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Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality   [Copy link] 中文

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More IP Theft?

Poodleville used to refer to japanese cars as "jap crap". Now the entire poodle krapmobile industry has imploded including Corgi, Matchbox and Hornby

Following on from the announcement of the Kirin 980 last August ("Huawei introduces world’s first 5G-ready 7nm mobile chipset, Kirin 980"), which uses more state-of-the art 7nm technology unlike Intel's 10nm chips, Huawei has announced the Ascend 910 and Ascend 310 AI chipset and the Kunpeng 920.

Alibaba is also getting in on the act by announcing an AI chip too: The homegrown AI inference chip, a neural processing unit (NPU) named Hanguang 800, was unveiled during Alibaba Cloud’s annual computing conference in Hangzhou, as the company strives to make its e-commerce platform more efficient using AI, the report said.
- Alibaba unveils ‘Hanguang 800’ next-gen chip

Jack Ma was formerly an English teacher in much the same way that Jeff Bezos sits on a Pentagon committee, so Ma is probably a threat to Great Satan national security.

Huawei leads the World in 5G by a country-mile, holding 40% of 5G patents and is already researching 6G, resulting in a rabid gangster response: US Senator Marco Rubio proposed legislation on Monday to prevent Huawei from enforcing its patents in the US, after the Chinese company chased Verizon Communications Inc. for over $1 billion in patent license fees.
- Rubio’s proposal on Huawei patents ridiculous

The real issue is that 5G will allow the blocking of the NSA's illegal spying. The NSA has even been caught demanding that Huawei install a backdoor, but unlike Billy Gates's Microkrap Huawei refused.

Just as Huawei is offering to sell 5G technology to the Great Satan, president Putin has offered to sell hypersonic missiles along with the rockets Russia already supplies. The Great Satan has previously asked Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to help with the design of hypersonic missiles because they were unable to solve the problem of the nose-cone overheating. They also needed Werner Von Braun to show them how to make rockets that didn't simply blow up on the launch pad. The CIA have been exposed as wasting taxsucker money on creating the fake phenomenon of "Modern Art" in a failed attempt to compete with Russia and the "first time the mail-boat was a day late" they LITERALLY started eating one another.

Because the amerikan cry-baby might throw a tantrum, China let the Great Satan's krappy Summit computer win in the latest survey of supercomputers, despite China's latest being a WHOPPING 50% faster. Their pathetic propaganda rags have ignored this fact and bray about the second-place Summit as being the fastest.

Whilst "genius inventor" Elon Musk imports Panasonic solar panels and Panasonic batteries, Apple's technology supplier is Samsung and sometimes Apple even pays for the technology without being sued by Samsung for patent violation. Apple has also been sued by Creative Industries for thieving the navigation algorithms on the iPod and now by Qualcomm.

We also read: "Donald Trump called former US president Jimmy Carter to discuss fear China is ‘getting way ahead’ of US".

This is because all of the above technology has been acquired by China, Russia and Japan using a magic/space time-masheen to travel to the future to thieve it off the amerikan dumbass that used to impose head-taxes on Chinese (as well as Korean and Japanese) because we Asians can't innovate.
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Astonishingly Krappy
- once again western snakeoil does more harm than good

In what way is this NOT TOTALLY WORTHLESS AND STRAIGHTFORWARD FRAUD: Kado also touches on the primary treatment in conventional medicine, which is the use of bisphosphonate drugs6 such as Fosamax. While she doesn’t advice people to take them or not, she does point out they have their own set of dangers.

These include a higher risk for thighbone fractures — the very thing you’re trying to avoid. Indeed, Fosamax has been warning about atypical femur fractures on its package insert since 2011.7

Bisphosphonate drugs have also been linked to osteonecrosis of the jaw8 (decay of the jawbone), inflammation of the eye,9 liver damage,10 a twofold risk of atrial fibrillation,11 esophageal cancer, 12 kidney toxicity13 and hypocalcemia14 (low blood calcium level).

In my view, these drugs are to be avoided, as they do not address the underlying problem. While bisphosphonates make your bone thicker, they simultaneously make it mechanically weaker.

Bisphosphonate Drugs Make Your Bone More Prone to Fractures

Evidence for this was presented in a 2017 study,15,16 which used a particle accelerator to generate exceptionally detailed images of the internal structure of bone samples from 10 hip fracture patients treated with bisphosphonates (BP), 14 samples from naïve fractures (bone fractures in patients that were not treated with the drugs), and six non-fractured controls. Results showed:

“BP bone was 28% lower in strength than untreated hip fracture bone, and 48% lower in strength than non-fractured control bone … BP-treated bone had 24% more microcracks than naïve fractured bone and 51% more than non-fractured control …

BP therapy had no detectable mechanical benefit in the specimens examined. Instead, its use was associated with substantially reduced bone strength.

This low strength may be due to the greater accumulation of microcracks and a lack of any discernible improvement in bone volume or microarchitecture. This preliminary study suggests that the clinical impact of BP-induced microcrack accumulation may be significant.”

Another paper17 published that same year in Scientific Reports suggested that “bisphosphonates may oversuppress remodeling resulting in accumulation of microcracks.” The authors further explained:18

- How to Prevent Osteoporosis
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- describing themselves yet again

Poodleville used to call japanese cars "jap crap". Now the entire poodle krapmobile industry has imploded including Hornby, Matchbox and Corgi. Amerikan krudmobiles are every bit as krappy.

They also hype their krappy yooniversities as being, not the highest quality, but the most "prestigious" which is double-speak, tacit admission that it's all hype. War criminal, BoJo got a 2:1 at Oxford.

Nobody in China wants a used electric car — unless it’s a Tesla.
- Chinese EVs ‘worthless’ when it comes to resale

No survey results are cited to support the above claim.

This is similar to the hype around Apple iPhones where Chinese were supposedly queuing up to buy the latest model, despite Samsung being the market leader Worldwide, rated higher in surveys and the technology supplier to Apple and Apple being only 5th placed in China. Why were there no queues for the market leaders in China such as Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi,  Vivo or Huawei? Now Huawei has overtaken Apple worldwide too and Apple doesn't have 5G, wireless charging, folding screens etc.

Tesla is even worse. In China it's 15th placed and victims in China have been complaining about how krappy the Tesla is.

Whilst BYD's battery technology is far superior to Tesla's, NIO has just been voted the most high quality NEV according to the Great Satan's JD Power: "China’s Nio tops electric cars in quality". Li-ion batteries lose capacity at a 14% annual rate AND that's relative to BYD's LiFePo batteries. BYD batteries have higher power output, a longer life, a flatter discharge curve, are fully recyclable and aren't prone to thermal runaway. Both Daimler and now BMW use BYD technology. NIO batteries are stored in the door cavities and are swappable within minutes, unlike Tesla which places them in the floorpan. So once a Tesla battery has lost its ability to hold charge, it's just a large paper-weight. Whilst NIO holds the Nurburgring lap record for a NEV, Tesla failed to even complete a lap: ("Watch: Porsche Taycan Laps Broken Down Tesla Model S At Nurburgring"). So a NIO or a BYD should have FAR MORE residual value than a self-immolating, self-crashing Tesla. A NIO with BYD batteries seems to be the most desirable combination of possibilities available.

Tesla, by contrast is so krappy that one amerikan survey, having given Tesla MORE THAN 100 out of 100, subsequently removed it completely from it's tables due to unreliability.

The propaganda article, having cited CPCA's comments about NEV's in general then pulls a switcheroo citing Quartz: According to a report in Quartz, a Tesla’s residual value — basically the future value of a car after a certain amount of use — at one year is more than 70% of its original price, far higher than the value of any Chinese EV model at the same mark.

It also levies a sweeping smear against ALL chinese car manufacturers as having a "spotty after-sales service". But unlike the horror-stories coming from Tesla factories such as ridiculous working conditions and working in a tent, there is ZERO SUBSTANTIATING EVIDENCE.

Tesla has been panned for basically telling their victims to go and Victoria Nuland themselves: While customers like the vehicle, after-sales service and quality control leave much to be desired, says Nextmove boss
- Car-rental boss cancels order over Tesla issues

Musk is a clown: ""I Will Nuke You!" Musk Raged In "Physical Altercation" After Tesla Worker Quit"
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Another Shockingly Bad F35 Problem
- profit

The amerikan taxsucker pays for the most expensive military on the planet. The amerikan sheeple also pay for 50% of the entire planet's prescription snake-oil and a whopping 80% of all prescription narcotic snake oil, as well as 25% of the planet's prison inmates.

Amongst the so-called "defence" squandering is programmes to stare at goats and trying to walk through walls, as depicted in the George Clooney movie.

But the most expensive programme has already had a host of failures including a fatality when japanese pilots flew these flying death-traps.

But one of it's most hyped features has now also been exposed as krap: A German firm claims to have tracked two F-35 fighter jets for 150 kilometres following the Berlin Air Show in Germany in 2018

Oh, the embarrassment …

- America’s stealthy F-35 tracked by a pony farm radar?

And it seems they knew there was a problem: But Lockheed and the US Air Force did not fly the jets during the show so that its engineers — and anyone walking by the company’s booth, for that matter — could see if the aircraft would produce a radar track on a big screen like the other aircraft.

Reporters never got a straight answer on why the F-35s stayed on the ground.
. . .
But the prized target of opportunity, the two F-35s, remained sitting on the tarmac. Until … the event ended.

Hensoldt kept a close eye on any movement of the heavily guarded F-35s on the airfield. As exhibitors began to clear out, it looked like the chance of catching the planes during their inevitable departure back home would be lost.
. . .
Camped out amid equines, engineers got word from the Schönefeld tower about when the F-35s were slated to take off. Once the planes were airborne, the company says it started tracking them and collecting data, using signals from the planes’ ADS-B transponders to correlate the passive sensor readings.

The much-hyped stealth coating has already been exposed as being krappy in other ways too: Supersonic flight in excess of Mach 1.2 can cause structural damage and blistering to the stealth coating of the F-35B and F-35C.
- F-35 Program Is "F***ed Up", Puts American Pilots In Severe Dogfight Disadvantage

The idea of the F-35 is it can venture deep into enemy territory and fire missiles. But if any man and his dog can track them, then they're useless.

The Great Satan claimed that Occupied Korea was begging for their surveillance drone. But Wikileaks revealed that the Great Satan was berating Occupied Korea to buy them.

Ideally, the anglo/jew gangsters need to use a magic/space time masheen to go back to the dawn of their history and kill off all of their own who have the lying, krappy, sad, little bastard and dumbf**k genes.
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Ignorant AND Stooopid
- Joshua Wong is a sleazebag

But the piece of krap probably doesn't care.

About five years ago, I had the occasion to conduct a video interview of Joshua Wong, one of the young dissident leaders who testified before Congress. My impression of Wong at the time, when he was still a high-school student, was that he was articulate and energetic and had seized the mantle of being a democracy advocate as a career.

I don’t know if he went on to college; I suspect that he found being a dissident an easier living and facing the media limelight more rewarding than pursuing higher education. He showed appalling ignorance of Chinese history and culture.

- An alternative view of HK protests

In fact, the useless idiot, who as the above article claims wants to be a "useful idiot" as a career, is still a student, parasiting off the Hong Kong economy that he's now trashing. His record as a tantrum-throwing trouble-maker guarantees no one will hire him. When the National Endowment for Democracy terrorist cell (affiliated with the CIA (aka Murder Inc.)) have no need for him, he'll be screwed.

Wong has claimed the suckers who follow him (and who's careers are also in the dustbin) are prepared to die for their non-existent cause. It's likely that Wong will be the one to meet that fate and probably at the hands of the silent majority.

This generation of young people have no sense of what British colonial rule was like but have somehow acquired a romantic idea that being a British subject was golden.

And with the scurrilous "Integrity Initiative" the "Global Disinformation Index" and now the Twitter executive having been exposed as all being funded and associated with Poodleville's Foreign & Commonwealth Office, we know where the brain-washing came from.

Mark Pinkstone, an Australian journalist with 50 years of experience in Hong Kong, said, “The Basic Law, the constitutional document that supports ‘one country, two systems,’ provides freedoms of expression, speech and religion. Not one of them has been eroded since the handover in 1997. The current demonstrations are living proof of that.”

Pinkstone’s point of view, of course, contradicts the protesters’ claim that the loss of freedom is the reason for the demonstrations. Perhaps a legitimate adjudicator of the two conflicting points of view is the Human Freedom Index monitored by the Cato Institute, based in Washington.

According to the latest index, Hong Kong is ranked No 3, trailing only New Zealand and Switzerland.
. . .
Of course, the Hong Kong government must bear responsibility for the buildup to this summer of discontent. After the handover, the city government did not introduce a curriculum that would teach children what it meant to be Chinese and their affiliation with the Chinese culture.

That last is not true. They DID try and introduce such TRUTHS but the anglo/jew terrorists organised protests against the truth too!!

So like Abacus bank in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika, which did everything right, but were prosecuted by corrupt D.A. Cyrus Vance, the mainland too has been subject to anglo/jew crime, corruption, cronyism and krappiness.

Sadly, if the young people of Hong Kong decide to cast their lot with the US, they will become disillusioned by a dysfunctional democracy that they’ll get to see up close. And they will miss the opportunity of hitching their future to a China going in the right direction.

Perhaps I'm biased but I largely agree with the above article. It's shocking that the ignorant teenage dumbasses in Hong Kong who don't know what they don't know don't have the same perspective.
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Hapless Clowns

The "first time the mail-boat was a day late", they LITERALLY started eating one another.

Their idea of efficiency was to recycle offal back to the cows, successfully creating "mad cow" disease.

As the former Yob Gear moron said, when testing a self-driving BMW, if Poodleville had designed it, it would have crashed and they would have whined that you'd tried to do something they hadn't anticipated.

Oxitec’s stated goal was to eradicate native mosquito populations carrying potentially deadly diseases like Zika by infiltrating their ranks with transgenic impostors. These impostor mosquitoes, we were told, do not have the ability to reproduce, and thus pose no risk of causing long-term changes to the natural ecosystem, according to a report by Natural News.
. . .
What could possibly go wrong?

However, it appears that Oxitec was wrong about their GMO mosquitoes. As revealed in a new study, which was published in the esteemed journal Nature, Oxitec’s transgenic mosquitoes are not only able to reproduce, but their presence within native mosquito populations is actually causing super-mosquitoes to spawn. The world will have to face an onslaught of super-mosquitoes that are more resilient than the ones that previously existed in nature.

“To summarize the findings of the study, this mad science GMO experiment managed to create a super mutant population of mosquitoes that now carry genes that are potentially tied to enhanced insecticide resistance, making them harder to kill than ever before,” Mike Adams wrote for Natural News.
. . .
The mosquitoes are still carrying infectious diseases at the same rate as before the GMO mosquitoes were released. The study states that this whole plan broke down because the natural female mosquitoes prefer to mate with male mosquitoes that were known to be fertile, and not the infertile GMO mosquitoes released by Oxitec.

- Science Catastrophe In South America Could Kill Millions
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Another Speciesist Slur
- braggarts on the way up; guttersnipes on the way down

The Anglos are illegal immigrant, mongrel barbarians, or as we used to say, "foreign devils"; as they would say, "thieves, liars and cutthroats".

Here's the magic/space time-masheen again: The US dropped out of the stealth UCAV competition and is now trying to catch up to the Russians and Chinese
. . .
China claims all the weapons seen in the parade are in active service, a claim that should be viewed with skepticism.
. . .
Both the Chinese and the Russian stealth drones are based on the US X-47B.
. . .
Despite the claims, neither the Russian nor the Chinese stealth combat drones are ready for combat use. It will take a few years at least before they are perfected.

- The rise of stealth combat drones

No reason, much less evidence, is offered for the claim that China should lie. China already has all the technology. Russia has just aired video footage of a fighter jet paired with a stealth drone too. So the article is BS! It goes on to claim the illegitimate state of New Izrael has exported such drones and have shot down iranian drones, despite consistently appearing in the bottom third of the PISA tests. Jewish Amerikan, David P. Goldman admits he's commandeered Asia Times Online. As well as claiming peace activists were murdered using paint-guns, he tells tales of conversations with the ghost of Cardinal Richelieu and a fictional future where China has achieved quantum supremacy, though he clearly doesn't understand the science.

China showcased the new DF-17, a ballistic missile said to be hypersonic with a very high defense penetration capability, for the first time at the National Day parade on Tuesday, with Chinese military expert saying that it is almost impossible to be intercepted by enemies.
- DF-17 ballistic missile makes debut at National Day parade

Get that? When China produces a hypersonic missile it's only "said to be" hypersonic.

Just looking at the nose cone, its obvious it's a hypersonic missile. In fact, it's a hypersonic glide vehicle, like Russia's Avangard. The Great Satan is still in early testing of it's AGM-183A. They had to ask Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to solve the problem of overheating nose cones because they're too stoooopid. They needed Werner Von Braun to show them how to make rockets that didn't simply blow up on the launch pad.

China also revealed a drone submarine, the JL-2 and it follows on from Russia's announcement of an impressive list of weaponry. Whilst China and Russia are not formally military allies, that could simply be because they don't want the rest of Amerika to look like the streets of San Francisco.

Whilst the Great Satan's illegal attack on Syria was easily defeated by Russia's S-300 system, the Houthis have retaliated against Saudi Arabia using drones made from balsa-wood (not a joke) and with no resistance at all offered by the Great Satan-supplied krapware.

China also has the World's longest stretches of high-speed trains. The Great Satan doesn't have any.

China also has the World's only commercial maglev trains. The Great Satan doesn't have any.

China also has the World's first quantum communication satellite. The Great Satan doesn't.

China also has state of the art 7nm semiconductors. Intel is still working on 10nm.

China also has 5G technology. Verizon has thieved Huawei's technology. These foreign devils have also kidnapped Ren's daughter and slandered his company. The latest Apple iPhone 11 has no 5G, no cordless re-charging, no folding screen etc.

China pioneered stem-cell CURES. The Great Satan has no such technology. All it has is snake-oil that doesn't cure and, as often as not, even kills.

China CONTINUES TO HAVE the World's fastest supercomputer, 50% faster than the Great Satan's krappy Summit, or as I call it, Pimple.

China belongs to the Chinese people. The Great Satan is a gangster-run, thieved prison-state they have no land anywhere on the planet they can rightfully call their own. Yet these foreign devils slander others as "immigrants" whilst calling themselves, "ex-pats".

China's latest innovation is a laser that can detect submarines to a depth of 500m. The Great Satan doesn't have one of those either.

Instead, "the first time the mail-boat was a day late" these hapless clowns LITERALLY started eating one another. The native Americans took pity on them and showed them how to live off the land. In "gratitude" they slaughtered their food-source, the bison, in an attempt to drive the native Americans out.

In Dickensian Poodleville, at the height of their riches from plundering the World, they discovered vitamin D prevents rickets because their impoverished serfs were drinking cod liver oil from the sewers.

They enslaved Africans for 350 years and now run a slave-system disguised as a prison-system.

As late as the 20th century they were still starving: London’s most enduring book may turn out to be The People of the Abyss, his 1903 investigation into the abjectly impoverished of London’s East End.

Dressed accordingly, London joined its homeless to see how they survived. With a 58-year-old carter and a 65-year-old carpenter, London wandered the cold streets, “From the slimy, spittle-drenched, sidewalk, they were picking up bits of orange peel, apple skin, and grape stems, and, they were eating them. The pits of greengage plums they cracked between their teeth for the kernels inside. They picked up stray bits of bread the size of peas, apple cores so black and dirty one would not take them to be apple cores, and these things these two men took into their mouths, and chewed them, and swallowed them; and this, between six and seven o’clock in the evening of August 20, year of our Lord 1902, in the heart of the greatest, wealthiest, and most powerful empire the world has ever seen.”

- Jack London?

Today, Amerikans living in tent-cities are being warned to cook pigeons they've captured before eating them. They're covering the land they thieved in excrement: ("Human Tragedy" On The "Diseased Streets" Of San Francisco: "Worse Than Slums In Brazil & India"). They become impoverished if they can't afford medical bills or can't afford legal fees and then when they're homeless, anyone giving them food is arrested. But the Great Satan spends more than the next seven nations combined on war, which is why "Mad Dog" Mattis is a multi-millionaire: $71 for a metal pin that should cost just 4 cents; $644.75 for a small gear smaller than a dime that sells for $12.51: more than a 5,100 percent increase in price. $1,678.61 for another tiny part, also smaller than a dime, that could have been bought within DoD for $7.71: a 21,000 percent increase. $71.01 for a straight, thin metal pin that DoD had on hand, unused by the tens of thousands, for 4 cents: an increase of over 177,000 percent.
- Guns for Hire: No, the Government Shouldn’t Be Using the Military to Police the Globe

Big Pharma charges similarly extortionate prices. And that's nothing compared to the bailouts the banksters get!

They started both World Wars to impose jew-confetti on the planet at the Genoa Conference in 1922, then Bretton-Woods in 1944. As a result the Great Satan is history's worst ever debtor and war criminal Nixon's default on gold was the biggest default in all of history. China is history's greatest ever creditor.

They used to call japanese cars, "jap crap". But with their entire krapmobile industry having imploded, including Corgi, Matchbox and Hornby, they don't anymore. The Great Satan's krudmobile industry is already headed the same way. Ford makes krudmobiles with live rear-axles and ladder chassis from yester-century and having virtually stopped making saloons has been downgraded to junk. Gangster Motors, having been bailed out, is imploding. Boeing makes on 737 MAX flying turds that no one wants to fly in. Tesla makes self-crashing, self-immolating death pods which also lose rapidly their capacity to hold charge and become paper weights.

But hey, we Asians who easily outperform them in English, Science and Mathematics in the PISA tests, can't innovate and NOT, I repeat NOT, because the anglo/jew gangsters are clearly not even viable species, to anyone that's paying attention.
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