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Two Japanese men beat and bash and punch a Chinese girl in a brutal attack. [Copy link] 中文

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Mark Wu

Well written, well done.

Thank you for the effort, it was worth the effort. Your a good man Mark Wu.

Your Chinese.

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The JAPS need to be introduced to civilization

The Japs have always been a backward type of people and even though the Jap Government need to do a better job, if the Jap Government is just as ignorant as these types of Jap men that beat up on Chinese women, then I do not see how it helps at all to fix the Jap problem.

There was not just Nanjing that the Japs killed and raped there were quite a few other places in China as well, where the Japs attacked innocent people, Nanjing is mentioned all the time, because the Japs were more brutal, more often in Nanjing.

Lets face it, the Japs never change and they never will, they are the same Jap savages that they were in 1937 and still have the same foreigners defending their special Jap brutality.

I read in another forum these words, a Jap is a Jap is a Jap and I think that sums it up, Jap animals like the ones involved in this story will never make an apology and will never stop.

Maybe if in future it is called the JAP PROBLEM or the JAP FACTOR is will help to focus attention on the crimes of the Jap.

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Re: aloss4wors ( hedan, seneca, gtnbia, tekvicious )

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come home son.

Mark Wu seems to know a lot about china even though he hasn't even lived there.

He is chinese and a foreigner. How terrible it must be.

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for Inquisition and friends

Don't bother with 'them' anymore.  

What they post can only live if their posts are replied to or commented on.  If neither is done, their posts will stand by themselves for a while, and then disappear into the night.

They've run out of arguments, as we all can see now.  Reduced to commenting on handler names and comparing histories now with sweeping hand, it now seems!

And backtracking on what was said, what was not said, constructing long sentences to super-refine the distinction between one thought from another.  Specious arguments cloaked in fineries, working on the assumption that the readers are not well-versed in the english language to catch sleights-of-forked-tongues!  Assumption is dead wrong.

China has gone through at least 60 years of external chicaneries, shenanigans and mischiefs from afar.  

Men of Han will thrive above these.

As has been said...dogs bark but the caravan moves on.

I leave here now, but hope one day to be able to pay personal tribute and salutations to you and our friends.  I am sad i've not been able to do more for you.

Thank you.

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inq -a.k.a. me brothah

Why is it everytime you think you have a legitimate rebuttal, you just counter with a "you're a coward.. you are not brave,, blahblahblah" or you entirely shift the focus of my posts (ie. you blame the "CD" for the silence of others) OR, you repeatedly put, no, STUFF words in my mouth, OR, you even lower yourself to be in the same category with the likes of "hongtea", one that is blatantly racist, and loves it I might add, yet you include him with yourself and markwu.. at least your best mate markywuster has some well thought out posts... anyhoo, is it just a cry for help? not enough posters can back you up, so you gotta include anyone, ANYONE who disagrees with me?.. how sad... well, brother, I guess I SHOULD just cut you some slack, I mean, you ARE just a spectator anyway... godspeed BRO... cheers

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