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Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality   [Copy link] 中文

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For the sake of greater GDP. If your shoes are never worn, shoe factories will all collapse soon.

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The Nobbled Prize in Quackonomics has been "won" by Amerikans every single time except for an western trained Indian.

Similarly, in the UK, Kanada and Auztralia there is a token Green member of parliament in their flagrantly sham-democracies. The U.S. doesn't even bother with the pretense.

This, then, highlights that Transparency International's "Corruption Perception Index" is total B.S., with the title itself tacitly admitting so.

Having thieved the land, enslaved blacks for 350 years imposed head taxes on Chinese (but applied to Koreans and Japanese too) and peddling a fraudulent "worthless paper" currency as well as a rigged financial market and all manner of protectionism, propagandising, smearing of other nations, fraud, thieving, extortion, intimidation, war-mongering, gun-running, drug-pushing and genocide, to name but a few, these freaks STILL have the worst debts in all of history. Their only "cultural" export is Hooters with even the UK propaganda rags suggesting they should grow up. It then seriously beggars belief that they could possibly be so freakin' crap AND in every single way possible! Doesn't it take great effort to be so freakin' crap?
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The Usual Dirty Tricks

The engine is a further evolution of Aston Martin’s lowly-born V12
- Is the Vanquish what Aston Martin needs?

Yes, once again, the UK is defrauding its customers with ancient technology. It could be worse, I suppose. They could be reverting to a ladder-chassis or live rear axle as Ford have done; total krud.

Since 2003 Aston Martin has been making the same car. Whether it’s the DB9, the sublime DBS, the short-lived Virage, The Rapide, the smaller, V8-engined Vantage cars or the £1m, 0ne-77 couture car they are all based on the same kit of parts.
. . .
So it’s a further evolution of AM’s lowly-born V12 and old school six-speed auto. Aston Martin has spend a lot of money dressing the Vanquish in zeitgeisty carbon fibre, but you do wonder whether the money might now have been better spent on stuff like, for example, a radio that actually worked. Lovely to have B&O speakers that appear out of the top of dash. Very James Bond. But I’d quite like to be able to listen to Radio 4 reliably, please.
. . .
But the carbon body aside, there is nothing cutting-edge on the Vanquish.

This is fraud, peddling old technology under a different body shell as something new.

They've previously been caught spending money on a helicopter to dash to rescue any of their crudmobiles that broke down; a stupid waste of money purely for show. Yet they can't even design them so that the drive belts don't come off as VBH found on the propaganda programme Fifth Gear. Like Boeing which spent money on an entertainment system rather than fix the known fault with the fuel sender gauge wires being susceptible to the fuel fumes and then having one of their krudmobiles blow up in mid-air, Aston Martin spend money on carbon fibre and then use it for the dashboard. In other words, purely for show.

The engine is badly tuned too: It has astonishing presence and an engine song of such gravitas and import it makes other £200,000 cars all sound a little one-dimensional,

Presence of a joke that is. Such sales pitches are as bad as the puerile Yob Gear "Cool Wall". This krud isn't worth £10,000 never mind £200,000. It's like Jimmy Dyson's crap electric fan costing ten times the normal price; buying one just advertises your stupidity.

The UK is such a joke, it not only doesn't have the technology to build their own nuclear generators, but not even the cash to fund it. Instead, they'll be leasing it from France and China. In fact, they're so bankrupt and insolvent, that they're selling the uranium supplier, Urenco, at the same time that they're gambling on nuclear for the next 45 years!
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Look How Scurrilous They Are!
- the latest Anglo dirty tricks

The UK Border Agency has carried out 13 raids in recent months, which Chinatown owners say were "fishing" for immigrants, were not intelligence-led and were heavy-handed.
. . .
According to Cheng, during one raid a restaurant owner was shown a warrant after the action was complete, only to discover that the warrant was for a different restaurant.

Handing out whistles for protesters, Mei Lee, a manager, said the raids had caused fury in Chinatown. "It is just racist, it's just like those 'go home' vans," she said.

- Chinatown workers walk out in protest at immigration raids

Yes, the Anglo illegal immigrant, mongrel, barbarians can't compete so, as always cheat. They cheat at the Olympics. They rig all their sham democracies with a token Green MP. They rig all the reports from the corrupt Transparency International. They nobble the peace, science and quackonomics prizes. And of course they have the speciest head taxes imposed on Chinese but applied to Koreans and Japanese too. As Global Times reported, in California where the speciesist 22.4% quota is banned over 40% of graduates are Asian with barely more than 4% of the population. Because China now dominates satellite launches, the Great Satan banned chinese nationals from attending their crappy conference. The BS excuse was that this only applied to bilateral and not multi-lateral events. In other words, it was a crock of **** that is exposed by singling out China just as they used to do with Russia. The Great Satan has already sabotaged China's joint venture with Europe on a satellite navigation project, arresting chinese Amerikans for the most pathetic puerile gangster excuses in order to send the message of thuggery.

As Paul Craig Roberts notes, the US and UK are "gangster-run" states, or as John Pilger also said, they're both "criminal states". US and UK krudware results from their lack of ability as well as the corrupt, crony appointment of crooks who boost share prices by buying back their own shares because they're paid via share-options. This means cutting back on costs (quality be damned), firing employees and shafting the shareholders and taxsuckers as the company implodes after they've gone and has to be bailed out.

The propaganda rags are now covering up the implosion of the UK and US with the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense reporting that the US' $16.7trn in debt is 87% of its $15.7trn GDP (which is actually shrinking).
Japan’s net government debt is about 140pc of GDP. This is way ahead of the US, which is on 87pc, and not that far below Greece.
- It’s not yet the end of the world as we know it, but watch Japan’s debt grow

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Australia's debt is expected to be around 30% of its GDP this year, compared to 92% for the UK and nearly 106% for the US.
- Australia to raise debt limit by two-thirds to A$500bn, state-run BBC
And the state-run BBC is little better. 106.3% is "nearly" 106%. And since the debt ceiling was cancelled, those off balance sheet measures have been put back on the balance sheet with a big $328bn jump.

In other words, their products are krap and they have to resort to this sort of gangsterism. It's why China's emperor wrote, "We have not the slightest need of your manufactures". It's why they had to invade xijang at the end of the 19th century to force trade. It's why they parked a gangster boat off the coast of Japan in 1853, to force trade. It's why they're both bankrupt, insolvent and desperate. It's why their Echelon spying network was used for industrial espionage as the NSA is now also doing.
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A Wing and a Prayer
- Peddling the Dross

The chancellor has been accompanied on his trade mission to China by British technology entrepreneurs such as Lee Cameron, the deputy chief executive of mobile banking group Monitise, and software billionaire Mike Lynch.

Lynch runs the technology investment group Invoke Capital. He also founded corporate search software group Autonomy, which was sold to Hewlett-Packard for £7bn, and whose book-keeping is currently being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office.

"I am delighted to be introducing some of China's tech giants in Shenzhen to some of Britain's leading tech entrepreneurs," said Osborne. "Huawei and Rekoo's investment into the UK is a great testament to Britain's tech industry and I am here to make sure that relationship goes from strength to strength."

- Chinese tech firms Huawei and Rekoo to invest in UK

Yes, like sleazy used car salesmen, the UK showcases its start-ups. Used car salesmen are notorious for keeping the cars hidden at the back of the parking lot whilst showcasing their krudmobiles at the front. These startups will most likely fail within a few months leaving investors with a heavy loss. The Anglos still don't understand that trade requires that you have something to trade with. They despise everyone including one another and themselves, which is why their form of greeting is derived from clasping wrists to check for daggers.

They don't understand that crime doesn't pay (especially when your victims have nuclear weapons and ICBMs).

This is why Glaxo Smithkline has seen a massive drop in sales in China, where trade is based on trust as much as on contracts. There was no such fall off in the US when GSK were also caught bribing there. CNN, up to its usual dirty tricks reports this as: "China scandal takes its toll on Glaxo".

Similarly, Teradata (sales down 21% in Asia and down 19% in ME and Africa) and IBM (In China s/w sales down 22%, h/w down 40%) have now seen a massive slump in sales in Asia because of the Snowden revelations.

Here's one they did earlier: Three British government departments and agencies promoted the international sale of fake bomb detectors which are thought to have cost lives, despite a Whitehall-wide warning they were useless.
. . .
On Tuesday, Kent businessman Gary Bolton, 47, was jailed for seven years at the Old Bailey for fraud over the sale of thousands of devices based on novelty golf ball finders which he claimed could detect explosives and drugs but which detectives said were "nothing more than plastic handles with aerials as antennae".
. . .
In Thailand, where hundreds of the bogus devices were sold under the brand GT200 for use at police and army checkpoints, human rights campaigners have reported they failed to detect bombs that then killed four people. Hundreds more have been wrongly imprisoned after the fake equipment indicated they had handled explosives.

The devices were sold to security hotspots including Pakistan, India and Egypt as well as Mexico, where authorities fighting a bloody drugs war bought 1,200 of the units.
. . .
The devices cost Bolton as little as £1.82 to make but were sold for as much as £15,000 each, resulting in a trade worth up to £3m a year.

- UK government promoted fake bomb detectors

Even those who are not desperate for cash are crooks. In the UK, Anthony Worral-Thompson, smeared Chinese when he had Ching He-Huang as a guest, telling her to wash her hands after handling raw meat. Of course, in Asia you disgrace yourself if you're less than polite as a host. But you won't see Worral-Thompson washing his hands much on cookery programmes. Perhaps if the shop lifting scumbag washed them more often he wouldn't have such sticky fingers. After being caught shoplifting at Sainsbury's, the pretentious clown with the passe double-barrelled surname claimed he came from a posh family. But being posh is more about not being a thieving scumbag. How can you trust any restaurant with an owner who has such a devious and nasty mind?
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More Protests Against Quackonomics

Economics undergraduates at the University of Manchester have formed the Post-Crash Economics Society, which they hope will be copied by universities across the country. The organisers criticise university courses for doing little to explain why economists failed to warn about the global financial crisis and for having too heavy a focus on training students for City jobs.
- Economics students aim to tear up free-market syllabus
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More Extortion

Toyota has already agreed to pay $1.1 billion to settle a class-action suit by car owners who saw the resale value of their cars decline. A little more than half of the settlement went toward installing a "brake override" system in affected vehicles.
. . .
According to plaintiff attorney Cole Portis, Toyota continues to deny it was at fault in the settlement. But he said the agreement ends the chance for Toyota to appeal the verdict and will get the money for the elderly plaintiffs without delay.

"We are fully convinced that Toyota's conduct from the time the electronic throttle control system (ETCS) was designed has been shameful" said Portis.
. . .
Authorities found no fault with the automaker's electronic throttle control systems, but they did conclude Toyota failed to report in a timely manner problems with floor mats that held down the accelerator pedal, as well as faulty gas pedals that got stuck.

- Toyota settles acceleration case after $3 million jury verdict

So Toyota even has to pay for upgrading their cars with over-ride systems that their customers never paid for with the lame excuse that their cars have fallen in value! In other words, the victim, Toyota, has to pay for the privilege of being slandered! Yet Ford are reverting to live rear-axles and ladder chasses. GM failed to correct a known fault in the 1950s, preferring to be sued by the relatives of the dead, but with no one going to jail. With no proven fault whatsoever, they have to pay a fine for not reporting the non-fault sooner! Their authorities even admit they can't make up a plausible lie, saying there's no fault found. They tried to accuse George Galloway of accepting bribes. Then when they couldn't prove anything, tried to accuse him of lying in his defence. They did the same with Martha Stewart, accusing her of insider trading but failing to prove anything, jailed her for lying in her defence too. This utter farce is as bad as the movie Gung Ho.

The sabotage of BP's Deepwater Horizon, follows on from two explosions in BP's Texas refineries and  two leaks in BP's alaskan pipelines. They're being extorted by anyone who cares to make a claim with no requirement to prove any damages.

They similarlly accused chinese dry-wall of emitting corrosive sulphorous fumes. Yet their own laboratory tests said they couldn't prove it. That didn't stop their corrupt kangaroo courts from imposing a fine on importers of China's drywall; blatant protectionism. Similarly, Huawei and ZTE were smeared despite the goons & thugs admitting there was no evidence and Huawei being a co-operative.

The thinking behind such smears is that a rumour can spread and affect $millions if not $billions of worth of produce. But it can also backfire though everyone already knows produce from the US and UK is krud.

After all, that's why the ganster-run, thieved state of Amerika is bankrupt, insolvent, desperate and pathetic. They've thieved their way through their entire history, thieved their way into debt and now want to thieve their way out of it.
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