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Again, it's Japs, those mean islanders... [Copy link] 中文

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" an example of different perceptions "

You asked the same question in the Teamsters thread in Sino-USA so he answered you in Sino-USA, that is where you asked the question a second time.

The questions you asked me and the answers are in Free Talk

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What's more saddening is...

Think about how the thread actually started... headline in a well respected Chinese nws forum reads "Japanese businessman beats Chinese women in Dalian"

The fact that that would even be showcased in this manner (fixation on race) just shows me (for one) that someone (up there) enjoys, or foresees such (racial) comments that the article will and did produce.

But hey, whattayagonnado...

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seneca / loss4words ---- did either of you read this above you.

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  Who cares??
Who cares what country the men are from?? Thats what whores do!! They fuck men!!!How many is irrelevant!!! Are you against whoring?? or just whores that service other nationalities without prejudice???Shame on the woman for beating someone in such a circumstance!!
but lets get real...why cry shame for being what soooo large a percentage of Chinese women are???

2004-05-10 19:31


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So, tekvicious is it?

You say the majority of of Chinese women are prostitutes do you?

My wife is Chinese a**hole. So is my sister-in-law - ones a doctor and the other is a lawyer.

There are over a 1,000 people in the company I work for and about half are women - and all are Chinese. To work in my company you have to have a university degree and NONE of those ladies are prostitutes.

Send me a message. Tell me where you live - or I'll tell you where in Shenzhen I live.

Then we can get together and I will rip you a new one right out your left ear you scum sucking piece of what was left over after your father puked down the toilet!

Or maybe I'll let some of the ladies I work with do it - with a piece of vacuous, odiferous, detritus like you I doubt it would be difficult.
Edit added after a bit of a cool down:

I do feel I should apologize to anyone other than tekvicious reading this - it is not my usual way.

I hate lowering myself to the same level but DAMN!

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At this point in this post, I would like to point out inquisition logic, if I ma

inquisition logic, dictates, that if that is the opinion of tekvicious on Chinese women, what must his opinion of Chinese men be ?

Sill further, inquisition logic, dictates, that if this is his opinion on these subjects, then his political opinion in the many various threads, can be taken for what it in reality is.

BIASED NASTY SPITE from a source that knows nothing of China.

tekvicious has placed many political and culture opinions, all of which, all of which, every single one I do not agree with and I do not agree with the above post either, I mean, who would agree with that.

Stereo Types, many complain about it, but tekvicious is the classic.

Followed at close quarters by seneca and bluetiger.

DO YOU UNDERSTAND that a Chinese woman was beaten black and blue in " HER OWN HOUSE " by a Japanese ( foreigner ) who broke into her house, in fact, two Japanese beat her black and blue and you, another (foreigner) come in here and write what you wrote.

Do I also hold a bias ?

You bet I do !

The Government of Japan, must, must, must, stop the criminal actions of their Japanese men against Chinese women.

You have to get it through your head, that Japanese Government educates Japanese men to beat Chinese women.

Then your own Government, whoever that is Tekvicious, needs to apoloogize for you and teach you some manners.

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re: markwu

i have to agree with ataloss4words and others ... i don't see how you can assign blame to an entire people.  

i do, however, believe it is possible to blame their cultural beliefs, such as the old myth that japanese are superior asians.  i do think some of that still exists in japan, but that it is fading with the generational shift.  japanese today are different than their grandparents, i believe.


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To repeat inquisition logic

Political ,opinions can be judged by those opinions written in here.


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