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Gangster State US/UK - By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - August 2013   [Copy link] 中文

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The gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika, just like "rip-off Britain" is a TOTAL FREE-FOR-ALL, wholesale theft orgy.

Just as amerikan snake-oil rarely cures, the Great Satan rarely wins a war: Call it a colossal victory for a Pentagon that hasn’t won a war in this century, but not for the rest of us.
. . .
Yet, year after year, they provided “rosy pronouncements they knew to be false,” while “hiding unmistakable evidence that the war had become unwinnable.”

However, as the latest Pentagon budget shows, no matter the revelations, there will be no reckoning when it comes to this country’s endless wars or its military establishment — not at a moment when President Donald Trump is sending yet more U.S. military personnel into the Middle East and has picked a new fight with Iran.

- How The Military-Industrial Complex Gets Away With Murder In Contract After Contract

In other words, if they actually finished the job, then there would be no more profit.

This is why the Great Satan spends more on "defence" than the next seven nations combined; about half the planet's spend.

This is why reports that the amerikan sheeple buy 50% of the entire planet's prescription snake-oil and a WHOPPING 80% of prescription narcotics.
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Bernie Sanders: The Jeremy Corbyn of Amerika
- nothing but sham democracies

When Jennifer Psaki, white-house spokesperson, referred to the Great Satan's "longstanding support for democracy", a reporter asked her how long "longstanding" was, resulting in Psaki failing to suppress a smirk.

The Great Satan and poodle are and have always been feudal serfdoms run by the robber-barons for the benefit of the robber-barons. As late as the 20th century, Poodleville's robber-baronesses became suffragettes to demand their right to vote. The sheeple, owning nothing, had no reason to vote.

Whilst the French had their revolution, the REAL reign of terror consisted of witch-hunts and McCarthy witch-hunts.

The quadrennial political game of least worst, or how to scare the public to vote for presidential candidates who serve corporate power, comes this season with a new twist.
. . .
The Democratic and Republican party elites, joining forces as they did in the 1972 presidential election, will do to Sanders what they did to George McGovern, who lost in 49 of the 50 states.
. . .
Sanders calls for an end to our foreign wars, a reduction of the military budget, for “Medicare for All,” abolishing the death penalty, eliminating mandatory minimum sentences and private prisons, a return of Glass-Steagall, raising taxes on the wealthy, increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour, canceling student debt, eliminating the Electoral College, banning fracking and breaking up agribusinesses. This does not qualify as a revolutionary agenda.

- The New Rules of the Game

Corbyn as the former chair of the Stop the War Co-alition, had the largest EVER Labour party membership in 2017.  The 48% who voted for REMAIN suffered the same fate as Marty McFly's siblings and were erased from existence. Instead, the sheeple overwhelmingly voted themselves out of a job and for war criminal, BoJo the Clown, with his asinine, "Get Brexit Done"; a complete buffoon who Ken Livingstone says has no ideology. Whilst Corbyn was offering a 2nd referendum, the LibDems were offering to repeal Brexit. Jo Swinson even lost her own seat. If you believe the election was, in any way, fair, then you iz fick.

All that's missing is for Sanders to be nominated and for them to start accusing him of being an anti-semite.

If anything Sanders is too lame with his criticism of the illegitimate state of New Izrael consisting of complaining they were being "unfair" to Palestinians.

Ron Paul faced similar dirty tricks including video where booing was dubbed over.

When the opposition were caught rigging the auztralian elections, Kevin Rudd won. But the Great Satan then replaced Rudd with Julia Gillard which John Pilger says also happened to Gough Whitlam.

The latest Great Satan illegal gangster interference is sanctions imposed on Rosneft because they trade with the democratically elected government of Venezuela. The Great Satan, instead, recognises Juan Guaido who hasn't even stood in any national elections in Venezuela.
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Socialiism Has Failed
- in the West

All the best run economies, Germany, Japan, Russia and China are all socialist. The likes of Zero Hedge have propaganda pointing to Venezuela as an example of how socialism "always" fails.

Of course, feudal serfdoms such as the Great Satan and poodle also have socialism; socialism for the rich.

Long have these feudal serfdoms socialised the losses whilst privatising the gains. Poodleville has Labour socialising the losses of the service industries only for the Tories to nationalise the profits again in a tag-team where the taxsucker always loses.

But this time around, the losses are too great and, with the internet, the sheeple have finally wised up . . . . . a little. According to the gold bugs, only a fraction of 1% of assets is in gold, despite gold having averaged over 8% in "worthless paper" USD and 10% in "nitroglycerine" Poodles. The Shyster of Omaha underperformed both gold and the market, with only about 6% during the ten year bet he had with Protege Partners. He won the bet because the other banksters ALSO underperformed the markets.

Without enough sheeple buying shares bonds and real-estate during this "big, fat, ugly bubble" they can't socialise the losses this time. The NSA's buttcoin fraud has also failed to draw enough suckers.

So now the FED is printing HUGE amounts of paper funny-money to socialise the losses with the bill being handed to the amerikan taxsucker and all holders of the "worthless paper" USD. The sheeple get only a token cheque in the post to keep them quiet.

This is why the Great Satan and poodle have, BY FAR, the highest per capita infection and death rates attributed to covid-19. It's why they've been trying to shift the blame to China and have now attacked the WHO.
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Even MORE Perfect Storm
- pooch becomes even more screwed than it already was

Already undergoing a HUGE doggie death-spiral firesale of assets (the latest being Arm being sold to Softbank), with all three components of the current account (goods, services & income) all being negative and over 40% of the FTSE100 being foreign owned (and that was several years ago), the poodle quackonomy has now been battered by Brexit (dubbed a "monumental act of self-harm"), with Peugeot having closed operations years ago and now Ford closing an engine factory and Honda closing down in Swindon plus Nissan cancelling plans to make the X-Trail plus Japan having signed a FTA with the EU with cars having zero tariffs and spending $2bn to repatriate manufacturing (not just from China), the news just doesn't get any better for the poodle state: The economic impact of coronavirus was likely to push the deficit to as high as £260bn, Paul Johnson told the BBC.
. . .
And, separately, one of the Bank of England's top policymakers has warned that the UK faces its worst economic shock in several hundred years.

- Coronavirus: UK borrowing to see 'colossal increase' to fight virus, jewish-controlled, state-run BBC.

Remember, the poodle state has had five centuries of plundering the rest of the planet and 350 years of enslaving Africans before starting two World wars to impose the fraudulent funny-money. Instead of the gold standard which immediately imposed austerity as soon as deficits were incurred, they imposed an elastic system of credit whereby the debts would only get larger and larger. The main beneficiaries by far of this fraud were the money-changers who had tried for centuries to turn dross into gold.

Furthermore, the wars produced a HUGE bulge in population, the Baby Boomers, to whom are owed HUGE and unpayable sums in healthcare and pensions.

Poodle debt was already out of control. Just as Germany, Spain, Italy and France all legislated to balance their budgets by 2016, Germany achieved it a year early. But the poodle with over 100% of GDP in debt failed to balance its budget by the promised 2015/6 fiscal year, postponing it by two years, then postponing it to 2025 even as they admitted it was unlikely to be achieved.

Now they're squandering a QUARTER of GDP on life-support for the lockdown when the sheeple aren't doing anything but consuming and because they have a magic/space crystal ball, claim the pandemic in Poodleville will last till 2021, whilst many nations are already lifting their lockdowns: The IHS Markit/CIPS flash UK composite purchasing managers' index (PMI), which measures activity in the services and manufacturing sectors, fell to a new record low of 12.9 in April, down from 36 in March.

Furthermore, with a "rip-off Britain" admitting their white-supremacist, apartheid edukashun system was rigged in favour of "white, working-class boys" but where the "working-class" bit was also a lie, there's ZERO chance that the motto that "only fools and horses work" will change any time soon. Already the former Yob Gear moron admits they're "doomed" and Hugh Grant correctly says the poodle-state is "finished" resulting in Piers Morgan protesting this obvious truth.

And if that wasn't enough, the new monetary World order will probably mean the FX market will disappear. That will also mean that, without a one-off HUGE devaluation of the Poodle, the debt won't be eroded by inflation under a system of sound money, though, as Peter Schiff has CORRECTLY stated, the most likely outcome for the Great Satan (and poodle) is a hyperinflation. This is why quackonomist, Paul Krugman, wants to simply kick the can down the road; because the reversion to sound money and facing the day of reckoning is such a HUGE challenge.

You couldn't make a perfect storm like this up. AND they never learn. The pooch is screwed; truly up poo creek without a paddle! No longer do they rule the waves and aren't even a World power. Yet the robber-barons refuse to give up their system of crime, corruption, cronyism and krappiness. Can there be any doubt this species of hapless clown that is guaranteed to wipe themselves out and already admits to having plummeting IQs will soon be LITERALLY eating one another . . . . . . . again? It's not as though they have a plan for a sound economy.
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Yet More Subhuman Book Burning Witch Hunts

So, these gangsters continue with their witch-hunts, like the McCarthy and before that ACTUAL witch hunts. These vermin also prosecuted Jesus Christ.

Following on from the token white professor, Charles Lieber accused of nothing more than not telling them enough, they're back to persecuting ethnic Chinese.

This is why Steven Spielberg denounced book burning in, "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" and why the Germans were also portrayed as persecuting scientists (thereby implying they were jewish) in the propaganda movie,  "Pimpernel Smith". Yet Germans are highly intelligent, highly educated and hard-working. Why would they NEED to burn books when they probably wrote a lot of them?

The FBI was tipped off to Ang's activities after a hard drive was turned into the university's lost and found. In an attempt to determine who it belonged to, a staff member discovered an email exchanges between the professor and a visiting researcher from Xidian University in Xi'an China in a file conspicuously labeled "Ang_Confidential.pdf."
. . .
According to the FBI, Ang did disclose his participation in the "Thousand Talents Scholars" in 2014, but not his participation in other programs from 2012 - 2018, which the FBI suggested demonstrated 'his intent to execute a scheme do defraud the University of Arkansas and NASA" since he "obviously knew about the requirement to disclosure such conflicts of interest and deliberately kept all such conflicts of interest" from them.

- Arkansas Prof Arrested For Concealing 'Close' Ties To China; Accused Of 'Scheme To Defraud' While Receiving Millions In Grants

In other words, that implausible crock o' s**t is advertising the fact that he's being persecuted, which can only be described as a "ransom note". I always open up my computer and take my hard drive out, which is why I also am at risk of losing it. The detective put in charge of the murder of two skoolgirls near the Great Satan military base in Poodleville was also found to have sexual images of children, not on his home computer, but on the one at work.

This is supported by the bigot in chief: "Donald Trump called former US president Jimmy Carter to discuss fear China is ‘getting way ahead’ of US"

And it's not just chinese Amerikan scientists: An elderly man who was next in line to enter was indignant, complaining that he had been waiting two hours to eat at the restaurant and was not about to step aside while the police shut down the place. The police proceeded to violently handcuff and arrest the man, dragging him off while his wife followed sadly behind him to the police car.
. . .
It is hard not to be disgusted by government enforcers who would brutally drag an elderly man away from a restaurant for the “crime” of wanting to take his wife out for breakfast on Mother’s Day.

- "Eat A Waffle, Go To Jail..." - Authoritarians Using COVID-19 Fear To Destroy America
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Yet More Total Corruption And Witch-Hunts

A witch-hunt, is by definition corrupt. We all know there's no such thing as witchcraft. They even boast of the corruption to terrorise the sheeple by having a trial by ordeal where if the victim doesn't die then they're guilty and burnt at the stake.

Criticising Jews is now a crime in Poodleville: Long-Bailey shared an Independent interview with Maxine Peake on Twitter. In it, the actress says: “The tactics used by the police in America, kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, that was learnt from seminars with Israeli secret services.” It was later updated to include a denial by the Israeli police that this is the case, and a reference to an Amnesty International report about US law enforcement travel to Israel for training was removed.
- ‘Antisemitic conspiracy theory’ tweet sees Long-Bailey booted from UK Labour shadow cabinet

Similarly, the rotten2thecore kanadian administration of Justin Trudeau banned any boycotts of the illegitimate state of New Izrael.

Kier Starmer is known as a deep-state insider, whereas Jeremy Corbyn refused to support the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Poodleville's propaganda rags claimed Starmer had been regarded as a competent leader in a poll before he'd even got his feet under the desk. Corbyn "lost" in the worst defeat for Labour since 1935 despite having the highest ever Labour party membership of all time in 2017. Die-hard Labour supporters, who would disown their own offspring if they ever voted Tory, instead voted for coke-head war criminal, BoJo The Clown, who is the 20th out of 40 poodle-ministers to be an old Etonian.

Alex Salmond was also accused of sexual mis-conduct and was replaced by Nicola Sturgeon, who George Galloway claims is also an establishment insider.

Former ambassador to China, Kevin Rudd, was elected after his opponents were caught trying to gerrymander the elections. But Rudd was later ousted and replaced with Julia Gillard despite being the most popular PM ever. John Pilger tells of how Gough Whitlam was similarly ousted.

Sam Dastyari was hounded for a year with accusations of accepting a (small) bribe from a chinese billionaire before he quit from the auztralian parliament.

New South Wales Labor Party leader Jodi McKay told reporters she was informed about the operation on Moselmane’s home and office and said she had begun the process of suspending his membership of the party.
- Australian MP Shaoquett Moselmane’s home raided over links to Chinese Communist Party

In other words, they've already decided he's going to be found guilty, so they go on a fishing trip, raiding his home and office to dig for evidence.

By contrast, war criminals, Malcolm Rifkind and Billy Jefferson Hague were caught in a sting operation accepting bribes from a "chinese businessman". In their defence, they claimed that they were a pair of lying scumbags so nothing they said could be trusted. The paliamentary ombudsperson, who was given her job by war criminal, Rifkind, decided this crock o' s**t was an acceptable excuse.

The first parliamentary ombudsperson was given her job by convicted war criminal, Tony Blair. But when she started investigating Keith Vaz, convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, imposed a gagging+order, effectively preventing her from doing her job.

Flagrant double-standards are routine. An amerikan kangaroo kourt judge ruled that Saudi Arabia could not be prosecuted for 9/11 because of sovereign immunity. The EXACT SAME JUDGE later ruled that Iran WAS NOT protected by sovereign immunity for 9/11 despite Iran having NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. A jewish kangaroo kourt convicted Jesus Christ.

Similarly, Martin Wheatly was the first to be appointed as head of Poodleville's Financial Conduct Authority. But the banksters complained that he was doing his job, so was sacked and replaced by Andrew Bailey. When Royal Bank of Scotland's GRG unit were caught illegally selling interest rate swaps to small businesses and then seizing them when they went bankrupt, Bailey claimed the FCA had no authority to intervene.

Similarly, the Great Satan has blocked the appointment of judges at the WTO, now that it's embarked on an illegal tariff war and had a long string of rulings against it that it never complied with.

The International Kangaroo Kourt has also been threatened by the Great Satan. Whilst it hasn't signed up to the IKK, Poodleville has and several petitions for the arraignment of convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, including from an international team of lawyers, expert in international law, have completely failed to produce any form of legal action. Convicted war criminal, Jack Straw, even legislated in poodle-law to protect war criminals. All those convicted by the IKK to date have been african leaders.

Whistle-blower John Kiriakou was imprisoned whilst "Bloody Gina" Haspel has been promoted.

Whistle-blower Chelsea Manning was imprisoned under torture conditions for two years before being convicted under a kangaroo kourt military tribunal.

Julian Assange is currently being held without charges as he's already served his time for skipping bail. The trumped up rape charges have been dropped for a second time after Poodleville demanded that they be re-instated. And the latest accusation from the Great Satan is once again that Assange conspired to hack, which isn't even a crime. Extradition to the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika is illegal in international law as it illegally uses torture. Convicted war criminal, Donald Rumsfeld, had to flee Paris for fear of being arrested.
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