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Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality   [Copy link] 中文

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Yet Another Speciesist Slur
- because they can't compete

Unlike cars or electronics, making good wine doesn’t require proprietary technology.
- How China’s winemakers succeeded (without stealing)

Well at best that's an admission that the anglo/zionist propaganda is imposing a speciesist smear on China.

China has produced the World's first quantum communication satellite, pioneered stem cell cures that rival the supposed miracle cures of Jesus Christ and many other miraculous achievements in just the last few years.

The Great Satan has a white-supremacist, apartheid edukashun system where one teecher complained her poopils are "as dumb as a rock",  the NSA has a mandate for industrial espionage, "genius inventor" Elon Musk merely imports Panasonic batteries and solar panels, Samsung is the supplier of Apple technology but also has to sue Apple for patent violations as many other companies around the World do and the gangster-run, thieved prison-state has the exports of a third-world country.

The palpably absurd notion of China stealing car (or krudmobile) technology is the same as that for their justifications for illegally invading countries; you'd have to be as dumb as an Amerikan to believe it. Not only does China have the World's best battery technology in BYD's LiFePO battery, not only does she invest in R&D almost exclusively in electric cars, but Honda has been partnered with chinese firms for two decades!

"We have no plan to change our investment ratio," said Keitaro Nakamura, a China-based spokesman for Honda Motor Co. , which operates joint ventures with local auto makers Guangzhou Auto and Dongfeng Motor Co. "If we had this option 20 years ago when we were first coming into the market, we might have thought differently. But we’ve been working with them for two decades."
- China Will Abandon Barriers For Foreign Automakers

Are Chinese supposed to be so slow-witted that after two decades they still haven't acquired all of Honda's mechanical technology?

And what amerikan technology (LOL) would China want? Even war criminal, The Donald, has whined that Amerikans buy BMWs but no one buys amerikan krapmobiles. The old movie, "Grosse Point Blanke", has the comment that "no one buys amerikan any more".
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More White-Supremacist BS
- Chinese thought is SOMEHOW restricted?!?!?!

Presumably, like the magic, space time machine that China uses to steal amerikan technology and the brown cows that Amerikans use to produce chocolate milk, China uses magic, space mind control head-bands to control everyone's thoughts in China.

Despite Asians being massively under-represented at anglo/amerikan yooniversities, they're still over-represented when it comes to actually achieving breakthroughs. It's not as though the gangster-run, Anglo-thieved prison-state of Amerika ISN'T history's worst ever debtor and serial defaulter and that China ISN'T history's greatest ever creditor. You're supposed to believe that China, SOMEHOW, manages to make profits off technology she steals from the amerikan dumbf**k, yet those amerikan dumbf**ks are SOMEHOW incapable of doing so.

The evidence tells a different story. Samsung supplies Apple technology and has to sue Apple for patent violation. So too does, Creative Technologies, Dragon Brother's tablet came out a year before Apple's iPad and now even amerikan Qualcomm has to sue Apple for patent violations. Silicon Valley is based in California which the Gringos stole from Mexico and where bigotry in yooniversity entrance criteria is banned such that 40% of UNDERgradyooits are Asian. "Genius inventor" Elon Musk is yet another drug-addict and "invents" Panasonic batteries and Panasonic solar-panels.

But as a species of sad, little bastard that even had the CIA (aka Murder Inc.) fake "modern art" to compete with russian culture, Asians are only "harvesters" of amerikan technology even when they themselves are professors in their own right: On Nov. 20 President Trump’s trade advisor, Robert Lighthizer, issued an exhaustive report on China’s efforts to beg, borrow, and steal U.S. intellectual property.
. . .
Zhang’s assignment, as described on the ZDG website, was to identify“original and disruptive technologies developed at Stanford … and guide those projects back to ZDG in Beijing to commercialize.” In other words, Danhua Capital was a technology harvesting scheme.

- Zhang Shoucheng Was Being Touted For A Nobel Prize in Physics; Why Did He Kill Himself?

Strangely, being nothing more than a "harvester" of technology from amerikan dumbf**ks has him nominated for a Nobbled Prize:He had even been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014.

The BS continues: Could he have accomplished the same things in China? It is highly doubtful. While the state-run media delights in pointing out that eight Chinese have won Nobel prizes in the sciences, it invariably fails to mention that all were U.S. citizens, either by birth or naturalization, when they won their prizes. It also fails to mention that their ground-breaking research was conducted in the U.S., not in China. These truths are inconvenient because they suggest that it was the freedom of thought and action that they enjoyed in America, rather than their ethnicity, that was the critical factor.

That just means the Nobbled prizes are rigged. Professor Hwang Woo-Suk had his Nobbled Prize deserving research sabotaged by Amerikan, Gerald Schatten, for example. There have been no Nobbled Prizes for Professor Pan's quantum communication satellite despite it being like something out of freakin' Star Trek. Nor has there been a Nobbled Prize for Beijing hospital's use of stem-cell cures where an Amerikan teenager with 20/2000 vision passed her driving test a year after treatment, despite this being on a par with the miracle cures of Jesus Freakin' Christ. Instead, these gangsters award a Nobbled Prize, not for the discovery of the Artemisin cure for malaria, but it's RE-discovery. So they're deliberately trying to make it appear as if they're being gracious when they're really playing down Asian intellect. These scumbags EVEN ADMIT Chinese have superior intelligence and Charles Darwin called Chinese "geniuses". Yet you're supposed to believe the asinine BS that "freedom of thought and action" restrict Chinese in China. Only a complete freakin' moron would even believe that that is possible, just as they believed blacks and women would be unable to pilot aircraft and that Asians can't innovate!

The anglo/zionist malignancy then peddles fake remorse even as it politicises his death: He was, by all accounts, not only a great intellect, but a good and decent man. We mourn his passing. And pray that other overseas Chinese will not be seduced in the same way into “helping the motherland”, because this in practice often means strengthening the misrule of the Communist Party.
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Krappy Tappy

It used to be Japan that the white-supremacists were afraid of (because we Asians can't innovate). Now, Huawei, which is STREETS AHEAD of the only competition in 5G, Ericsson and Nokia, stands accused of stealing parts and taking photographs of "tappy" a crude robot which does nothing more than repeatedly tap a phone to test its durability. Yes folks, it's as krappy as the Amerikans citing possibility of hacking from Russia or China and then sending things by snail-mail rather than the quantum communication satellite that China uses.

Even then, I've seen Samsung's version of Tappy. So where did T-Mobile get the idea for Tappy from. As everyone knows amerikan spivs couldn't give a rat's a**se about quality. Just look at Tesla, where Elon Musk apparently tested the self-crashing capabilities, even though he has no such qualifications. Just look at Ford with a ladder chassis on it's best-selling F150 truck and a live rear-axle on the Mustang. Are they going to accuse China of stealing this design by watching the opening scenes of the old Flintstones cartoon?

And with China being the World's oldest surviving civilisation, you're supposed to believe Chinese (described by Charles Darwin as "geniuses") need to be shown how to grow mushrooms by an amerikan: Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Chris Alonzo never imagined he would end up training Chinese farmers halfway around the globe how to grow mushrooms.
. . .
In exchange for a minority stake in the joint venture, the 48-year-old farmer agreed to teach Chinese growers how to use a Dutch environment-control system to maintain optimal temperature and humidity to grow mushrooms indoors year round, something the Chinese don’t know how to do.

- US entrepreneurs make a choice: rewards of doing business in China often outweigh risks of losing trade secrets

But when chinese firms build a hydroponics factory, the Krappy News Network smears it, claiming it is necessary because of air pollution, despite the conditions being ultra-sterile.

So, China doesn't steal from Russia, Germany or Japan. Instead, she steals technology from the amerikan dumbass. China also uses a magic, space time-masheen (stolen from the amerikan dumbass in the future) to steal technology which NO ELSE HAS.

One amerikan maker of hover-boards accused a chinese company of copying at the CES. But after the chinese companies display was removed, the liars dropped their accusations. Mattel accused chinese factories of loose magnets and excessive lead in paint. But the design of the magnets was theirs and the lead levels were within specifications. One Mattel VP was forced to apologise for the slur.

Huawei's new 7nm chip is also ahead of Intel, which is still trying to get a 10nm chip.

And conspicuous by its absence was any mention of the semiconductors that the Great Satan tried to block ZTE from using, in violation of WTO rules. Did war criminal, The Donald, intervene because ZTE would have outsourced them somewhere else because they're the most basic semiconductors on the planet? Did ZTE REALLY, almost shut-down because it single-sourced components from the Great Satan which regularly violates all laws and is still refusing to comply with the 2014 ruling by the WTO in China's favour?

The anglo/zionist gangsters are in the Guinness Book of Records for being the most pathetic species on the planet.
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Stolen Plans For Ford Mustang Discovered On Chinese Laptop


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Gung Ho!

That was the title of the Ron Howard movie starring Michael Keaton as a union rep who has to get a certain number of japanese cars built. It was an accurate depiction of the amerikan krudmobile industry.

You're supposed to believe that the electronics are "state of the art" and "several leaps ahead of the industry". But no evidence is supplied to support those claims. Never mind that Tesla has already been caught forcing victims to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to have their electronics fixed. What the article DOES cover is that Musk, having had problems with basics such as welding is now having problems even with paint!!!

There was an estimated 20,000 cars that needed paint fixes piled up in lots in the San Francisco area that were too flawed to deliver to customers.
. . .
He called the body a "mess of over-engineering". Places like the doorframes and the trunk use "too many parts", according to Munro. "It's like a kid designed it.
. . .
Online forms and social media continue to be riddled with tales of poor quality builds. These complaints include things like failing doorhandles and bumpers falling off, alongside of car rattling and screen glitches.

- "It's Like A Kid Designed It": 1000s Of Model 3s Need Paint Fixes, Industry Expert Slams Tesla's Manufacturing Quality

There are also reports of the retracting door-handles not coming out during cold-weather.

Still, when you're in a self-crashing death-pod, when it kills you (a feature which it was reported Elon Musk himself tested) the paint-job won't matter.
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Non-Viable Species

Tim Cook blames the fictional "slowdown" in China for a 19.9% slump in sales, yet Huawei which has produced a HUMOUNGOUSLY innovative new phone is up 23%. And iPhone sales are down now for the third year in a row, which is why the Shyster of Omaha has been buying Apple shares, just as he bought Tesco shares before the accounting scandal. Huawei has also overtaken Apple worldwide and hopes to surpass Samsung to take No.1 slot.

Despite all the hype of Chinese queueing up to purchase the latest iPhone, the reality is it was only in fifth place by volume of sales in China.

"The stores need to reflect a changing Apple franchise," said Daniel Ives, analyst at Wedbush Securities. "Some of that has been lost over the last few years."
- Apple needs a new retail strategy

So to gin up sales, you change the freakin' store?!? And in the information age when online shopping is where it all starts too!?!? That's like Aston Martin claiming, recently, that they were going to design a krapmobile for women. In other words, they don't make cars, they make sofas on wheels. Similarly, Dalton Philips at Morrisons was criticised by the propaganda rags for buying misting machines to make fruit and vegetables look fresher. Freakin' hilarious!

It's long been noted that whereas in Germany an engineer can be promoted onto the board of directors, in Poodleville all the companies are run by accountants who are also derided as "bean counters" because they're so freakin' useless. Yet Lord Winestock infamously announced that he didn't need engineers, he needed accountants because they make him money!

Because we Asians can't innovate: This explains why innovative products keep coming from a company as diligent as Huawei, such as 2018 flagship models Mate 20 and 20 Pro which have three rear cameras. In contrast, iPhone users have got fed up with the same software interface design in all its upgrades since iPhone 4. Before every high-profile launch of a new iPhone, fans were thrilled, but they only ended up without getting many new features except the unreasonably high price.
- What makes my techie husband addicted to a Huawei smartphone

Because anglo/amerikan yooniversities produce such hich calibre dumbasses, you have to ask how many dumbasses does it take to change a light bulb: We were shocked to discover that Apple had 800 engineers working on the iPhone camera. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Amazon has over 10,000 employees working on Alexa. Can this be true?
- You don’t need to be a computer scientist to work out why iPhone sales are down

So Apple's biggest revenue stream is the iPhone which uses Samsung technology (sometimes even without Samsung having to sue Apple for patent violations) and is manufactured in China. WTF does Apple contribute?

Amerikan quackonomists complain about "wealth extractors". But it's more accurate to call them cash extractores and wealth destroyers.

Is it any wonder they've spent the last five centuries plundering the rest of the World and started both World wars to force everyone to use parasite currencies at Genoa in 1922 then Bretton Woods in 1944 and control the media to spout excrement as news? But now teh petrodollar is over and they're screwed. Both the war criminal, The Donald, tariffs and Brexit have been described as "self harm" because these clowns have pressed the big red button to stop the conveyor belt. Now they're going to start eating one another again, just as they did "the first time the mail-boat was a day late".
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Just Like "Jaws"
- profit, profit and profit

Boeing said that it has "full confidence in the safety of the 737 MAX."
. . .
The company also noted that the FAA "is not mandating any further action at this time, and based on the information currently available, we do not have any basis to issue new guidance to operators."

- Boeing's stock continues steep slide as more nations ban 737 MAX 8 planes

So, like the movie, Jaws, where the corrupt mayor didn't want to close the beach because peak holiday-season was starting and crossed his fingers hoping no one else would be devoured by a shark, the Great Satan's FAA claims it is omniscient, has reviewed all possibilities and found no problem. And what if they find a problem and say, "My bad! I hadn't thought of that."

Remember, when the batteries in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner started smoking, Boeing claimed the battery chargers supplied by Poodleville hadn't been fully tested. Poodleville's Rolls-Royce were also responsible for putting the wrong oil-seals on their exploding engines and the new CEO has embarked on a programme of "cost-cutting and streamlining".

Never mind that the rest of the planet has grounded them until the evidence comes in.

These gangsters have even issued a software update, just like Elon Musk's self-crashing death-pods.

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