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Again, it's Japs, those mean islanders... [Copy link] 中文

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Two japs and a chink woman beat up another chink........

How's that for a title of a thread?

If I start a thread under this title, will China Daily make it a recommended post and put it on the front page of the forum, so that it immediately greats every visitor to the forum?

That the China Daily endorses language such as " Again, it's Japs, those mean islanders..." is extremely disappointing.

What happened to the woman is terrible.  What happens to any abused woman is terrible, whether the abuser is Japanese, American, Canadian, or even Chinese.


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Frist of all.the post is irrational more or less.and always out of the case as we do. I was tried of those argument but i have a impulse to post something may be nonsense to you.

#What would I say about a Japanese engineer who raped a Chinese woman? Well, what would you say about a Chinese man who rapes a Japanese woman? #

#Likewise, there is a difference between the government of Japan and the Japanese people#

Do you prefer deductive to inductive,or not?

Do you believe Japanese government is a democracy in behalf of MAJORITY of japanese people? if its not ....that is all,
and if you nod at it ,let us go on...

Did the japanese government(hereinafter refer to as JG) show the asian countries a gesture WHICH the Germany government do?

Why did JG  distort the  History Textbook that embelished its aggression in past?

Why dont you give the chinese people more to recover their dignity from the *indigestion* caused by japanese invader instead of

call them RACISTS?

Why should  us chinese keep a calm while the JG giving its people a bias ? argument shall be done justly....It is not important that who is the winner in it..

do it  .please

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the key points of my postings here

are what i had written earlier:

"it's not about racism. it's all about justice and non-hypocritical respect for human beings. While the majority of japanese can be quite polite, one senses that even in their younger generations, there's an undercurrent of hypocrisy and smug self-assurance that deny to their own advantage the telling truths of history, when they're the worst butchers in human history."

"i leave it to the anthropologists to theorise whether the japs frequency of mistreatment to the Chinese have anything to do with their psyche of actually wanting to dominate because they subsconciously realise they've no genetic superiority to the Chinese. Or Koreans, for that matter."

this is something for the japanese people to ponder on; it's something for the Chinese people to think about.

otherwise all those 33 million died in vain.

while the left/right wingers in the LDP and other socalled jap nationalists will one generation after another continue with their rigmaroles.  Which insult the japanese moderates.

Another point which both of you miss; i posted what i posted so that the next time a jap man intends to punch a Chinese woman again, he may think enough, if he's been lucky to have read aloss4words and gtnbia and hedan, to punch himself instead.

but i expect too much.

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"ps: gtnbia, has a Chinese man raped a japanese woman in recent time? in japan/China?"

Does it really matter? If it did happen, would you hear about it on Chinese news? Whether it happened or not, it doesn't matter what race raped who or what race were raped, all that matters is that it should never happen to any one.

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Do what shoud be done!

I do not think it was an accident that happened by accident. Maybe it didn't happen yesterday, but it'll be happen tomorrow.
We should not skip it and let the accident happen again. And the criminal shoud be punished!!!

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what a big surprise!!!

see, shall we do something for this kind of  disgusting conduct??

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