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Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality   [Copy link] 中文

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Some More White-Supremacist "Photoshop Editing"

Beijing Hospital pioneered stem cell CURES. Poodleville's state-owned Channel 4 produced a documentary claiming there was no evidence of improvement in patients, neglecting to mention the amerikan teenager with 20/2000 vision who passed her driving test a year after treatment.

Then a swiss and a spanish clinic copied the procedure and the western white-supremacist propaganda claimed they were "pioneering".

Both the Great Satan and poodle impose quotas on Asians and the gangster-run, Anglo-thieved prison-states imposed head taxes on Chinese (which were also applied to Koreans and Japanese). They can't compete have no land they can rightfully call their own, but these natural-born shoe-shine boys insist that the World belongs to them, they are the masters of the universe and they are the bestest at everything.

Researchers at Austria’s Institute of Science and Technology in Klosterneuburg, Austria, used entangled microwaves to create one of the world’s first quantum radar systems.
- Stealth killer: Quantum radar actually works

Get that? It claims "one of the" and not "the" World's first.

Under a principle known as quantum entanglement, two particles can be linked together regardless of distance,

That has yet to be confirmed.

As always Einstein is given credit: Albert Einstein colorfully dismissed quantum entanglement as “spooky action at a distance.”

Yet his paper on quantum mechanics had two co-authors and didn't even mention "entanglement". That was first mooted by Shrodinger.

Nothing in the known universe travels faster than light photons,

That confirms the author is a dimwit. Chinese scientists have measured the speed of quantum entanglement as being AT LEAST 10,000 times the speed of light because that's the limit of their measuring equipment.

Last year, the state-owned China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) claimed it had built the first quantum radar — that would render stealth aircraft technology obsolete — at a range of about 60 miles.

Note the word "claimed", as if there was some doubt, unlike the report about the austrian research. But at least it admits China is ahead of the Austrian researchers.

Then it smears with self-contradictory BS: While that is not a particularly huge feat, the fact that such a radar would be able to provide a weapons quality track on a stealth aircraft at those distances is impressive.

This tactic is often used by the jewish-controlled, state-run BBC. Someone in Asia achieves something and they wheel out a quack in Poodleville to explain it as though they were also on the verge of achieving it but were didn't do so only because they stopped for a game of cricket.

The article fails to refer to "quantum ghost imaging". If I was being paranoid, I'd say it was so that you wouldn't look up the term and find articles from two years ago such as: "Could ghost imaging spy satellite be a game changer for Chinese military?"
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Forced Technology Transfer?

Often, the anglo/jew propaganda is merely describing themselves. War criminal, The Donald, imposed tariffs because the Great Satan can no longer force nations to accept it's "worthless paper" USD. As he was violating other nations' rights, he announced the tariffs were "reciprocal", meaning nations could retaliate. The excuse of IP theft, forced technology transfer and other vague unfair trade practices came later.

With Samsung having sued Apple for patent violations, Apple continued to lose market share for a third year running.

And with Huawei having produced a three lens camera years ago, Apple is only just expected to produce one now: The high-end iPhone updates will be all about the cameras: These handsets will have three cameras on the back for wide-angle photography, higher-resolution pictures, and much-improved video recording.
- Apple’s New iPhones Launch on Tuesday. Here’s What to Expect

The question is, is this a result of the Great Satan cry-baby's attack on Huawei? Did Huawei offer the technology to appease the Great Satan in a forced technology transfer?

Apple is still acquiring technology from Samsung. It's not clear whether it's been thieved or forcibly transferred: Wireless charging is getting an upgrade: Devices like AirPods and the Apple Watch will be charged by laying them on the back of the phone. It’s a Samsung-like feature that is more important since Apple scrapped its AirPower multi-device charger.

Recent articles have also claimed that Huawei has only just overtaken Apple in global sales, something which happened a year or two ago.

As Samsung is Apple's technology supplier, iPhones, which are designed in Japan, have always been krappier as they have out of date technology, yet more expensive.

Having only just produced the World's most advanced AI chip, the Ascend 910, Huawei has now also announced the World's most advanced 5G chipset, the Kirin 990 ("Huawei says Kirin 990 is the most powerful 5G chipset in the world"). Huawei is also the undisputed 5G leader and the World's largest communications company. Huawei uses a space/time masheen to go to the future to thieve the technology from the amerikan dumbass.

The market leaders, Samsung and Huawei have just produced folding screen phones. Apple is YET AGAIN lagging as it takes some time for the NSA to thieve the technology and reverse engineer it.

Despite Apple being in its third year of sales declines in smartphones, it receives support from the Berkshire Hathaway brassiere which has just purchased Apple shares despite no prospect for Apple to recover so that these spivs are now moving to services and credit cards: Some analysts say services, subscriptions and online content will share the stage with the company’s glitzy hardware as Apple seeks to shift its focus.
. . .
Apple managed to grow its overall revenues, albeit by a modest one percent, to $53.8 billion, even as iPhone revenues plunged nearly 12 percent in the April-June period.

- China the wild card as Apple prepares big event

That's the same spiv-mentality as Elon Musk who is now moving into car insurance. The clown claims computers are already more intelligent than humans and that "Autopilot" is far superior. Everyone else disagrees and the dumbf**k continues to kill suckers who buy his self-crashing, self-immolating death pods.

With undisguised sad, little bastardry, war criminal, The Donald, has attacked Huawei in violation of its trading rights and one of his fellow goons & thugs have suggested simply violating Huawei's patents.

Similarly, Poodleville used to refer to japanese products as "jap crap". But now the poodle state's entire krapmobile industry has imploded. It then accused China of copying it's krapmobiles based on similar shapes for body panels. But before Tata bought JLR, they were photographed driving a Lexus RX300 into their so-called "research and design" building. In recent years they produced a 4x4 that was virtually identical to the RX, not just one or two panels either. As with Apple's use of Samsung technology, Lexus has already moved with a new RX design (because we Asians can't innovate). This is similar to being a nation of illegal immigrants and then performing "freedom of navigation operations" in China's territorial waters (according to their own 1951 Treaty of San Francisco).
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More White-Supremacist Photoshop Editing

A few years ago, the Scots complained that every time they won an Olympic medal they were "British". But if the Anglos won a medal, they were "English".

If they're not p**ing on China's parade, they're taking credit for her achievements.

And so Bill de Blasio, New York’s Mayor, who has been busy running for president, proposes to end the sorting-out system for the “gifted and talented” (G & T) that is theoretically responsible for that segregation. 75 percent of the G & T kids are Asian and white and, according to the school system’s Diversity Task Force, are not equitably distributed among the schools that end up being mostly black and Hispanic.
-  Turning on the Light

If they were gifted and talented, then why do they impose a quota on Asians, with the exception of the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Kalifornia where 40% of stewdents are Asian. The poodle state is the same with an almost identical quota on Asians.

And despite the lies claiming that Uyghurs in Xinjiang are not allowed to speak anything but putonghua, the shyster peddles the imperialism by forcing the conquered to adopt their language rather than native American, for their own good, of course: But I have a remedy for the persistent problem of underperformance, one that has not really been tried: intense concentration, starting in preschool and going forward as long as necessary, in spoken English.

Even worse: Diversity in language is a handicap, and it does not make you specially abled.

Really? Scandinavians are famously multi-lingual and some ban subtitling, forcing their citizens to become proficient in other languages.
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Because They Can't Compete

Extrapolating from the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Kalifornia, where 40% of stewdents are Asian, virtually ALL stewdents in Poodleville should be Asian.

The reality shows the stark difference created by Poodleville's institutionalised bigotry: At first Kayani was the only student who was either black, Asian or from an ethnic minority (BAME) in his research group.
. . .
Last month the UK Council for Graduate Education launched an in depth review looking to establish why more BAME graduates aren’t progressing onto PhDs.

- 'Look at how white the academy is': why BAME students aren't doing PhDs

They know exactly why! Not only do they impose a quota on Asians going to yooniversity, they then give BAME stewdents lower marks. In my case, it was egregious. A senior lecturer complained on my behalf. My fellow stewdents were egregiously stooopid but then so too were the lekturers.

Of course, I only managed to get to Scumbag yooniversity, unlike Carol Vordermann who attended Cambridge, despite having only 1 IQ point less. And my fellow stewdents were upper middle class, who themselves even had the attitude that stewdents were privileged. Hence the faux-charity work they did such as the krappy Rag-Mag, which is nothing more than cheesy and smutty booklet of "jokes" photocopied every year. In other words, virtue-signalling.

Then they cheat you at every opportunity in the jobs market too, especially as they don't have any industry, which is why they cheat you with the edukashun, because the lekturers, themselves,  don't have any marketable skills.
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Plastering Over Krap
- lamest sales-pitch in all of history; just like the iPhone 11

First, the shyster admits the iPhone 11 is krap: While sitting in the audience at Apple's campus in Cupertino, California, watching a parade of executives unveil the new iPhone 11 lineup, I couldn't help but think of all the features the company wasn't introducing.

The new smartphones didn't support 5G, the next-generation of wireless networks. They didn't offer wireless charging, a hotly anticipated feature that would let you charge your AirPods by placing them on the back of an iPhone. They certainly didn't fold, though perhaps Apple was smart not to go there. And for the most part, the new iPhones looked the same as the models from the year before, and the year before that.

- iPhone 11 and 11 Pro review: When the best is just good enough

But all reviews have always claimed Samsung is the best, whilst the iPhone has had last year's technology (from Samsung and sometimes without Samsung having to sue for patent violation) and been more expensive.

And here's the lamest sales-pitch you've ever heard: And yet, in all the years that I've been reviewing new iPhones, this is the first time I was approached in the real world ahead of their official launch by strangers asking to see the new models. The iPhone 11's vibrant new colors and the iPhone 11 Pro's eye-catching (though arguably unattractive) three-camera system on the back helped these products stand out even on the busiest of subway platforms.

That's reminiscent of Poodleville's krappy BL Allegro krapmobile, where the last advert (before BL imploded) simply showed one driving along country lanes before the voice-over announced it came in a range of colours.

With iPhone sales down for a third year and Huawei having overtaken it years ago, Huawei, the World's largest communications company, completely fails to even get a mention: However, this year's updates are probably not enough to lure existing Android users away from devices like the Google (GOOG) Pixel or Samsung (SSNLF) Galaxy.

Who the Victoria Nuland buys a Google Pixel? I've never even heard of them! The propaganda has also been claiming Huawei phones won't come with krappy Google apps. But fail to mention you can download them anyway.

Global Times reports: The iPhone 11 was being sold at a discount on Friday on several Chinese e-commerce platforms. On Pinduoduo, the iPhone 11 was sold for as low as 4,999 yuan - a 500 yuan discount.
- Huawei Mate 30 beats iPhone 11 in innovation, quality: customers

This is why the Shyster of Omaha has been buying Apple shares; to prop it up. Simillary, Billy Gates invested in Apple to support it too. A wiser move would be to invest in technology rather than thieving it and then accusing everyone else of IP theft. But then they'd have to lift the quota on Asians at their yoonivesities and pay them the wages they deserve too.

Poodleville's krapmobile industry has long targetted the cheap end as the niche market they think they stand a chance of selling to: The big draw of the new collection is actually the base model, the iPhone 11.

But even then, it's only compared to other iPhones.

The iPhone 11 stinks. It's the stench of failure.
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Albert Einstein Cited For China's Achievements Again
- more book-burning

Once again, if they're not p***ing on China's parade, they're trying to thieve credit for it.

Mary Seacole suffered the usual Anglo speciesist abuse as a Kenyan in Poodleville. Despite this, she graciously offered to serve in the Crimean War as a doctor. Her cures were more effective than anything Poodleville's finest quacks had to offer, which means they STILL are today.

The Anglo bigots refused to fund her passage to the war that they started, so she paid for it herself.

Disease was a bigger killer than the conflict itself. Forced to grant Seacole a medal for her extraordinary graciousness, Perfidious Albion then tried to overshadow her with Florence Nightingale; a mere nurse. To this day, they denigrate Seacole as a "nurse".

Here's Asia Times Online, which jewish Amerikan, David P. Goldman has admitted he's commandeered and which is so dumbed-down that Goldman claimed that the peace-activists murdered in international waters aboard the Mavi Marmara by the Illegitimate Defence Force were shot in the back at point blank range by "paint guns": New satellite features state-of-the-art technology to study Einstein’s gravitational waves from black holes and other celestial bodies
- China’s Taiji-1 on a gravity wave mission

The propaganda claims that Einstein "predicted" gravitational waves in his General Theory of Relativity, despite Einstein having plagiarised Poincare's theory of relativity and gravitational waves being what the Anglos would call, "bleedin' obvious". Newton's equations on gravity include the distance between objects, so, VERY OBVIOUSLY, a HUGE collision between neutron stars, for example, are bound to produce gravitational waves. The only difficulty is measuring such teeny, tiny effects. Also, not only did the paper contradict Einstein's own work on quantum mechanics and after Einstein presumably admitted God DOES play dice with the universe, but it contradicted itself.

In fact, Einstein had previously suggested that a "graviton" particle transmitted the effects of gravity. But the mathematics showed that the particle would have to move faster than light, so Einstein instead suggested (assuming he didn't plagiarise) a deformation of space. But he was wrong about nothing being able to move faster than light anyway; a claim no scientist should ever make as it assumes omniscient knowledge of ALL objects and that none of them under any circumstances could ever move faster than light. In recent years, China's scientists have measured the speed of quantum entanglement and it was AT LEAST 10,000 times the speed of light, which was just the maximum speed the instrumentation could measure.

So Einstein has very little to do with gravitational waves (which the jewish-controlled, state-run BBC even referred to as "Einstein waves"). Yet the above propaganda article has a HUGE photo of Einstein in the middle of the article. Placing it at the top would have made it too obvious that they were attributing Einstein with the credit for China's satellites.

When Beijing Hospital pioneered stem-cell cures, Poodleville's state-owned Channel 4 made a propa-mentary claiming there were no discernible benefits, failing to mention that an amerikan teenager with 20/2000 vision passed her driving test a year after treatment. Only when a swiss and then a spanish clinic used similar techniques did the western propaganda claim that their work was "pioneering".

When Pan Jianwei produced the World's first quantum communication satellite, they were quick to point out that he had a western professor when he was a student, despite now being a professor in his own right. Yet if you had asked Einstein's teachers they would have told you that Einstein was a dummkopf.
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Amerikan Innovation: Worthless and Pathetic
- because we Asians can't innovate

Remember that robot dog that went viral a few years ago? The one that can run uphill, climb stairs, and looks like the killer robot dogs in the TV show "Black Mirror"? It's now available for select customers.
- Boston Dynamics' robot dog is now available for select customers

And you'd want one of these because . . . . ?

It's being shipped to "select early customers" to be used in construction sites, gas and power installations, and in public safety, according to Boston Dynamics.
. . .
There's no price listed, but roboticists have estimated that it could cost as much as a new car.
. . .
Spot also has a little brother -- SpotMini, which stands at two and a half feet (about 0.76 meters). It can roll over, put objects in a dishwasher, open doors, and bring its owner a cold drink from the fridge. SpotMini is also set to become commercially available in 2019, the company said last year.

Wouldn't China's robots be more useful? A robot barista, developed by Chinese home appliance producer Gree Electric Appliances, has captivated many visitors at this year's WRC. The brightly-colored robotic arm can make and serve coffee, and can even create latte art.

Also on display is Gree's famous robot band, comprising four robotic arms playing the piano, guitar, keyboard and drums.

- China’s automation industry forges ahead to a new era of market boom

But you'd have to read Global Times to even know of China's robots.
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