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Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality   [Copy link] 中文

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zglobal Post time: 2013-10-7 14:50
Well, there are some big knock down suppliers that do offer an all up solution that includes a lot ...


Are you trying to encourage COMPONENT suppliers to come up with WAREHOUSING in DEVELOPED cuntries? I think that works also in AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS, E&E supplies too>>efficient in mass customization like what kitchen cabinet biz is like>>>

Bring in the competitive volume and fast local deliveries in small quantities?

>>>are you doing a ROBERT on this thread as well?????? about CHINA manufacturer Union//

Strange? I doubt there is any advantage versus existing wholesale suppliers in IMPORTING cuntries!


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Why would "Made in China" be worse than "Made in Mexico"?  

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"Vitamin D pills' effect on healthy bones queried", reports the state-run BBC.

This is a deliberately flawed study: The New Zealand research team conducted a meta-analysis of all randomised trials examining the effects of vitamin D supplementation on bone mineral density in healthy adults up to July 2012.

A meta-analysis simply takes statistics from other studies and aggregates them all to arrive at a result.

I'm not surprised they didn't find any evidence of the effects of vitamin D on bone density because there are so many other factors involved...”
Dr Laura Tripkovic
University of Surrey

So obvious is the flaw that it clearly shows it's nothing more than propaganda from a corrupt edukashunal establishment, funded by state gangsters with taxsucker cash. Motive? Possibly because New Zealand is the World's biggest exporter of milk; they don't want any competition.

Vitamin D helps in absorbtion of calcium in the bones. But the state-run BBC, never knowingly talks anything but crap: However, taking too much vitamin D in the form of supplements can be harmful because calcium can build up and damage the kidneys.
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Here's more fraud:My first thought was, “Who in their right mind would think that critically ill patients would get better by poisoning a crucial enzyme?”  Statin drugs poison the crucial enzyme HMG CoA Reductase.
. . .
That is true, but reading the fine print paints a different picture.  You see, more people died in the statin group—21.2% versus the placebo group—15.2%.

- Statin Drugs For Critically Ill Patients? Oy Veh!

Recently, they proposed statins for everyone over 40 in the UK. In the US it was proposed that a statin was dished out with every krudburger. Yet statins are a poison that reduce deaths from 3 in 100 to 2 in 100; probably sheer co-incidence, but more probably made-up statistics. Whilst statins are useless, the side-effects are horrendous: muscle atrophy, sexual disfunction and memory loss, to name a few. As the article says, it's a poison; meaning it stops a chemical process. In this case it stops the liver from producing cholesterol and based on the BS that cholesterol is bad for you.

Yes, the first, second and last purpose of statins is to make a profit. Similarly, Viagra was designed to treat angina, but was totally ineffective. It now sells on its side-effect. In other words, the morons that graduate with Ph.D.s in stating the bleedin' obvious have no idea what they're doing. They may spout a lot of details, but they're just parrotting what they've been brain-washed with.

Someone is clearly desperate to make a lot of cash out of statins as the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense claims, "Statins could reduce the risk of dementia". The Great Satan is extorting cash out of Toyota for the bogus pedal fault and also out of BP for the many "accidents" at US plants including two refinery explosions, two pipe leaks in Alaska and the Deepwater Horizon where there's a free-for-all scramble to make claims for damages with zero need to actually prove any of it.
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You have to ask how good Glaxo's pharmaceutical snake-oil is if it has to bribe as company policy. If you have a drug, for example with unique benefits, then all you have to do to sell it is to state those benefits. GSK's snake-oil is probably the usual ineffective krud with dangerous side-effects.

They try to peddle the bribery as a China problem but the Daily Telegraphic Nonsense admits: The issue in 2012 was a £3bn (£1.9bn) fine in America for mis-selling GSK products. Enthusiastic sales teams had doled out the anti-depressant Paxil for unapproved use on children and promoted another, Wellbutrin, for sexual dysfunction and weight loss despite it not being approved for either. To “encourage” doctors to take on its medicines, lavish golfing and fishing trips had been laid on.

Well, whatever GSK’s protestations then, it has happened again. This week, Sir Andrew is likely to be expressing regret for a second time as he comments on fresh allegations of sales malpractice, this time in China.

- China, GSK and dealing with toxic bribery claims

GSK faces allegations from Chinese police that four sales executives funnelled up to £320m in bribes to doctors and healthcare officials to raise prices and win market share. The company has said its own probe into the matter has uncovered evidence which partly supports the accusations, but insists the individuals were acting outside GSK's controls.
- British investigator 'admits' wrongdoing on Chinese TV

The peurile claim is that this bribery is "outside of our processes and controls". Yet any illegality would have to be outside of processes and controls, unless they have a procedure for violating laws.
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