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How and where to find the correct Foreign boyfriend online [Copy link] 中文

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An open question to Gangsta

You said in one of your earlier posting that foreigners who replied to your diatribe against Chinese women's interest in foreigner are all liars. Let me ask you few question please:

What is it that bugging you to post such invective disparagement of your women?
Are you envious or resentful that they do?

*** By the way you are entitled to voice you opinion, and you sure do use very well. Good luck.

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Yeah,Divorce and remarry with Chinese ignorant gals is nice investment or

By the way, for everybody that doesnt know it, I am in a serious relationship for the last two years (i would hardly call myself a love failure!). Secondly i have had a few meaningful relationships (most of them in my country!!!). Aparently most of the Westerners seeking chinese girls as girlfriends are old-ugly-fat American low life English teachers or pretending to be in business(and cant even find a girlfriend in their countries!!! For obvious reasons!!)

.Thank you.

I think they should be recommended some adult program and need training  to be the right girls for your need,othervise, foreign master won't pay much,would fire a contract

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Stupid opinion!!!

You can like it or not, but don't be rude. Otherwise, what difference between you and them?

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Similar topic

There is another thread called
Asian Women: Caution when dating western men in asia.
It also provides this website:

This is for all the people that do not see it!

Have a look on the website and see how people treat other people!!!!

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Yeah baby, Yeah

I love it when everybody SHUTS UP after i have proven my point!!!!!

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*points at the forum title* hint hint

Well this forum title is "Friendship,Love,Relationships" which implies people may look for those three in here.  Sure some girls come post here with certain purpose. Some may look for a gullible foreign male to get a passport or greencard. But there're some that are looking for friendships, serious relationships here. And vice versa, so are some foreign guys. And how you know there ain't girls looking for fun on here?

In response to your first post, you said most girls try to prove that they are something and blah blah blah. Aren't you trying to prove that you're an smart ass here? People do come to bitch about things, not just girls. Aren't you bitching about the Chinese girls on here as well? And yes, these girls can't find a foreign bf in real life, that's why they come here to try their luck. I don't know why it bothers you so much if they don't hit on you.

Foreign guys aren't necessarily  considered to be stupid. I have a lot of foreign online friends that are intelligent. In fact, I'm talking to 2 of them right now. So don't think things for granted and let your own words get back at you.

P.S. I'm a virgin too, so sorry to make you displeased seeing me post here.

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not every CHinese girl is crazy on hunting a foreign boyfriend

the majority still prefer Chinese guys

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