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My my!! How they (S'Daily) sucks up to the Manoj boys!!! [Copy link] 中文

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exportedkiwi Post time: 2013-11-11 16:36
Ed, one could also debate your debating stle.

You constantly beat your chest, showing us all of  ...

>>>Ed, one could also debate your debating stle.<<<

Kiwi, It has just dawned on me that, maybe, just maybe, that this is where the line of friendship between you and I should never have been crossed. You see, when we choose bedfellows over friendship in sensitive issue as this, what we are doing, essentially, is that we ourselve are in our own funny but unmistable ways attempting to make a statement. That is duely understandable.

>>>You constantly beat your chest, showing us all of these weapons whether they be real, in development or just at concept level. and then you harangue people. If this is debate, I wonder what argument is!<<<

If you choose to define what I do as [the beating of my chest] and those of [the raw insults your Buddy the Pond Boy and the "board joker" insultingly rubs on our faces is biasly defined as debates, then I am sorry to say, Kiwi: I will not be one to just sit there and take these insults lying down. I would be one to respond to attacks like that with a direct slap (the CGA's I uploads equal to these slaps in the faces) in the face of those who insults us. You do not need to buy into these [whether they be real concepts CGA's], Kiwi. Nobody asked you to! It is you yourselves (plural) who had brought those concept arts upon yourselves so please don't say craps to me.     

>>>What is the purpose of this thread.....really? To prove that Indian HAL aircraft have crashed?<<<

Have you ever heard of the term "an eye for an eye", Kiwi?

Yes, I may be stupid by the accounts of your buddies in arm here, Kiwi, but I am not that stupid: I hardly ever do anything without any due cause or purpose behind it.  [I make sure that I don't do anything without any due cause behind it...]

Yes, Kiwi, that HAL upload was intended to hurt just as the joke [the Chinese cabbage for the South China Sea strategy was intended as a stealthy punch below the belt] which was directed at us. So, was my post relevant? You damn right it was!

>>>Sorry Ed, you asked for this one!<<<

And you, Buudy, had just made me realized that I shouldn't have remain my neutral self in the fights that you do with the Lau and the Magnet. I mean you do sense it that even though I will go all out through all twelve rounds with the board joker and the Pond that I almost always keep from interupting those of your posts and from the fights that you have with Mr, lau and the Magnet amongst a few otheres here. You are, essentially, telling me that I had been stupid all along, Kiwi.  I honestly appreciated the honesty!


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