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Gangster State US/UK - By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - August 2013   [Copy link] 中文

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Leicestershire Plod Economises

Yes, you've now heard it all. The poodle plods have decided to send forensics only to even-numbered houses burgled as a cash saving scam.

They previously hassled Mark Duggan and then shot at their own in order to draw "return" fire and thereafter start the London Riots, when unarmed Duggan was murdered. These gangsters then refused to intervene in the riots, they themselves started, until they got the numbers of extra plods they wanted to assist. The sheeple had to police their own communities.

These gangster tactics are similar to those of the transport unions who sabotaged the railways in Poodleville, murdering over 50 passengers in a spate of "accidents". The reason was to force the re-nationalisation of Railtrack. As the Labour party was funded by the unions, convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, was powerless to crack-down on the sabotage. In fact the convicted war criminal gifted the unions with £10m in taxsucker cash for "modernisation", which the Tories ridiculed as a good return on the £1m or so gifted to Labour from the unions. The convicted war criminal then seized Railtrack with the shareholders being told in korrupt kangaroo kourt that they were not entitled to fair compensation because the goons & thugs had not intended to harm them.

In other words, Leicestershire plod are throwing a tantrum to protest budget cuts. This is despite cash being squandered on so-called "community support" plods, who are little more than bystanders with no powers to arrest. They were part of the non-jobs created under the "rotten to the core" administration of convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, along with slut-counsellors, baby sitters in poodle skools and disease-transmitting "health care assistants".

Phone up these plods to report a crime and they'll basically tell you to sod off.

Yet they have plenty of time collecting cash by setting up speed traps, murdering innocents because they're black or their own in order to create false-flags. They also waste taxsucker cash protecting convicted war criminal, Blair, and persecuting Julian Assange who isn't even charged with any crime and where his supposed victims also claim he's innocent.
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Under the administration of convicted war criminal, Shrub, some noted that public sector building such as skools had been rented out to the likes of MuckDonalds, with their rooftops used as billboards along flight paths or lessons financed by gangster corporations and co-opted to promote their krudware.

Poodleville goes the same route: Health officials say giving pharmacists access to patient data will help the public and ease pressures on GPs
- Boots, Tesco and Superdrug to get access to NHS medical records

That's an outrageous violation of privacy. Private sector firms have to ensure your data is protected under the Data Protection Act. But like the introduction of income tax on the rich in 1913, the other shoe drops and state-sector departments are allowed to distribute your data to anyone they want. . . . . for a fee. Crucially, patients won't even be consulted; no more patient confidentiality. Like the NSA and GCHQ, both of which have already been caught violating laws, the private sector corporations are supposed to ask the patient first.

The bogus pilot programme used only 15 patients; an outrageously small sample.

This is fascism in a gangster-run, thieved, prison-state sham democracy.

Moreover, abuse of such access has already occurred: If you do not want to let people other than your GP see your health records, you might be excluded from screening programmes for bowel cancer or prostate problems. That sounds like blackmail to me.

Moreover, even if you have filled in a form asking to opt out, that is no guarantee that your records will not be passed on anyway.
. . .
But trust has broken down because some data held by state agencies ends up being sold on to companies that then pester us for business. This has happened with vehicle data; who is to say it won’t happen with health information? In fact, it already has. The medical records of every NHS hospital patient covering a 13-year period were sold to insurers.

- Sharing all our personal data is stupid and dangerous
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Hilarious BS To Cover Up Gangster Government
- the failure of fascism

The Government said her review will “identify the obstacles that people in the most disadvantaged areas face in becoming entrepreneurs, such as the lack of business and social networks and the lack of inspiring role models and mentors”.
- Britain to become a 'nation of shopkeepers again', ministers pledge

Hilarious! You wanted to start up a business, but the old role model has worn out and you can't afford a new one. And you needed a social network in order to give you motivation because you can't afford cheerleaders of your own. They may as well claim you haven't started a business because you can't find a shade of office notepaper that you like.

This is infantile, asinine, inane BS!

You don't start a business because the banksters aren't lending as the central poodle bank is hyperinflating the monetary base but doesn't want a hyperinflationary run on the currency. That means they're imposing a Greater Depression.  The only assistance is from scams such as the Payment Protection Insurance refunds. This targets the dumberest, those stupid enough to pay an additional fee on top of the debt slavery interest they already owe and drip feeds the inflation into the quackonomy. This is nothing more than a pantomime to cover up goon & thug complicity in the bankster hi-jacking of the poodle quackonomy.

Furthermore, start-ups are left to try and find niches in a market where the large corporations will lobby the goons & thugs to crush any competition. Richard Branson found his air passengers were being poached by Bris*** Airways for example, who then "kindly" offered them seats on BA flights.

In addition, gangster policies push up the price of rent, the cost of liability insurance, the cost of energy and, of course, the punishing taxation on everything. THAT'S why no one is daft enough to start a business in "rip-off Britain". Even established small firms can't get their loans rolled over. Some have gone under because of the liability insurance ramp up under the previous war criminal administration. Most of the so-called subsidised petrol is taxation. Austerity for the poor means local councils have ramped up taxes.

As for a nation of shopkeepers, Bonaparte was taking the p***, when he said that.
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Amerikan Misunderstands Poodleville Paedophilia

And what of the British elites who seem devoted to chasing underage girls? When do they go to jail?
- It’s 460 AD in Rome: This Won’t Be Fixed

Mostly, it was the raping and murdering of little boys.
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As Boris Johnson, in his best attempt at being ingratiating, pointed out, China built her high-speed rail line, "rifle-barrel straight", in just two years.

Poodleville's copycat version will take many more years, especially as it's stil going through the bribery stage, where the goons & thugs eke out bribes from interested parties.

The gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika is the same: On average, the US government has needed 478 days to decide whether to grant pipeline permits for projects that crossed state lines, or about a year and a half, according to a report by the Associated Press.

However, that expedited process has done little to speed up the State Department’s internal review of Keystone, which is still ongoing some six and a half years after the TransCanada Corporation first applied for a permit.

- What’s the hold up? No decision on Keystone XL nearly 7 years later

This puts the Shyster of Omaha's purchase of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway in context. How did he know?

Not everyone was fooled and there have been a few spectacular "accidents" involving the Shyster of Omaha's oil trucks similar to Poodleville's spate of "accidents" which provided the excuse to re-nationalise Railtrack.

The Great Satan's goons & thugs also often hold up policy decisions purely for grandstanding such as the sale of a pork producer to a chinese firm, delayed of security concerns, purely to try and justify their suckling on the teat of the taxsucker.
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Cyber "Defence"

One of the flaws in the comic-book superhero stories is the phenomenon of super-villians necessary to provide a serious challenge to the super-powered hero. This is why some superhero characters are forced to ask, where the super-villians come from.

When war criminal, Obama, announced the Great Satan's Cyber "defence" unit, those of us who are cynical old-farts all groaned, knowing full-well it was a cyber attack unit. Both the defence departments of the Great Satan and its mini-me were originally named the "war department".

The BS continues to peddle funding for the cyber-terrorism by hyping the bogeyman: A secret National Security Agency document has revealed the massive nature of China’s cyberattacks against the United States, with nearly 700 intrusions in private-sector and government networks.
. . .
The slide indicates that the NSA has identified more than 19 3PLA cyberunits involved in U.S. attacks, the most among all Chinese government agencies. Nine other units are suspected of being part of 3PLA.

Additionally, the report identified six cyberespionage units under the Ministry of State Security, China’s civilian intelligence service, and another 22 MSS units suspected of involvement in U.S. cyberattacks.

- NSA pinpoints China’s cyberattacks

So you're supposed to believe they can determine who the attackers are down to individual names (because chinese hackers always leave their business cards along with their hacks). Yet the amerikan gangsters are incapable of stopping the hacking and are even equivocal about where the attacks actually originated.

That document, labeled “top secret,” reveals that China stole extremely sensitive data on U.S. weapons systems in a program code-named Byzantine Hades. The theft included radar design and detailed engine schematics for the front-line F-35 jet fighter.

So security experts recommend the sheeple maintain an "air gap". Yet you're supposed to believe Great Satan war profiteering firms are so freakin' careless that they keep military hardware krudmobile designs connected to the internet!!

But you know straight away that this is all BS, because if there were any genuine breaches of security, they would never publicly announce it. They're more likely to use the breach to feed false information.

On July 30, China’s Defense Ministry reacted to Adm. Harris‘ remarks, calling them “irresponsible.”

In other words, these are war-profiteering shysters trying to justify their budget just as the gangsters did at Waco when they murdered 80 Branch Davidians.
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Gangster Governments

Innocents are persecuted whilst the guilty are lauded in a dystopian, gangster-run, thieved prison-state.

Liu, who was jailed in 2009 for 11 years for "incitement to subvert state power," is unlikely to qualify for parole, because he has never admitted to committing any crime.
. . .
A literary critic and former professor, Liu was awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize "for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China"

- China Turns Down Parole Bid From Jailed Nobel Peace Laureate

You have to wonder how a dissident who wanted to subvert a state with charter 08 and collusion with foreign agents rather than achieve any form of peace could win a "peace prize". But then many anglo/zionist war criminals have won this nobbled prize in violation of Alfred Nobel's will stipulating international peace; Kissinger, Obama etc.

Other dissidents against China who are not protesting any war have also won it such as the Ocean Guru.

The above report comes as Chelsea Manning faces solitary confinement during a whopping 35 year term for doing the only decent thing, which was to expose the war crimes of the Great Satan gangsters and their cannon fodder.

Similarly, Julian Assange reported to the police whilst he was in Sweden. Allowing Assange to leave Sweden was the only decent thing they did. They then put out an extradition order to appease the Great Satan despite no charges having been brought and played games on questioning him which would clear his name. Neither woman has accused Assange of any wrong doing and claim it was the plods who pushed for prosecution.

Whilst criticising China over "human rights" they continue to detain indefinitely, those arbitrarily rounded up in Afghanistan at Gitmo. The purpose, as war criminal, Obama, has admitted, is to create "terrorists"; those protesting their ill treatment. Victims have been tortured, murdered and raped. The youngest was 12 when kidnapped by the Great Satan. The policy is the same as that used when the Great Satan mounted the illegal war of aggression against Vietnam as well as the mad McCarthy Witch Hunts.

Neither Assange or Manning can be accused of hating the so-called West. Neither can Takashi: In 1991, Uemura Takashi, a former reporter of the Asahi Shimbun, wrote two articles on the late Kim Hak-sun, the first Korean woman forced to serve as a sex slave for World War II Japanese soldiers to come forward. Since then, he has been under criticism and threats of attacks from Japan's ultra-right activists who labeled him as a "reporter who fabricated his articles" and a "traitor."
- Former Asahi Shimbun reporter says he told the truth

If he's a traitor, what is his motive? He's not a prisoner in a korean prison as John McCain was in Vietnam. He's not accused of accepting bribes and, in fact, his reporting of the truth has cost him hostility. His reporting is also backed up by japanese soldiers who call themselves war criminals. The gangster threats rather than counter-arguments just shows they're gangsters who don't like the truth. Similarly, George Galloway was beaten up by a pro-zionist gangster.
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