Manila. I don't know if they're still there.

If you get the chance to go there, or can arrange for someone to see if they're alright, then i thank you now for what you can similarly do for them.

They will remember me, i am sure.  Just say it's the Chinese midaged (then) sad-looking man asking that this be done for them, that he remembers them always, that no matter what happens in the future, he will always be grateful for being able to help them once.  

For in doing so, he realised how tenuous and sad is the lot of man, how wasted and pompous are the socalled educated elites and the well-to-do, how warped are some minds who cannot get over themselves.

That's the therapy i meant that's in Manila.  Good luck.

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mark wu

For in doing so, he realised how tenuous and sad is the lot of man, how wasted and pompous are the socalled educated elites and the well-to-do, how warped are some minds who cannot get over themselves.
how wasted and pompous are the socalled educated elites and the well-to-do,
pompous are the socalled educated elites
socalled educated elites
educated elites

" educated elites "

Yes, that thought is well made.

I agree.

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Very moving attitude the one you had in Manila, but can I ask you a queston here?

If you have such a good heart, which I don't doubt you have, and are able to realize the differences in life, why then use "name calling" to defend your positions in this thread? I did have a very high respect for you and your posts, but it has confused me a little to see your reaction here.

It doesn't match with what I had thought of you.

BTW, I think that anyone who beats another must be punished, no matter where he/she is from.

I want to tell you a terrible story they told me in Africa with the revolts in between Tutsis and Hutus.

A Hutu woman with a baby were walking down a road when they encountered a patrol. The lady was in terrible need of help for her baby. The patrol eventually helped with the agonizing baby, she could only utter a week cry. The patrol asked her where was her town while trying to help the baby, and before she had finished explaining, both baby and mother were slaughtered. They had encountered a Tutsi patrol.

I post this story here to honour the memory of one of my colleagues in Africa, who witnessed it, and who commited suicide in 1999 after years of therapy for what he saw in that conflict. Some others, we "escaped" and have never gone back.

Nobody is good or bad just by being from her or there. Think about it, markwu. Hate only generates hate.

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to answer your question:

- until i came to this forum, i've never name-called anyone in my entire life;  those who have known me will know me as completely stoic and withdrawn, yet capable of compassion and consideration for others;

- yet the moment i entered this forum, i saw nothing but hypocrisy and mischief dressed in the pomposity of the socalled educated elite and priviledged making mischief at mainlanders;  when reading carefully what they had written, i sensed something was not right, something was unnatural, something was not in place; something that could not be explained unless there was a hidden agenda;

- i don't want to go into what i think that hidden agenda is, anymore;  China, a nation of 1.3 Billion people, will find its own destiny.  Men of Han will thrive.

- and those who dish out bad medicine should get a taste of it, their own, sometimes. Otherwise, how will what you've said be achieved when jackals continue to bare their teeth?

- i've done all i can and should move on.

You're born in '65? that's a good many years after me.

Looking at the state of the world, i'm glad i'll be leaving it faster.

Life is a tragedy.

Oh, by the way, the question you posed to me - ever asked yourself why you've not asked to each member of the socalled jackal group as well?


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