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Gangster State US/UK - By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - August 2013   [Copy link] 中文

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Dumbed Down Crock O' S***

A Chinese state-backed company's plan to buy U.S. chip maker Micron Technology (MU.O) faces no shortage of obstacles
- Reported Chinese offer for Micron faces far too many hurdles

Just being in China means it's "state-backed". Huawei ia a co-operative yet still gets accused of "having links" to China's government.

The thieved state of Amerika has already been sued for blocking a solar company from setting up a solar farm because it was too close to a military site.

Analysts argued Tsinghua Unigroup Ltd's proposed price, $23 billion, was far too low.

Considering it was a substantial premium above the share price, that's obviously gangster-spiv BS. The recent weak price is due to more than flagging PC sales. Micron is a relatively small player and is slowly being edged out of the market: Micron competes intensely with Samsung, SK Hynix, and Toshiba selling memory chips, and there is very little that it sells that its competitors do not.

China doesn'thave these infantile protectionist scams: The company bought Chinese mobile chipmakers Spreadtrum and RDA Electronics in the last two years. Last year, Intel Corp (INTC.O) bought into Tsinghua with a $1.5 billion investment.

In fact, Huawei set up a technology centre in Poodleville where anglo engineers had full access to all the hardware and software, because they have nothing to hide.

Here's some security BS to as the amerikan goons & thugs desperately try to justify their suckling on the taxsucker teat: Micron's potential sale to Tsinghua triggered concerns among U.S. lawmakers given modern weapons' enormous dependence on computer chips. The possible deal also comes amid concerns over cyber attacks tied to Chinese hackers.

A memory chip is controlled by the hardware and the only way you have access to it is via the controlling hardware. You can't hack the freakin' memory, unless they make chips which suddenly have a mysterious extra lead coming out of it and which looks suspiciously like an aerial and pokes out of the computer case!!!!

"This seems highly unlikely, just given the technology that's involved. This is a massive deal, really important technology and quite frankly, it's the Chinese," said Reed Smith partner Leigh Hansson, who leads the firm's International Trade & National Security practice.

Whereas the NSA has already been caught intercepting Cisco routers, planting bugs and then re-applying the factory seals. Unlike a memory chip these routers are connected to the network directly so may be accessed over this network.
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Dystopia Coming To A Country Near You

The gangster-run, thieved prison-states of Amerika and Poodleville have already turned the lands that they thieved into dystopian prison states, where the sheeple are debt-slaves such that S.W.A.T. teams execute no-knock raids on houses were they suspect stoodents have defaulted on their stoodent loans. And when a baby in its crib fails to get out of the way of an exploding smoke bomb and has its face blown off, then it's the baby's fault.

But these gangsters, who have appointed themselves the World's policeman, want to extend their dystopian gangsterism for World domination. The illegal coup in Ukraine, where they didn't even bother disguising the terrorist downing of flight MH17 is laid bare as Biden announces the thieved state of Amerika will steal Russia's market share in gas supplies.

Meanwhile, their announced, "pivot to Asia" encirclement of China is peddled as protecting lands occupied by the Great Satan since WW2, which they also started, in response to chinese "aggression". That aggression or "assertiveness" being in response to obviously fraudulent claims by the occupied nations of China's territory: Two B-52 bombers conducted a non-stop, long-range simulated mission to Australia recently that is part of the Pentagon’s effort to bolster allies in Asia against a growing Chinese threat.
- "B-52s’ BAAD message to China"

Having been at war 93% of the time since declaring independence, the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika innocently claims the oxymoron of their military manoeuvres being peaceful: “These flights are one of the many ways the U.S. demonstrates its commitment to a stable and peaceful Indo-Asia Pacific region,” Navy Adm. Cecil D. Haney said in a statement.
. . .
“[Americans] put their faith and trust in us, and we’re ready, willing and able to fight anytime, anywhere, and we want them to continue to enjoy the freedom that we cherish,” Capt. Patterson said.

These gangsters who are the only ones to have used nukes counter-accuse: Both governments insisted they did not want to develop weapons but only wanted to generate electrical power, a questionable assertion in Iran’s case because of its vast oil resources.

Yet it was the Great Satan who offered to build nukilar power stations for both Iran under the Shah and Free Korea, but then reneged, so that the iranian nuclear power plant was completed by Russia instead. Most nations have a variety of energy sources and Iran does not have the refineries for crude oil.

Despite the NPT being voluntary and Iran being in FULL COMPLIANCE, these gangsters claim Iran is in violation: Iran was found to be secretly enriching uranium in 2002 in violation of its NPT obligations, and Tehran has stonewalled international efforts regarding its nuclear arms ambitions since.

As Naomi Campbell pointed out, when she was accused by these gangsters, she gave the so-called "conflict diamonds" away, so she had no reason to lie. Similarly, Iran has signed up to a voluntary agreement so also has no reason to lie. It also contradicts their own spy agencies.

The lies are also levied at Free Korea too: . In 2002 Pyongyang declared it had been secretly building weapons all along.

In fact, it was only after the Great Satan repeatedly reneged on agreements that Free Korea kicked the nukilar inspectors out and built the bomb.

They can only be characterised as scum.
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Rotten to the Core
- still

When convicted war criminal to be, Tony Blair, seized power (John Smith died of heart failure, just as Robin Cook did, though not alone in the woods), he appointed a parliamentary ombudsman. But virtually immediately, she had a "gagging order" imposed on her, meaning it was impossible for her to do her job.

Here's a bankster regulator, who completely failed to imprison anyone other than an indian trader working in his mum's basement. yet despite clearly making the effort to be soft on banksters, was STILL too aggressive for the banksters:
But most importantly, "he made many enemies", enemies which just happen to be in control of the decision-making process by their puppets in UK government.

Which also means that the period of massive civil (if not criminal) penalty charges in the UK is now over and the time of banker prosecution, fake as it may have been, is officially over. It also means that it is once again open season for banks to manipulate and rig anything and everything that has a "market-set" price.

Then again, there may be more to Wheatley's departure than meets the eye.

As one commentator notes, "Martin Wheatley achieved something unique: both bankers and victims of financial services misconduct hated him, and wanted him gone. The former grew tired of the procession of huge, seemingly random fines imposed on their blameless shareholders and the endless series of behavioural economics-based recommendations imposed by supervision teams. The latter berated him for refusing to hound the bad guys out of the industry and lock them up.

- UK Market Regulator Head Who Thought "All Bankers Were Evil" Let Go After "Making Too Many Enemies"

The shareholders were made to pay fines on behalf of their corrupt directors, whilst none of the banksters went to prison meaning victims of bankstering were also not happy.

Just as Michael Howard accused the convicted war criminal regime of being "rotten to the core", so too is that of the current poodle minister, with Osborne having told Wheatley his contract would not be renewed. The corrupt Inland Revenue and Customs has also been caught letting large corporations off with HUGE tax write-offs,, while the Bank of Poodleville has been caught helping banksters rig the FX market.
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Goons & Thugs In the Pocket of Big Oil

The re-un-elected poodle minister apparently said, "Get rid of the green crap", though he denies it.

The Chancellor announced that renewables companies would no longer be able to earn Climate Change Levy Exemption Certificates.
- Budget blow to investors in solar power

The former Yob Gear morons had an episode where they planned to grow their own bio-fuel. Instead, they simply did their usual sabotage for such an idea and the former Yob Gear moron dumped all the seeds in one go in a heap. Of course, they were never serious about the idea as the state-run BBC is a shill for big oil. More recently, Francis Maude also deliberately induced panic by suggesting there would be supply problems and that suckers should store a can of petrol in their garden sheds.

Just as Shell was caught investing in renewables purely to acquire patents and disrupt the industry, Poodleville's goons & thugs offered feed-in tariffs. However, the cost of energy in Poodleville is so high that the sheeple who did the calculations rushed to put solar panels on their homes. Solar is apparently about 23c/kWh in Poodleville, despite it being about 12c/kWh everywhere else in the World. Similarly, the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika has a solar price of about 19c/kWh. Yet even the Tesla Model S Wikipedia page cites a 12c/kWh solar price for estimating its running costs.

The feed-in tariff was also severely curtailed soon after it was started.
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"Mortgage vs renting: 19pc vs 52pc of wages", writes the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense.

This fascist propaganda rag peddles BS on behalf of Big Agri, Big Pharma and also the banksters, giving their readers a bum steer that harms their health and wealth.

The DTN hides behind its own double-speak by giving a veiled warning that it is spouting BS: In contrast mortgage holders, who tend to have higher incomes, typically pay £612 a month.

In other words, they pay proportionately less because they're higher earners.

They peddle similar BS over pensions, claiiming many don't have enough in pensions savings. Yet, pensions are fraudulent because you can't access your savings until the goons & thugs say so, they double tax you and also limit what you can invest in. You know it's fraudulent because they offer tax relief on contributions.

As ever, such propaganda neglects to take into consideration the HUGE housing bubble where the price to earnings is over 10:1 against a long-term average before this bubble of just over 3:1. Only the ridiculous farce of the lowest interest rates in all of history make such debt sustainable. The housing crash is inevitable

That house prices are in a mega-bubble also means that many renters may have sold in anticipation. In other words, the propaganda fails to take into account the HUGE sums of cash such people have safely in physical gold awaiting the "reset" when house prices will implode in real terms. Home borrowers will not only be exposed to this inevitable crash (inevitable because interest rates will have to rise) but also may have large sums of equity in their mortgaged homes which is just dead money as they often claim about rent. However, they fail to mention that interest payments are also dead money.

The other item they fail to mention is maintenance costs.

Here's the fascist, zionist DTN peddling fossil fuels too: In its security of supply report, Ofgem said: “There is a widespread belief that the wind stops blowing when there is a severe cold spell, resulting in lower wind availability at times of high demand for electricity. We have considered the possibility that a relationship does exist, and have assessed its impact.”
- Britain could face blackouts if the wind doesn't blow

Perhaps they should consider the possibility that they're lying scumbags.

Poodleville has notoriously put onshore wind farms where there's the least wind and allowed protests against them but not against fracking. The levy imposed on oil from the N. Sea has also been increased but only when international oil prices are "high". When they're low, the levy will be transferred to the petrol pump. In other words, they're encouraging the import of oil when prices are high, ratcheting up its price.
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You Couldn't Make Stuff Like This Up
- except that that's exactly what the Onion did!

The news shows how amerikan policy is based on cronyism and personal sentiment rather than anything which benefits either the thieved state of Amerika or the illegitimate state of New Izrael; bribing Benny Netanyahoo to keep him quiet.

A satirical website has accidentally broken a real news story – by revealing that America offered Israel “a nice, big shipment” of weapons to try and salve its anger of the Iran nuclear deal.

A spoof news story on The Onion, headlined “US Soothes Upset Netanyahu With Shipment Of Ballistic Missiles”, appeared 24 hours before reports emerged that this had actually happened in real life.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz noted the similarity to its own story, published the following day, which carried the headline, “After Iran deal, Obama offers military upgrade to help Israel swallow bitter Iranian deal”.

- Iran nuclear deal: Satirical website The Onion accidentally breaks story about the US offering missiles to Israel

What this shows is that no one is actually fooled by the propaganda and that the corrupt, dishonest-broker relationship between the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika and its doxy, the illegitimate state of New Izrael is readily characterised by all. The lies, then, are merely to provide a rebuttal response to questions of the goon & thug criminality.

Doggy-corruption is no better. Having pledged to balance the budget by 2015/16 when seizing power in 2010, the gangsters have repeatedly pushed the date further into the future. Having pledged a referendum on the EU and then reneged, the same lie was peddled again during campaigning for the second rigged election which all the western propaganda rags noted was perverse in its outcome.

The bogus cuts have seen goon & thug squandering INCREASE from £697bn in 2010 to a projected £745bn this year. Cuts of £12bn are promised but only to welfare. The worst welfare of all is the pig's trough of cash for the goons & thugs themselves which has just increased by 10% gifted in salaries and pensions rather than having to be justified and claimed for in expenses. Having ordered departments to consider cuts of "up to 40%" in the first un-elected term, they now do exactly the same again in the second, re-un-elected term: The only budgets exempt will be the NHS, schools, overseas aid and defence but their departments will be expected to make efficiency savings.
- George Osborne orders 40% Whitehall budget cuts with foreign aid and welfare set to be hit

Overseas aid has been shown to be nothing more than illegal state aid to poodle companies, with India saying they only accepted the medical scanners because they were free, but had no use for them so they were just sitting there gathering dust.

Similarly, the National Harm Service is also illegal state aid, buying office equipment at ten times the price anyone else would pay despite buying in bulk and having legions of useless managers and indolent timewasting "health care assistants" which has produced nothing but a spread of disease which has been peddled as "MRSA". Both the Harm Service and the crock o' s*** Edukashun system, which has "teechers assistants" have further illegal state aid in the form of Public Private Partnerships, where contractors are guaranteed profits, sub-standard skools and hospitals are built just down the road from the, now empty, ones and leased back to the taxsucker at exorbitant rates. Of course, defence (attack) always gets its share of illegal state aid, with the pooch confirming it will spend the 2% minimum pledged as part of being a NATO gang member. Under the administration of convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, Chinook helicopters were purchased despite having no pilots trained to fly them. Other amerikan krudware didn't have the right software and the Great Satan refused to offer the source code to enable servicing either. Efficiency savings could easily reduce squandering simply by stopping the HUGE amount of equipment that goes A.W.O.L. So, like the medical scanners were all simply gathering dust. The great tragedy isn't the cost to taxsuckers, but the gangster-waste of valuable natural resources.

Conspicuous by its absence is closing down departments such as culture and sports, which no one asked for, no one wants and no one needs, but which the goons & thugs have imposed on the taxsucker.

In fact, the Foreign Office under war criminal, Billy Jefferson Hague, emailed one another on how to "get rid of" £1m of taxsucker cash. They eventually decided on spending it on hotel accommodation abroad, just as the former Yob Gear morons spent telly-taxsucker cash on jollies in exotic locations abroad and after having already failed to sustain the poodle krudmobile industry with illegal state-aid propaganda which smeared japanese cars, hosted war criminals such as Alistair Campbell, were cheerleaders for war, big oil and big krudmobile and spouted speciesist remarks whilst all the while, completely failing to be "entertaining", which the former Yob Gear moron confused with repeating ad nauseam, the lamest "jokes" ever and vulgarity.

Meanwhile, reports on the secrecy around amerikan POW in Vietnam. Apparently John S. "low life scum" McCain covered up the fact that there were thousands of Amerikans abandoned in Vietnam. It was his father admiral J.S. McCain who covered up the izraeli false-flag attack on the USS Liberty, so treachery is not unheard of in the McCain household. However, if Vietnam wanted to use the POW against the Great Satan, all it has to do is threaten to release any survivors. The scandal would harm the Great Satan more than continuing to hold them as prisoners and at cost to Vietnam. So to would the taped confession by McCain that he was a war criminal, which, apparently, Vietnam played to other POWs in their cells and his record as a "Tokyo Rose". Perhaps McCain's notoriously foul temper is because he knows he is a sack of krap, his father was a sack of krap and his grandfather was a sack of krap: One veteran congressman who has observed him over the years asked for confidentiality and made this brief comment: “This is a man not at peace with himself.”
- John McCain and the POW Cover-Up

This is why liars who have confessed all say it's a load off their chest. Further evidence of how subhuman they are is the story of one amerikan ship's captain which after the illegal war of aggression mounted against Vietnam had ended , rammed a vessel which issued a distress call, murdering hundreds of vietnamese men, women and children. They belong in cages; no ifs and no buts. The treatment of cannon fodder follows the anglo protocol as seen in the Zulu conflict. It's why "veterans" are so often treated as "terrorists" when they get back to the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika. My sympathies lie with the victims of the amerikan gangsters not their own cannon-fodder. For example, cannon fodder interviewed prior to the illegal invasion of Iraq all parroted the line that they were "liberating" but could barely suppress a smirk.
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Ministers scrapped subsidies following complaints, mainly from England, about the impact of wind farms on the countryside.
. . .
In a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, Ms Sturgeon said those firms which had spent millions of pounds planning new wind farms in Scotland should still be allowed to qualify for subsidies.
. . .
The UK government has been strongly criticised by industry experts for expressing a wish to save on people's energy bills, then jettisoning policies which would lead to that outcome.

The renewables industry has said it is suffering a stealth assault, with a drip-feed of policies.

Some environmentalists believe the government has launched a war on renewables because they threaten the profits of conventional fossil fuel firms.
. . .

Over the past few months, the Treasury has cut onshore wind subsidies; large-scale solar subsidy; the energy efficiency budget; small-scale solar subsidy; the obligation for new homes to be zero carbon; the escalating tax on polluting industry; and low vehicle excise duty on energy efficient cars. It has also introduced a tax on green energy.

- SNP demands wind farm subsidy U-turn

Similarly, Shell notoriously invested in renewables but quickly cut funding soon after. This is designed to acquire patents and disrupt the renewables industry.

To peddle a policy of supporting renewables but then to go against those policies is flagrantly corrupt. The dimwit poodle minister performed the stunt of riding on a bicycle to work, but it was noted that he had his limo follow on behind. He's also been quoted as demanding that they should "get rid of that green crap". Duty on oil extraction from the N. Sea was increased but with the proviso that the increase would be transferred to the consumer when oil prices were low. This encouraged imports when international prices were high. The state-run BBC's illegal state-aid Yob Gear propaganda programme is also heavily pro-Big Oil.

Apparently all energy in Poodleville is subsidised. Yet: She conceded that subsidies to the nuclear industry, such as those planned for Hinkley Point, would exceed those going to solar, but she said that nuclear provided "a different type of electricity".
- Small scale solar energy subsidies set to end

The cost of solar power is about 12c/kWh. Yet, according to Reuters, it's about double in Poodleville: ... arity050415-620.jpg
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