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Again, it's Japs, those mean islanders... [Copy link] 中文

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Punch me?? Promises, promises...

1)-"The only true negatives in this thread were the insult from tekvacuous that the largest percentage of Chinese women were prostitutes - and that most Chinese men beat women."
Canchin, your ability to comprehend the english language astounds me. Do you even read the threads before responding? Where did I say either of the above??

2)Canchin I am so happy that you see things as you do. At first I was going to write an insulting post but I'm not really angry. Let me explain,...
You live in Shenzhen(am I correct??), are married to a woman who is in a fortunate position(one of a miniscule minority of women) and you usually associate with others of the same strata. Shenzhen is a modern city,one of the 'window cities'. How does your viewpoint on reality truly represent a cross-section of the population??

3) I have seen some incredible scenes here. This is not to explain anything that I said. Just to illustrate that you don't know me or what I've seen. First a few domestic scenes.
a)A woman running down the main 4-lane in town at a dead sprint. She is wearing flip-flops and pajamas. I slow and ask her if she needs a ride. No answer just more running and glances of terror over her shoulder. Then I look back and see a man chasing her .
b) You asked if I interfere...haha. I witnessed a drunken man having a spat with his girlfriend. While yelling at increasing volume he started to 'man-handle' and shake her. I went over and took a better look(still 10 feet away). He asked me "are you ok??". I replied "Yeah, I'm fine. How are YOU doing??" to which he responded "wait right here". He then proceeded to the table which his group was at and started throwing bottles at me. With his drunken grandmother arm, he threw 20 bottles at me and my friends. I laughed and he got madder. One of my friends called the police. When the police arrive they go directly to the other table and ask them what happened. Then they come see us. The losers had told the police that I had hit him!
c) At 3am a few drunken people leave a bar. There are 3 guys and 2 girls. But something's wrong. One of the guys leaves quickly. The other two are joking with the girls. The man returns in a van. Then the girls want to go back inside(they work there as waitresses), but one grabs the more drunk girl and the other pushes her friend away. The girl is hysterical, and the drunk one is struggling. They (all 3) then start to cram her into a van while she is kicking and fighting. So what do you do?? You get up, walk over and say "Ni hao". Everyone scatters. Was that because of the honourable intentions?? Was it his sister, wife etc?? No.
d) I've seen many more...beatings, and heard worse. In fact one night that I didn't go out, my friends had to stop 3 guys that seemed intent on killing 2 girls. Out on the street with a nice crowd looking on. They punched and kicked them in the face,stomache and ribs. The girls were bleeding quite heavily from their noses and mouths. All as people watched...

4) Why is it that many girls here rank money as the number 1 reason to go out with a man?? Too many instances to accurately quote here...
Like I said...she doesn't have to be curbside in fishnet stockings to be a prostitute/whore. If she marries for money first and foremost then...hmmm.

5)Why do men here think they can buy women?? In fact when unable to persuade a woman to go with them with the lure of cash/gifts, they often become indignant and angry. My girlfriend is a loving soul with morality and integrity that would make most church ladies blush. She often asks me why her friends are afraid of actual work?? Why are they angry with her when she refuses to go on a tryst for thousands of rmb?? Because they would, and do. She gets propositioned multiple times a week and turns them down. Many of her coworkers first question is "How much?".

6) No matter where I go here in China, every village, town and city has adundant and visible prostitution. So I'm not sure why you are angry Canchin. Or Jackstraw for that matter. There is more here than most places, highly visible and not regulated. That you argue so vehemently, Canchin, makes one wonder.

7)Canchin and Jackstraw. Your continued implications of my lack of intelligence is empty and hollow. You are still talking about causing me physical harm. This is ok though, right?? At no time have I ever said that I want to punch someone because of some forum arguement.
If you want to point at proper use of a vulgarity (the f-word), as a terrible display, BUT still call me an asshole (Canchin) and resort to open threats to my physical well-being. It's like a paraplegic laughing at a guy with a limp.

8) I find it rather curious that after reading racist, bigoted, drivel in it's rawest form in this thread and around the forum, you choose this to jump on. Notice that I haven't called you names or gone on a tirade as to how you should apologize to me. It's your opinion, based on your experiences. Jackstraw, I am sure that you don't have the same circle of aquaintances or the breadth of aquaintances. I have friends in many positions, here and abroad. From criminals to policemen. Drug dealers to pharmacists. Lawyers, prostitutes, dancers, mechanics,doctors, businessmen....etc,etc. So that you claim to not run in the same circles is actually admittance of your limited view of the world and those who live in it.

9)Large percentage is not the same as majority so you have no arguement from the beginning.

10)As for fighting and all your talk of fists.... If I'm ever in your area and feel inconsolably angry, I'll give you guys a call. Working out makes one feel better. I'll even give a two for one special.

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Gunfight at High Noon?

Yo Homie:

Indeed, I guess your class by your choice of subject material.

We ain't so far apart in some respects, I suppose. However, it's our differences that are so contrasting. Perhaps it was the upbringing we had that makes us so divergent. I was raised to be a gentlemen, but it didn't take well. You probably were left to your own devices and sought love in all wrong places.

So we, fellow desperadoes, find ourselves back in the frontier, just a different time and a different place, this time it is China. Though, you have not been invited to our card table, if you choose to sit with us, please show respect. This is no place to rant and rave about your personal sexual difficulties, perhaps you want us to suggest that you go talk to a doctor of some kind?

My world is not the same as yours. In person, our relationship would be much more cordial.

It is indeed interesting, to hear the perspective of the down and dirty lower stratum of society, but it is only mildly interesting. This class of people really cannot make any significant contributions to the world, or to society, in and by themselves, except to create friction and trouble, and so the progressive impact of this social group is minimal. If you wish to share your perspective please have some sensitivity, or else please take you and your busy mobile phone back to 'the girlies and the goofies' section of the forum!

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Again, it's Japs, those mean islanders...

I am a so young boy !!!!   I am very easy to be excited!!!!!   sometimes I really want to look for a japanese and punish her or him!!!!

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see how this kind of language affects the young and impressionable??

Again, it's Japs, those mean islanders...
I am a so young boy !!!! I am very easy to be excited!!!!! sometimes I really want to look for a japanese and punish her or him!!!!

Special thanks to China Daily for helping to promote racism and misunderstanding among the youth.......


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hedan ( Head Jackal ) tekvicious, seneca, loss4words, gtnbia

Mark Wu is correct and so is Hongtea, even canchin and tpj.

But what you should thank the CD for, is the pressure on the Hard Left that renders our voice " MUTED " with the inclusion of 3 of the main China supporters, who are silent but have all attacked those listed above before, for being what they are.

I will keep it simple, because I do not need to be thrown off the Forum,

I agree with every word and every attack from the Chinese men against the low class foreign people.

I am amazed that they even include defense of the Japanese crimes in 1937 in their replys on these Japanese brutal attacks on these Chinese women.

They even play games and adjust their English to try and remove the insults after the event.

What is shown in this thread, is that the people listed above are everything they have ever been called in relation to continued insults against China and the " muffled  " and " muted " defense of the China hardline, does not allow a reader to see the full extent of the feeling of the Chinese side.

( the Chinese side is very angry, it is not fully shown in this thread )

This exchange in this thread, is not fair and not balanced, as those missing, include wchao37, arksi and chairman to name just three, means that the low class foreigners get off lightly, even guilt free..

The entire, anti-jackal squad is missing, except for myself (inquisition) .

An entire list of Chinese writers are missing from the thread, for similar reason's as to why the three above are missing.

I am not being ignorant of the effort of canchin and tpj and hongtea to rectify the balance with the slander against China.

But for Mark Wu I write this.


Dear Mark Wu

The Chinese side, desires with deep feeling to come and assist you in this matter, but we can not.

I apologise to you Mark Wu, because we have our hands tied.

I only want you to know Mark Wu, that if it was earlier this year, we would be everywhere helping you, in front of you and beside you and most of all behind you.

With deep regret Mark Wu, I am so sorry and the others are also sorry.

Do not feel alone Mark Wu, you as always are not alone, you are Chinese and so are we, and if we did not have the THREAT of being deleted from the Forum, we would all speak, as we always did speak.

The SILENT hard line is right behind you Mark Wu, even if we are forced into silence.

Sorry Mark Wu

You know you are right, we know you are right, we know you have justice and honour and China on your side,

Do not think badly of us, that we remain silent Mark Wu.

Everytime one of us speaks, we are deleted.

Simply, Mark Wu, if we speak too much, we will all be deleted and then you will be even more alone.

WIth Regret


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You know, we could continue this but there is no value in so doing.

Your last post clarifies for me two things:

One - in your original post your were extremely pi**ed off. The language, the way you wrote, the "!!!!," running your sentences together - all indicative that you were probably close to breaking your keyboard.

Two - What you wrote was said as an insult and meant by you at the time as an insult due the obvious anger - and modification in your tone and your writing style shows you KNOW that as well.

I, too, was furious and my anger also came out - only I used different language.

What is required by you - and again you know this - is an apology that is as blanket as the insult and again; you know this. Trying to get out of the apology when it is something you know is needed, is unseemly.

What is required of me - is an apology to you for the language I used in reaction to your post. It, too, was unseemly and un-called for.

I still feel your comments were way out of line, and I still do not agree with you on most of the things you write. I find your attititude towards China and Chinese people vis-a-vis what I have seen of your writings on the forum to be prejudiced, self-serving and uninformed on the larger picture, and I am sure we will clash again; but for this instance, for my loss of control and the language I used in my original post to you in this thread - for that I apologize.

By the way, in answer to your other question, 6' and little bit, 210. A little portly because I am in my mid-fifties; and do I want to see if I have wasted the last 30 years of my life? My loss of control has indicated to me that I need extra work.

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You are quite the character, I must say... a little advice, go outside, have a beer, meet some 3 dimensional people and have a chat... be it Chinese or expat, everyone has different views... so don't categorize... Not everyone supports racism, like hongtea and others, not everyone will back the opinion of the 3 Chinese on this thread, nor back the opinion of myself or any other foreigner on this thread...

But one thing's for sure, is that the majority, and yes I will categorize, the majority of Chinese and foreigners that read these threads, are, and to god I hope, are NOT RACIST... That is the clear MAIN point that I myself am trying to make..

And if you care, I never supported the brutal japanese, nor any brutal man or woman from any country...

I do not support the killings and blood shed of word war 2, nor support any type of bloodshed in any war or random scuffle...

I take it upon myself to help anyone in distress... I am who I am, and I hate trying to prove myself, but I guess I have to sometimes... why? cuz others put words in my mouth, and others only read what they beleive in, blinded by their hate for a particular race... that is sad, I am ashamed, not only as a part/chinese (yes, I have Chinese blood, 3 other types actually, and my loving wife is Beijingnese) I am ashamed of all humans that support RACISM... RACISM KILLS, YET IT IS VERY MUCH ALIVE... stop the circle of hate my friend, you and I both know that there's nothing good that can come out of it, except more hate for one another... anyway, that's it for now, unless you want to put more words in my mouth... godspeed my brother.

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