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Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality   [Copy link] 中文

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- stooopid beyond belief

The "first time the mail-boat was a day late", they LITERALLY started eating one another and Poodleville's own propaganda report admits their average IQ is declining at such a rate that within a generation it will be lower than that of Tom Hanks's Forrest Gump (IQ: 68). So when they claim that their yooniversities are the World's most "prestigious", it's a failure to deny they're the planet's krappiest!

Just as the Great Satan's prison-warders believe they can draw blood off the inmates despite being every bit as hygienic as Heston Blumenidiot, some freakin' clowns have adopted the motto of the Four Musketeers: "all for one and one for all", taken the blood plasma from legions of convicts and drug addicts, mixed them all up into one HUGE batch and then infected 25,000 sheeple in Poodleville with HIV and Hepatitis C: Matt Merry can’t recall the exact words his mother used to tell him he was HIV-positive. He just remembers not knowing how to react, not at first, not in front of his mum. She had sat him down at a table in the back room of their home in Rugby to break the news. Matt was 12 years old.
. . .
That night, as Matt lay in bed with the lights out, the numbness he'd felt all day began to ebb away. The enormity of what he'd learned finally started to dawn on him. All he knew of HIV and Aids was TV footage of skeletal-looking young men, their bodies covered in sores, wasting away in hospital wards, and he started to cry.
. . .
In 1986, HIV and Aids were the subjects of an all-pervasive, visceral fear. In the media, the disease was largely associated with groups such as drug users and gay men, who were routinely stigmatised at the time.

Matt had heard of homes that were daubed with graffiti - “AIDS SCUM” and so on – when a rumour spread that someone living there had the condition.
. . .
But unknown to Matt and his family, much of the imported American Factor VIII was made using blood plasma donated by prison inmates and drug addicts, who were high-risk groups for viruses like HIV and hepatitis C. In many cases they had been paid for it. And because the factor products were made in huge vats from the plasma of tens of thousands of people, if just one donation was infected that would be enough to contaminate the whole batch.
. . .
Without realising it, Matt had been caught up in what's been called the biggest scandal in NHS history - one that has resulted in the deaths of at least 2,883 haemophiliacs in the UK, according to campaigners. It's feared that tens of thousands of non-haemophiliacs could have been infected via blood transfusions, too.

- The secret in my blood
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Wealth Destroyers
- guaranteed to wipe themselves out

Several years ago, coming back from the gym, I was thirsty, so popped into a Wendy's (if memory serves), which is an amerikan fast-food (?) outlet. I just bought the smallest cup of orange juice advertised. The size of the cup wasn't a thimble-full; probably about five thimble fulls.

I make it a policy never to return to such rip-off joints as you simply can't trust them.

This is another facet of the anglo/amerikan/jew guarantee policy to guarantee to wipe themselves out. Anglo/amerikan corporations are run by the executives for the benefit of the executives, not for shareholders or customers.

The executives couldn't give a rat's a** about the long-term. They just want their bonuses and if the company implodes in a few years, they don't plan to be still around. Instead, they'll have moved on to another company which they'll ALSO collapse.

This is what Jim Hackett did at Ford when he slashed production of sedans to just two models. It was noted he did the same at his previous job. And Hackett's predecessors oversaw Ford putting a live rear-axle in the Mustang and a ladder chassis in their pick-up truck.

This is similar to Boeing which hasn't changed the basic design of the 737 since it was the 707 in the 1950s and Poodleville's entire krudmobile industry is notorious for having ancient chassis and engine designs encased in a slightly modified body shell. The last Rolls-Royce made in Poodleville before BMW took over, already had a BMW engine, but the clowns used the ancient Motronic 5.1 engine management system. They were charging £150,000 for this pile of krap when Mercedes were only asking £60,000 for the far superior IN EVERY WAY S-Class.

Similarly, the purpose of a yooniversity in Poodleville isn't to get an education (or even and edukashun) it's to get a degree certificate. One amerikan article claimed their yooniversities were to show that you were compliant.

The purpose of a so-called "work-place" is to receive a salary at the end of the month. Having to do any work is an inconvenience and being infantile, they'll use every dirty trick in the book to fool their managers. It was noted that when Rover was state-owned in Poodleville the night-shift were caught smuggling sleeping bags in.
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Hapless Clowns

Whilst president Xi brings prosperity to the entire eurasian continent (and then some), despite already having the World's most populous nation to govern, Poodleville can't even bring prosperity to their own sheeple: It is common to attribute the spectacular discrepancies between life in southern cities and northern towns to the absence of money. But what’s really missing is power. Every time I get off the train in Wigan, where I grew up, I become more and more outraged at the absence of it.
- England’s northern towns need real power – not May’s billion-pound bribe

The trouble is, you don't know if it's because they're a species of indolent timewasters such as the state-owned Bris**t Leyland where the night shift were caught smuggling in sleeping bags, or if it's because their masters are a bunch of crooks such as Robert Maxwell raiding their pensions.

The answer's probably a little bit of both.

However, Japan's car manufacturers were successful until now. The pothead war criminal has successfully sabotaged the car/krudmobile industry with Brexit. There's no way just-in-time delivery of parts being delayed by border checks and 10% tariffs on sub-assemblies criss-crossing between the EU and Poodleville can survive.

Furthermore, Japan's car industry won't be coming back.  Japan's just completed a free-trade agreement with the EU where cars have a 0% tariff.
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More "Social Engineering"
- because these book-burners can't compete

Aberdeen yooniversity in Poodleville complained that the bigotry imposed by the goons & thugs was "social engineering", despite Michael Gove's disengenuous call to stop racism. The main policy of the Conservative faction is to maintain their privilege. Those in poor neighbourhoods are sent to a failing "Secondary Modern" skool where they're taught woodwork, metalwork, needlework, cooking etc. War criminal, Billy Jefferson Hague, was sent to a Secondary Modern, but switched to a grammar and ended up at Oxford, confirming the corruption.

The Wall Street Journal reports that The College Board assigns a so-called "adversity" score to every student who takes the SAT to try to capture their social and economic background.
- American Except-ionalism? Secret "Adversity" Boost To Raise SAT Results For Some

So much for a meritocracy.

But who benefits?

This 'disadvantage' score - seemingly designed to adjust for the facts that black Americans (see chart above) score on average 946 and Asian Americans score on average 1223 in the SAT - goes from 1 to 100.
. . .
At Florida State University, the adversity scores helped the school boost nonwhite enrollment to 42% from 37% in the incoming freshman class, said John Barnhill, assistant vice president for academic affairs

Get that?

So the article admits Asians should be excelling according to the SAT scores. But you're supposed to believe that "nonwhite" stewdents are the beneficaries. No mention of the 12.2% quota on Asians which, when removed as in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Kalifornia, results in 40% of stewdents being Asian despite barely more than 5% of the population being Asian. So Asians have the most to complain about, not these whingers who have thieved their way through their entire history!!! In Poodleville, over 12% are Asian, yet barely 12% go to yoonversity.

Like Poodleville, the Great Satan is dumbering-down with grade-hyperinflation: Paradoxically, younger Americans are entering college at a higher rate – 70 percent – than the boomer generation managed.
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Tesla's REAL Competition

Elon Musk must have been horrified when China banned imports of plastic waste. But now he's got competition too: Tired of the old, painful and ugly suicide methods? Now you can have a "peaceful, elective and lawful death" at the press of a button with Sarco, a suicide pod – and it even comes with a built-in eco-friendly coffin.
- 3D-printable 'Death Pod' for 'stylish' and 'peaceful' suicide premiered at Venice expo

By contrast, Tesla's self-crashing, self-immolating death-pods are performing manouvers that are illegal: Tesla TSLA, -6.02% upgraded its Autopilot feature last month, essentially allowing Tesla vehicles to change lanes on their own in some instances. The company repeatedly has said that drivers are responsible for all maneuvers, and must be in control of their cars at all times.

Monitoring the system for all potential pitfalls was ultimately more work than just changing lanes without it, Consumer Reports said.

Instead of helping drivers, the system made some questionable choices, such as cutting too closely in front of other cars and passing on the right, Consumer Reports said.

- Tesla’s Autopilot feature lags ‘far behind’ a human driver, Consumer Reports says

So Musk's claim that the so-called "autopilot" is a lot better than humans appears to be a straightforward lie.
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Poodleville Resorts To Book-Burning Too

Oxford follows the Great Satan in using an adversity score for yooniversity admission.

So WTF is the point of exams? Already, they ignore SAT scores, impose quotas on Asians, accept bribes, block ethnic Chinese from NASA and the so-called international space station and have had Chinese head taxes which were also imposed on Koreans and Japanese.

The elephant in the room: STILL no meritocracy, just more "social engineering" which has nothing to do with socialism and everything to do with white-supremacist bigotry.

Jeremy Frost summed this farce up best:

"Education by its nature is supposed to be elitist, the better you preform the greater your opportunities.

- American Except-ionalism? Secret "Adversity" Boost To Raise SAT Results For Some

But in a meritocracy, Asians would clearly shine as they do in the PISA tests. In the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Poodleville, if you extrapolate from the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Kalifornia, then virtually ALL stewdents should be Asian.

So the Anglo/Jew book-burners have to rig it in their own favour such that a quarter of Ivy League yooniversity stewdents are Jews despite Jews being only 2% of the population and, despite their low grades. Any cosmic event results in the jewish-controlled, state-run BBC claiming Einstein predicted it, despite his teachers saying he was a dumkopf.

Given Harvard accepts bribes as they did with Jared Kushner and Asians suing Harvard because of its bigotry, They've pulled the propaganda stunt of affirmative action rather than an actual meritocracy. Poodleville's Oxford F**kwit Factory has followed suit: If someone had told me that the college only admitted me because of “contextual data” – my family’s low income, the paucity of books in our house, the fact I was from a broken home, or because, in my touching ignorance, I thought a Reader’s Digestcondensed version of Jonathan Livingston Seagull was a literary masterpiece (bless!), I would have been mortified.

I wouldn’t have wanted to be patronised in that way. If I wasn’t good enough to be admitted on my own merits to a university renowned for its excellence, then I’d rather not have gone to Oxbridge at all.

- Oxford University Dumbs-Down Admissions Process For 'Disadvantaged' Applicants

But she HAS stolen the place of an Asian.

And in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika, blacks don't want affirmative action either, saying it's a stain on their record. I've worked with plenty of blacks who easily deserve their yoonversity degrees (though not the krappy grades the bigots give them).

The likes of convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, war criminal, Boris Johnson, war criminal Auntie May, Ed Balls and the pothead war criminal are all products of the Oxford F**kwit Factory; all clearly as dumb as a rock.

Here's the bottrom line: They're krap!
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Can A Tesla Pass A Driving Test?

Can it even pass an eye test?

The likes of Elon Musk have been riding on the back of a driver's ability to pass a driving test, when selling their lethal self-crashing, self-immolating death-pods.

Just as he blames his suppliers for the poor build quality of a Tesla, he blames the drivers when they're killed in one of his death-pods despite he, himself, peddling the in-appropriately named, "autopilot", as being ten times safer than a human.

Musk has been compared to Tony Stark, until his self-crashing death-pods started killing people. More recently, he's been compared to P.T. Barnum: While Tesla is still investigating the incidents, the firm is taking action "out of an abundance of caution".
- Tesla to update battery software after recent car fires

But a recent review has already stated that "autopilot" is worse than a human, suggesting that Musk is not only a liar, but that "autopilot" might fail a driving test.

And here's more of Barnum's "abundance of caution": “Lidar is a fool’s errand, and anyone relying on lidar is doomed,” Musk said, likening the sensor technology to an “expensive appendix.”
. . .
Lidar works by measuring an object’s distance from a self-driving car and creating a 3-D replica of the environment.
. . .
“Elon did not mince his words; I will not mince mine: An autonomous vehicle with only radar and video is irresponsible with people’s lives,” Eldada said.
. . .
After Nissan’s announcement last week, Eldada reiterated his view: “It is fundamentally unsafe to only use radar and video cameras on autonomous vehicles — radar and video cameras alone cannot accurately see in the dark, nor can they differentiate if an object is human or inanimate. The most robust and responsive safe system would have the full suite of lidar, radar, video cameras, with lidar as the primary sensor.”

- Opinion: Critics call Tesla’s Elon Musk ‘irresponsible’ for casting doubt on need for lidar sensors in self-driving cars

In the dark, video is useless. RADAR is always vague, is more susceptible to echoes than LIDAR and won't give a 3D impression. So he's right. You need LIDAR for night time use at the very least and preferably as the PRIMARY sensor.

Musk has been repeatedly lambasted for his claims and often proven to be lying: Hall said that Tesla’s Autopilot is “NOT ALMOST AUTONOMOUS [emphasis her own] and it gives autonomy a bad rap.”
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