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Gangster State US/UK - By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - August 2013   [Copy link] 中文

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The Deluge Begins
- scurrilous gangsterism: it's the only way they can compete

The Mau Mau won a court case for compensation. Despite repeated attempts to block the case by war criminal, Billy Jefferson Hague, the scumbag then declared "sincere regret" when the case was lost. Infantile, old-fart public servants wrote that the rebels were "roasted alive". Such atrocities are "par for the course" with the Anglo and its scurrilous history deplete in "finest hours".

At the beginning of the 18th Century, India's share of the world economy was 23%, as large as all of Europe put together. By the time the British departed India, it had dropped to less than 4%.
. . .
We literally paid for our own oppression.
De-industrialisation of India

Britain's Industrial Revolution was built on the de-industrialisation of India - the destruction of Indian textiles and their replacement by manufacturing in England, using Indian raw material and exporting the finished products back to India and the rest of the world.
. . .
Britain's response was to cut off the thumbs of Bengali weavers, break their looms and impose duties and tariffs on Indian cloth, while flooding India and the world with cheaper fabric from the new satanic steam mills of Britain.

- Viewpoint: Britain must pay reparations to India

The same occurred in China the following century and Africa is probably owed the most of all. China's emperor wrote, "we have not the slightest need of your manufactures" due to the fact that poodle krudware was so krappy.

Colonialists like Robert Clive bought their "rotten boroughs" in England with the proceeds of their loot in India (loot, by the way, was a Hindi word they took into their dictionaries as well as their habits), while publicly marvelling at their own self-restraint in not stealing even more than they did.

And the British had the gall to call him "Clive of India", as if he belonged to the country, when all he really did was to ensure that much of the country belonged to him.

But that's the gall of a gangster that has no self-respect. They even named their poodle queen, "Empress of India", claimed the french throne belonged to them rather than the French, did the same with the scottish throne and continue to claim that N. Ireland belongs to them and not the Irish.

Not only did the Anglos leave their own poor to starve to death, but their callous disregard for Indians resulted in a five-fold increase in famine: As Britain ruthlessly exploited India, between 15 and 29 million Indians died tragically unnecessary deaths from starvation.
Four million Bengalis died in the Great Bengal Famine of 1943

The last large-scale famine to take place in India was under British rule; none has taken place since, since free democracies don't let their people starve to death.

Some four million Bengalis died in the Great Bengal Famine of 1943 after Winston Churchill deliberately ordered the diversion of food from starving Indian civilians to well-supplied British soldiers and European stockpiles.

"The starvation of anyway underfed Bengalis is less serious than that of sturdy Greeks," he argued.

Or as lickspittle Anglos refer to the bloated pig, greasy, steaming pile of crap: "that great man". The poodle state is, of course, only a sham democracy which resulted in the discovery of cod liver oil, when starving children drank it and were found to not suffer from rickets.

This is the sort of dirty tricks the Anglo gangsters chuckle over: Thanks to British rapacity, a mile of Indian railways cost double that of a mile in Canada and Australia.
. . .It was a scheme described at the time as "private enterprise at public risk". Private British enterprise, public Indian risk.

And similar to the Public/Private Partnerships currently used to fleece the taxsucker in Poodleville.

One black lecturer in Poodleville has also campaigned for reparations for the 350 years of slavery. He toured Liverpool highlighting buildings that illustrated the crimes. But a radio talk show received nothing but refusals to support compensation payments and Anglos whining that it wasn't their fault their ancestors thieved even as the gangsterism continues to this day.
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BS That Wouldn't Fool a Six Year Old
-justifying a totalitarian prison-state

No doubt any Jews reading David Baddiel's BS will be wishing he would STFU.

David Cameron was right to identify antisemitism as a step towards extremism.
- Short of a conspiracy theory? You can always blame the Jews

Yes, let's believe everything politicians say even when they're proven liars. The term, "antisemitism" is a BS term. So is "extremism" when applied to those who are clearly protesting the war crimes of anglo/zionist gangsters. So too is the "conflict diamond" term according to diamond experts and which is used to persecute african leaders. The correct term should be "anti-Jew". Presumably jewish propagandists are sensitive to having the word, "Jew" associated with a target of hate or disapproval, when nations around the World have evicted Jews throughout history. But it's like the "international condemnation" which actually refers to the Great Satan and its poodle. Like the Charlie Hebdo false-flag, it's justification for imposing fascist, totalitarian violation of civil rights. Previous assaults include the astro-turf Hacked Off.

Beliefs such as the idea that 4,000 notified-by-Israel Jews didn’t turn up for work in the World Trade Center on 9/11 are, for many people, facts.

That's not a denial. Even the Jimmy Bond movie, Casino Royale, mentioned the big short against airline corporations prior to 9/11.

Conspiracy theory, I said in my last standup show, is how idiots get to feel like intellectuals.
. . .
It provides lonely men with an online community of like-minded lonely men.

Oh no! I'm a "lonely" "idiot". What a comedian! What mental age has this clown got? He missed a trick; calling bloggers "trolls". Attacking the messenger is a cheap ploy. Neither should you pay any attention to a clown who cites a proven liar and war criminal.

The conspiracy theorist is, of course, the good guy, the lone hero, unmasking the secret powers of evil

SECRET!!!! Doesn't he read the freakin' news?

Why do so many conspiracy theories boil down to: it’s the Jews wot done it?

One simple reason is that Jews are quite hard to spot, compared with most minorities. This allows them to be unmasked, and unmasking – to be able to say, “I and no one else (apart from all my mates on have spotted something hidden” – is the principal drive of the conspiracy theorist.

So this clown has a self-awarded Ph.D. in psychology as well as the state-run BBC's magic, space mind-reading helmet, except that he's talking complete and utter crap! I only blame left-handed Germans who were born between 5pm and 6pm local time and only if a midwife was present who is also left-handed. Jews have been evicted from nations around the World over the centuries. The Jews are blamed because, as David P. Goldman says, they're the financiers and as the president of the Bank of Poodleville said in the 1920s, the banksters own the World and if you took it away from them, then with a stroke of the pen, they could buy it all back again. Hasn't this clown heard of George Freakin' Soros who even brays he's behind overthrowing governments in Europe, or Pat Buchanan who refers to Capitol Hill as "Israeli occupied territory"?

It's not clear who this BS is aimed at, as it only serves to highlight that he's a lying scumbag. It's largely because Benny Netanyahoo is such a pathetic liar that no one can stand him, including war criminal, Sarko the 1st and war criminal, Obama. Similarly, the BS that YouGov asked whether Jews were always banging on about the Holocaust and those that responded yes were "antisemitic" is asinine and inane, especially after Gerald Kaufman said precisely the same thing in his, "Here we go; the Jews again" comment. Having a clown peddle propaganda is a hilarious way to encourage everyone to despise Jews.

9.25% of people who died in the Twin Towers were Jewish, roughly the Jewish population of New York City)

Still not a denial (assuming he hasn't simply invented that figure)! How many Jews DIDN'T turn up on that day? He may as well cite the number of Jews around the World who didn't short airline shares.

Perhaps Baddiel is "anti-thinkers".

Bloomberg BS peddles the same BS: In recent years, high-level Western officials have argued that terrorism is a product of poverty, a lack of education or mental illness. Other influential voices have urged that terrorist acts expose the truth about Islam, and still others that they are a natural, if excessive, response to legitimate grievances against the West.
- Cameron's Clear-Eyed Look at Extremism

Well at least the true reason got a look-in and at the very end.

Notwithstanding that, in every single case of terrorism that has been carried out in the UK in any serious way since 9/11, those carrying it out have said that motivation was indeed Britain’s foreign policy.
- UK Snitch State: Public sector workers compelled to report ‘extremism’

But the poodle minister chooses to ignore the elephant in the room: Poverty and disadvantage can't explain violent extremism, Cameron explained, because many terrorists "have had the full advantages of prosperous families or a Western university education." He's right about that, as the economist Alan Krueger of Princeton University has demonstrated.
. . .
Conspiracy theories, often elaborated by extremists who aren't violent, provide a gateway. Young people are repeatedly told that Jews wield malevolent power, that Israel was behind the Sept. 11 attacks, and that Western powers are trying to destroy Islam.

. . .
To that end, he plans to empower Britain's Syrian, Iraqi and Kurdish communities to speak out against the violence. He will encourage the Office of Communications to take steps "against foreign channels that broadcast hate preachers and extremist content."

Muslims are a convenient bogey man used to impose oppressive laws in the gangster-run, thieved prison-states of Poodleville and Amerika. This "empowerment" is to suppress the truth, like his astro-turf Hacked off and Levenson enquiry, both of which appeared out of nowhere and produced a restriction on press freedom. By contrast, the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Kanada forbids the "empowerment" of the sheeple to boycott the illegitimate state of New Izrael and all the atrocities imposed on the occupied state of Palestine such as the illegal siege of Gaza which is comparable to the scenes in the movie, Total Recall, when the bad guy cuts the oxygen supply.

Cameron’s speech promotes the UK “Extremist Bill” that bans all media (such as you’re reading now), and sends police to close any organization dictated by government as “extremist” (honest analyses by Glenn Greenwald and via Washington’s Blog). UK Home Secretary Theresa May spins Orwellian for government dictatorial power to criminalize “extremism” in a 12-minute BBC interview.
- UK PM Cameron explains .01% doctrine: ‘Destroy nation-states to invent our own barbaric realm’

Meanwhile, the desperate bid by war criminal, Benny Netanyahoo to scupper peace talks between the UNSC + Germany and Iran suggests he knows the end is nigh for a World manipulated by the likes of George Soros and his Orwellianly named National Endowment for Democracy.
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Gangsters and Perverts
- the World's most corrupt by far

Unfortunately, the large dossier of child rapes and murders was passed to one of those now accused: Leon Brittan. It's like the movie, Untouchables, when the judge was told his name was in the list and the jury, which was also nobbled, was swapped.

Former Home Secretary Leon Brittan is among those named in the files which have been shared with police and will be passed to the Child Abuse Inquiry
. . .
The batch of files relate to senior government figures, all of whom are now dead: Sir Peter Hayman, a former diplomat and M16 official, Sir William van Straubenzee, a former minister, and Sir Peter Morrison, who was an aide to Baroness Thatcher.

- Key Westminster figures named in newly released child abuse files

By "abuse" they mean raping and murdering children. It doesn't get any more corrupt than this. These perverts and murderers have been allowed to escape justice the same way Jimmy Savile did. Even Lord Janner will escape justice with a sham court hearing based on similar lies to that to shelter war criminal, General Pinochet, who miraculously regained the use of his legs as soon as he stepped off the plane.

What a bunch of freaks!
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No and Hell No!
- soylent green

That was the response of the amerikan sheeple to the bankster bailout a.k.a. welfare for the rich. The TPP and TTIP are also secret.

In the Land of the Freaks they're not even allowed to know what they're eating. They'll get what they're given and like it: For example a new study commissioned by Norwegian officials and conducted by a scientific authority on the safety of biotechnologies concludes GMO crops lack scientific data to prove their safety. And see this.

And a poll shows that 68% of American and Canadian doctors think that GMOs should be labelled.

No wonder Vermont, Connecticut and Maine have voted to require GMO food labels in their states.

So how does our bought-and-paid-for Congress react? By banning GMOs until further studies are conducted? By demanding labelling of GMOs so consumers can decide?

Of course not!

The House will pass a bill today forbidding states from requiring GMO food labelling, or from banning GMOs within their states.

- Congress Will Vote Today to Destroy States’ Rights to Protect Our Food Supply

All evidence suggests that gangster modified crops don't increase yield. Instead, they produce plants that can take larger doses of Roundup. Furthermore, Roundup is "probably" carcinogenic according to the WHO. So like tobacco, whose harmful effects were covered up for decades. Roundup will kill many and has already been detected within those who eat gangster modified crops. It's not as though the Great Satan hasn't previously tested drugs on the amerikan sheeple without informing them.
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Some say that managers are born not made. That's not the case with the Anglo. So they resort to their usual dirty tricks. They enter a room and immediately start barking (as poodles do) questions and issuing orders. Everyone else is supposed to, thereafter, look to them for leadership. These gangsters don't care that their spiv leadership has resulted in poodle industries imploding because they always take profits and run. The Phoenix consortium which bought Rover off BMW did nothing other than asset strip the company and didn't care that legions of indolent timewasters were hired in the Marketing department. The Cheeky Girls' offer to do some free advertising was turned down, ostensibly because they thought it would be too down-market. But more likely is that the spivs simply couldn't be bothered. On of the last adverts for Rover simply showed one driving through the countryside and then finished with the commentary that it came in a variety of colours.

The attempt to establish a "pecking order" is feral. It underlies their speciesism, imperialism and the lecturing of other nations. But the only ones it fools is themselves, giving themselves a false sense of confidence; the arrogance that is evident in Poodleville's poodle minister, Flashman, who also wore tails at Eton. Like convicted war criminal, Blair, he's a delusional idiot as well as a war criminal.

Here's the Great Satan taking this leadership role as these gangster scum appoint themselves as the World's leader when they belong in cages: "Attempting to push forward the arbitration unilaterally initiated by the Philippines, the US side acts like an 'arbitrator outside the tribunal', designating the direction the tribunal should take.
- Ministry: US playing arbitrator

This is also why the Great Satan orders its poodle to stay in the eurozone. Very obviously, these gangsters have no bon homie towards the euro as we know from Victoria "f*** the EU" Nuland and the reason they want Greece and Poodleville to remain in the EU is to sabotage it using the euphemism of "influence". They used this same word for Poodleville's membership of the AIIB.

Even if they hadn't gangstered their way through their entire history, having one state as some form of "global authority" would inevitably lead to bias. Because they HAVE gangstered their way through their entire history, the World Bank always has an Amerikan heading it. By contrast the NDB or "BRICS bank" has equal voting power.
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Russia Counters Great Satan Criminal Activities

Russia has had to ban foreign Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) such as George Soros's National Endowment for Democracy which interferes in the internal affairs of sovereign nations. Soros has even brayed that he conducts such subversive activities in Europe.

The corrupt ratings agencies give China, histories greatest ever creditor, a lower rating than the gangster-run, thieved, prison-state of Amerika, history's worst ever debtor. That's not even feasible, especially as "civil asset forfeiture" has the cops now robbing the sheeple on the highways and the TSA gropers are blocking all the exits. Whereas you can't sue the corrupt ratings agencies, because they're just giving their opinion, the corrupt laws in the two gangster-run, thieved prison-states force funds such as pension funds to only hold assets rated as investment grade. Downgrades herd investors out of the targeted assets.

Hence, the attack on the eurozone resulted in repeated downgrades of periphery nations interspersed with repeated outlook warnings.

To put a stop to this infantile attack, Mario Draghi threatened to do "whatever it takes" and assured these gangster scum that it "would be enough".

The initiative to found Russia's own credit rating agency was raised in February, when international rating agencies slashed Russia's credit rating to the junk status, citing the ongoing crisis in eastern Ukraine and the slump of global oil prices.
- Russia to launch national credit rating agency in 2015

Russia has the World's third largest FX reserves and is a surplus nation. But then, even Greece has a better fiscal position than that of the Great Satan and its poodle.
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Mini-Me's Operation Jade Helm 15

Secret plans to deploy soldiers on UK streets in the aftermath of a terror attack are 'shocking' and 'provocative', says peer
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