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Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality   [Copy link] 中文

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Why Ricardian Comparative Advantage Doesn't Work
- flogging a dead horse

They say that successful people take responsibility for mistakes. Losers such as six times bankrupt cry-baby war criminal, The Donald, always blame others. And let's face it these corrupt and incompetent clowns have NO ONE to blame but themseles. But as usual they accuse others by simply describing themselves.

Ricardo’s theory said that trading nations are endowed with attributes that gave them a relative advantage in producing certain goods versus others.
. . .
But if the theory of comparative advantage were true, Japan would still be exporting tuna fish instead of cars, computers, TVs, steel and much more.
. . .
The problem with this theory of comparative advantage is that the factors of production are not permanent and they are not immobile.

If labor moves from the countryside to the city in China, then suddenly China has a comparative advantage in cheap labor. If finance capital moves from New York banks to direct foreign investment in Chinese factories, then China has the comparative advantage in capital also.
. . .
We live in a world where the U.S. is a free trade sucker and everyone else breaks the rules.

- Tariffs: As American As Apple Pie

Get that?

But why can't labour move from the countryside to the city in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika? Why can't banks direct investment into amerikan factories? After all they started two World wars to gift themselves the "exorbitant privilege" of being able to print credit (not money) out of thin air.

But instead of a free-market economy that plays by the rules, the amerikan cry-babies go begging for subsidies from the amerikan taxsucker even as these "free traders" admit that Huawei accepted NOTHING from the government to become the World leader in communications equipment. They recently suggested Germany divert investment away from her export sector and the Plaza Accord forced Occupied Germany and Occupied Japan to allow the "worthless paper" USD to depreciate but STILL couldn't fix the deficit which has lasted since 1975.

In fact, Japan is superior to the Great Satan in exporting tuna fish AND in making cars (rather than krudmobiles), computers, TVs, steel and "much more". Amerikans are krap at all of these.

Just look at Boeing (which is heavily subsidised such that the Exim bank has been dubbed "Boeing's bank" and has now successfully collapsed its market with a death-trap), Tesla (which is heavily subsidised and sells at a loss), Gangster Motors (which is heavily subsidised), Ford (which makes krap and appears to be shutting down). The Great Satan has the exports of a third-World country; just agricultural products (heavily subsidised for centuries and now gangster-modified) and shale oil and gas (heavily subsidised and sells at a loss). But even then, Ricardo claimed Japan could still outsource, say TV sets, from the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika and concentrate on other skills. These "free traders" also dumped rice on Haiti at two-thirds the cost of production until farmers went bankrupt, then ramped up prices such that kids were eating mud-pies (LITERALLY just mud and some vegetable oil). They dumped cotton on India at half the cost. They FORCE Japan to buy rice which is so krap that it's either left to rot or fed to cattle (banned from selling it on). The only reason China imported plastic waste was because someone noticed the TEU containers were returning empty.

The TRUTH is as Douglas Adams said, is because they're a bunch of "useless, bloody loonies". Or, as I witnessed first-hand, one Anglo manager telling his hirelings, that they're a "waste of f**king space". As an Anglo, David Ricardo was in denial about the krappiness of his species. The first time the mail-boat was a day late", they LITERALLY started eating one another. They impose a quota on Asians at yooniversity because they iz too fick for university.

When the Rosbifs can't even cook (and I include the freakin' celebrity TV chefs) then Ricardian quackonomics has no chance. If they produce something as basic as a wooden stool STILL no one will buy it. In terms of worth they have a negative account balance. AND I'M NOT BEING FASCIETIOUS! Just look at daft ideas such as the Eagle low-drag GT, which is nothing more than the ancient and krappy Jaguar E-Type with modern (but still krappy) mechanicals; yours for a WHOPPING £650,000. When they made the original "mini" krudmobile, they were selling those at a loss too. And if the Great Satan tried to export TV sets to Japan, no one would buy them, because they'd be krap. A heavily subsidised dog-turd is still just a dog-turd. The only other option is for the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika to undergo another Great Depression (and probably cannabalism again too). They even eat Tide pods.
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Same Old Same Old

Look EVERYONE'S got a magic, space time-masheen to thieve technology off the amerikan dumbass in the future and who started both World wars to parasite off the World with jew-confetti at the Genoa Conference in 1922, then Bretton Woods in 1944, because they're such productive geniuses and not worthless, "dumb as a rock" parasites: “When governments permit counterfeiting or copying of American products, it is stealing our future, and it is no longer free trade.” So said President Ronald Reagan, commenting on Japan after the Plaza Accord was concluded in September 1985.
. . .
Instead, the blame was pinned on Japan, which accounted for 42% of U.S. goods trade deficits in the first half of the 1980s.
. . .
This remake of an old movie is disconcerting, to say the least. Once again, the U.S. has found it far easier to bash others — Japan then, China now — than to live within its means. This time, however, the movie might have a very different ending.

Opinion: America is in denial about the trade deficit — it’s not China, it’s us

And contrary to the claim that it's the "savings rate", the problem is that Amerika makes krap that no one wants to buy AT ANY PRICE. This is similar to its poodle in the 19th century when China's emperor wrote, "We have not the slightest need of your manufactures." And so the Anglos illegally infested Tibet to force trade. The Great Satan also used gangster-boat diplomacy in 1853, parking it's gangster-boat off Japan's coast.

We know from Ed Snowden that the NSA has a mandate for industrial espionage. In other words, these skank have been thieving other nations' technology and you wouldn't be able to sue the NSA because it's a secret cabal of gangsters. The thieved Intellectual Property is then distributed among the Echelon/Five Eyes, worthless parasite thieved-nations. That's probably how Apple got details of Shenzhen Dragon Bros Industrial's P88 and produced the iPad a year after Dragon Bros. did.

Amerikans are so "dumb as a rock" (as one of their teechers put it) they asked Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to solve the problem with hypersonic missiles and the heat caused by air-friction. Whilst the Rosbifs can't even cook properly, the CIA is now confirmed as having faked "modern art" to try and compete with Russia. Even worse, their own propaganda reports are now showing that with all their cheating, they're breeding themselves ever dumberer and dumberer.

With Huawei refusing to install a back-door in her equipment, the NSA probably can't thieve Samsung technology for Apple any more.
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Ever More Happless

The "first time the mail-boat was a day late", they LITERALLY started eating one another. Since then, their own propaganda reports admit that the average poodle IQ is declining at such a rate that it will be BELOW that of Tom Hanks's Forrest Gump within a generation. They always award themselves the score of 100, so the only way they could have registered a decline is if that score has been subjected to the usual grade-hyperinflation.

White House envoy Jared Kushner stands accused of “racism” for answering a question about Palestinians’ ability to self-govern by expressing hope they’ll be capable of this in the future – implying they’re incapable of this now.
- Imagine suggesting Jews couldn't govern themselves?

But they can't!

We know Jared Kushner is well on the way towards Forrest Gump territory. A survey of IQ at Harvard revealed IQs which were as low as below 100.

Yet Kushner's GPA was deemed too low for Harvard. In other words, he wasn't even marginal: Jared Kushner’s father paid $2.5 million to get him into Harvard — and arranged for two of his beneficiary politicians, Sens. Ted Kennedy and Frank Lautenberg, to make calls on his offspring’s behalf.

“His GPA did not warrant it, his SAT scores did not warrant it,” a former administrator at Jared’s private high school told Daniel Golden, author of the 2006 book, “The Price of Admission.” “There was no way anybody in the administrative office of the school thought he would on the merits get into Harvard.”

- Free Felicity Huffman!

So "jewish socialism" can better be understood as theft. Jewish propaganda such as the movie, Pimpernel Smith, depicts scientists fleeing Germany. This implies they were Jews. Albert Einstein, we know, was a dumpkopf just as his teachers said he was. Neither Anglos or Jews can compete fairly. Just look at "modern art" which we now know was faked by the CIA to compete with Russia.

Olga Korbett showed that perfection was possible, so the Great Satan boycotted the Olympics. At the Athens Olympics, the russian athletes performance on the horizontal bar was spectacular. Then it was Paul Hamm's turn. He looked like he was just warming up. Then he dismounted. Then the nobble judges gave Hamm the gold. The crowd erupted in protest and the russian athlete had to come back out and calm them down. As for the parallel bars, Hamm was awarded goild again and despite the nobbled judges later admitting they'd given the wrong weighting to the korean athletes performance, Hamm refused to return any medals.

It was the Great Satan which added the Nobbled Prize in Quackonomics to those that Alfred Nobel created and all but two of the "winners" have been Amerikans. Yet, the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika has a "f**king moron" as POTUS surrounded by a cabal of low IQ swamp creatures. Whereas they always point to Venezuela or Zimbabwe and deride socialism, they neglect to mention that both are under a medieval siege and that the World's most successful economies are ALL socialist: Germany, Japan, China and Russia. Whilst China is history's greatest ever creditor, the Great Satan is history's worst ever debtor.

The result of denying that Anglos and Jews are intellectually inferior is the s**tshow of Boeing where the 737 is a 60 year old design and has the absurdity of the "roller coaster" manouevre because it's just physically impossible to control the mechanism. By contrast, Airbus pioneered fly-by-wire DECADES AGO. And they claim we Asians can't innovate?!?!

Similarly, Ford uses a live rear-axle in its Mustang and a ladder-chassis in its F-150 truck. Now it's all but abandoning saloon production. No innovation here either!

Tesla is a s**tshow that can't make a profit despite being heavily subsidised and rather than "great cars" as Musk lied, he only makes self-immolating, self-crashing death-pods.

Shale oil and gas from the land they thieved is also sold at a loss.

Because they can't compete, War criminal, The Donald, has had to violate WTO rules and impose tariffs.

First it was stell and aluminium, then China.

He even announced that they were "reciprocal", meaning victims could retaliate. The accusations of IP theft, forced technology transfer and other vague unfair trade practices only came afterwards. So having violated the old agreement, they demanded a new one. But what's to stop war criminal, The Donald, violating the new agreement too? In other words, they never wanted a new deal; the tariffs, themselves, were the aim all along.

They simply can't afford to trade with others because they can't compete. That's why they modified the proposed agreement and then blamed China for crossing out the additions. After all, it was war criminal, The Donald, who initiated the tariff war, so we know the Great Satan has the motive for sabotaging any deal.

Now they're imposing tariffs on Mexico and Auztralia too.
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"Social" Engineering

The "first time the mail-boat was a day late", they LITERALLY started eating one another. Yet they claim they have the World's "most prestigious" universities!

So YET MORE palpably absurd BS!

“If you are academic, [England] is still one of the best countries in which to be born, particularly if you’re born into a middle-class family and your parents have some means,” said Lammy, MP for Tottenham.
- David Lammy says England is failing those who don't go to university

That would be the "white, working-class boys" policy openly admitted to by his predecessor, except that it was revealed that the "working-class" bit was only true if you omitted the poorest third.

As ever, he completely fails to mention the standard of edukashun (or lack thereof). Instead, he touts the "experience": [color=Blue[His focus has now turned towards young people who don’t go to university, partly because of the lack of opportunities for them, but also because they miss out on a transformative experience, Lammy said.

That's similar to the lame-assed lies from Harvard who claimed diversity would enhance the experience. Virtually all stewdents would be Asian under a meritocracy. But Harvard doesn't pass up the $2.5m bribe from Jared Kushner's father to accept a dumbf**k who's teechers said his GPA didn't warrant attendance at Harvard!

Never mind too that a Chinese stewdent got a first but still sued AND WON her case against her krappy poodle yooniversity for the course being "fraudulent" and "Mickey Mouse".

Never mind the absurdity of half, now getting a 2:1 and another quarter getting a 1st, when Carole Vordermann with a 154 IQ gets a third! Or war criminal, Billy Hefferson Hague, being sent to a Secondary Modern having (presumably) failed the 11+ test which Janet Daily of the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense claimed was "basically an IQ test", but having switched to a grammar goes to Oxford.

But then, even stewdents attending Harvard, Cambridge and a host of other yooniversities have been complaining that they're taught Quackonomics rather than Economics.

And they admit they have a white-supremacist, apartheid edukashun system: He said that most academic evidence supports the idea that “the young Somali girl” from inner city London who gets 3 As is brighter than her more privileged peers who get A and 2A*.

No s**t Einstein!

So if you're Asian, they rob you by sending you to the krappy failing skools, they rob you by offering a Mickey Mouse edukashun, they rob you by giving you lower marks than flagrantly mentally retuarded whites and then you go out into the World to get a lower paid job where you're passed up for promotion repeatedly. The Anglo/Jew thieving parasites with five centuries of the poodle empire of p ludering started both World Wars to impsoe jew confetti on the World rob, you and then they KEEP ON robbing you. But they add insult to injury claiming you should be grateful AND slander the products from other nations too!!!
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White Supremacist
- common thuggery

George Magnus, a research associate at Oxford University’s China Centre, said that in theory, rising tensions between the US and China should make a multilateral institution such as the G20 – with its ability to provide a forum for debate and consensus – even more necessary.

“Yet this is also a little bit of fantasy,” he said. “Multilateral institutions still need leadership and the functionality of one power in being able to frame agendas and options. America could be that power but won’t. China isn’t that power and can’t,” Magnus said.

- Is the G20 destined to fade into irrelevance in a leaderless world – courtesy of Donald Trump?

Yes folks, one amerikan hedge fund manager referred to China's economy as the best run major economy.

But the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika started both World Wars to parasite off the rest of the planet with jew confetti imposed at the Genoa Conference in 1922 and then Bretton Woods in 1844 and is so bankrupt, insolvent and desperate that it's robbing its own sheeple on the highways, peddling the buttcoin fraud, extorting cash out of multi-nationals, weaponising everything and kidnapping russian and chinese citizens.

But the Oxford f**wit factory, with it's white-supremacist apartheid edukashun system, that accepts proportionally more half-Asians than Asians, but only if they appear to be white as well as serial violent rapist, paedophile and war criminal, Billy Jefferson Clinton, and is funded by bigots and imperialists such as Cecil Rhodes, believes it's far better to have the World run by a rapist ("‘I never had sex again’: US talk show host E. Jean Carroll claims Donald Trump raped her in a Manhattan shop in the 1990s"), self-confessed sex offender, war criminal and "f**king moron" who cheats everyone he deals with including his wife, than by chÎnks!

With the rule of law and a meritocracy, these gangsters would gravitate towards their rightful place in the World; as it's shoe-shine boys.
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Hapless Clowns

As I've said before, Lenin was wrong about them selling the rope with which they, themselves, would be hanged. You can drop them in the middle of the Pacific with no rope and they'll still achieve it all on their own.

Apple "demanded" that Samsung construct one of the world's biggest OLED manufacturing facilities exclusively for iPhone screens.

Overconfidence of Tim Cook, not adjusting forecasts for trade wars nor a structural decline in global growth, has crushed Apple iPhone demand across the world and breached the contract of 100M OLED iPhone screens per year with Samsung.

"Although Apple requested Samsung Display to extend its plant believing that it would use about 100 million OLED panels annually, actual market demand was far lower than Apple' prediction." said a Samsung media executive.

- iPhone X Sales Collapse Triggers Serious Breach Of Contract With Samsung

Just as Boeing is now lying and lying and lying to try and avoid recalling all 737 MAX and then SCRAPPING THEM: Sources told ChannelNews the contract between both companies had significant "penalty clauses," which Apple is currently trying to finagle itself out of.
. . .
Apple responded by announcing the supplied Samsung OLED were "faulty" which sources say is a stalling tactic as lawyers are negotiating the fines.

So, Occupied Japan designs them, Occupied Korea supplies the technology and China builds and ships them and as they complain in Poodleville, their corporations are "run by accountants" and they can't even get that teeny-tiny bit right!
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The Other Shoe Drops

Some say that to be a winner you first have to know how to lose graciously.

I thought it a bit strange that the anglo/jew, white-supremacist propaganda rags had failed to bray about the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika having reclaimed the title of fastest supercomputer.

I figured it must be like Poodleville which has two of the five fastest "cars" around the Nurbergring. Those "cars" have been stripped-down and are nothing more than go-karts, whereas the Lambourghinis and Porsches are street-legal cars, so the Anglos know it's a cheat. They just had to do it to deny they're krap.

Sure enough: Chinese decision makers decided to withhold the country’s newest Shuguang supercomputers from the latest supercomputing contest, even though they operate more than 50 per cent faster than the best current US machines, as China does not want to fan the flames of existing trade tensions, said the sources, who declined to be named as the information is private.
. . .
China began to build supercomputers without US semiconductors after the Obama administration banned the sale of high-end Intel, Nvidia and AMD chips for Chinese supercomputers in 2015.

- China ‘has decided not to fan the flames on supercomputing rivalry’ amid US tensions

That explains why the illegal "reciprocal" tariffs of war criminal, "f**king moron", rapist and self-confessed sex offender, The Donald, includes China's supercomputer companies on the "entity list".

Whereas the above are capable of over 200 petaflops, the Great Satan's fastest, Summit, is only capable of 148.6.

By contrast, the movie Apollo 13, is based on Jim Lovell's book and throughout the movie they cite beating the Russians as their movtive. Only natural born losers do it to compete rather than to advance scientific achievement. And these bone-heads risked their lives too with slipshod engineering. As Lovell said in the movie (played by Tom Hanks), "If I had a dollar for every time they killed me in this thing, I wouldn't have to work for you, Dean"

China's space programme is proceeding at a more measured pace and despite the Great Satan sad, little bastards blocking ethnic Chinese in space programmes, China is STILL overtaking the Great Satan. Russia, of course, pioneered space travel and yes, the first woman in space was russian NOT amerikan.

The CIA has been exposed as having faked "modern art" in a failed attempt to compete with russian culture too.

Only morons would chant, "USA" and "We're number 1", because winners don't bray.

Similarly, several years ago, the chairman at Toyota announced that the japanese car industry had to give the amerikan krudmobile industry a break. How krappy a species would you have to be to have your competitors say that?!?! The answer is not only "very" but also a species of sad, little bastard who, in "gratitude" then faked the Toyota peddle fault and extorted cash out of Toyota (among others).

Similarly, the poodle state used to smear japanese products as "jap crap". But it's the poodle krapmobile industry which has COMPLETELY imploded.

Similarly, Paul Hamm's krappy performance on the horizontal bar in Athens resulted in him getting the gold . . . . . followed by the crowd erupting in protest and the russian athlete having to come back out and calm everyone down. The Great Satan has the highest number of cheats caught taking banned substances.

But they're not number 1. They're number 2. And like all number 2s: U STINK AMERIKA!



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