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Gangster State US/UK - By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - August 2013   [Copy link] 中文

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Gangster Scum Violate UN Charter
- again

Convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, was found to be spying on Kofi Annan in violation of the UN charter. This was exposed by one of his own cabinet members, Claire Short, who complained that a transcript of her conversation with Annan appeared on documents back in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Poodleville.

This should come as no surprise to anyone and it's been going on for decades: New York Times and ProPublica cite newly released NSA documents
Telecoms giant assisted with ‘wiretapping United Nations headquarters’
In NSA documents, AT&T is described as ‘highly collaborative’.

- AT&T has 'extraordinary, decades-long' relationship with NSA – report

I often send emails between accounts, sometimes encrypted and telling the NSA to go swivel, including the key words they're supposed to be looking for, though "terrorism" is probably just a cover for their spying activities designed to keep the sheeple oppressed.
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Stranger Than Fiction
- well, WORSE!

U.S. citizens are being propagandized daily and are being practically forced to blindly consume GMOs while countries like Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Madeira, New Zealand, Peru, Australia, Russia, France and Switzerland all have booted Monsanto and their GMO crops from their countries. That’s like being booted out of a town for being a rapist and child molester only to have that same person settle into the next town over and become a grade school teacher or pastor. Now imagine the citizens of that other town having a law forced on them that says rapists and child molesters must be allowed to teach little kids and run churches. That’s what we’re talking about here.
- 10 Disturbing Facts Most Americans Are Too Fearful To Face

In fact, Poodleville is far worse than the hypothetical situation. Not only are they rapists and child molesters but they also murder them. AND not only are they not booted out and may be grade skool teechers and pastors, but they're the freakin' government and state-run BBC propaganda service!!!

The article refers to the ban on labelling of gangster-modified crops despite the WHO pointing out that Monsanto's Roundup probably causes cancer and the main purpose, so far, of gangster-modified crops is so that they can survive a stronger dose of Roundup, with Monsanto even encouraging farmers to give them a pre-harvest dose too!!! Freakin' hilarious in the Land of the Freaks.

Just as Poodleville has a fraudulent City of London Corporation which even gets to vote in Poodleville's sham-democracy AND has a permanent member of the House of Commons, the Great Satan has the same: As a result of “Act of 1871″ by the 41st Congress, the United States “Corporation” was created to trample the original Republic.

The article does, however, make a mistake, probably due to a information blackout: This wide open confession came straight out of the mouth of U.S. General Wesley Clark years after the illegal invasion of Iraq. The General openly spilled the beans on the U.S. military’s plan to illegally invade 7 countries in the Middle East under the lie of the war on terror. Shockingly, to this day no war crimes trials have taken place. No one has been executed, convicted or imprisoned for these massive crimes against humanity.

In fact, both Shrub and Blair are convicted of "high crimes against humanity" in a court in Malaysia.
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The Barbarian Slave Trade Continues

Having thieved the land, slaughtered the rightful owners, the Anglo illegal immigrant mongrel barbarians then thieved the labour to develop it, enslaving Africans and defrauding Chinese workers, whilst declaring themselves "civilised", in a flagrant lie and continuing to parasite with gangster funny-money imposed at the point of a gun. With no self-respect, Anglos despise everyone including each other and themselves.

The 3,200-kilometer railway, built between 1863 and 1869, linked the eastern United States to the western part of the country. Over 12,000 Chinese laborers undertook this dangerous and difficult work. Around 1,200 laborers died in the process.

Those laborers were paid less than white workers, and had no legal protection.

- Activist challenges perceptions of Chinese immigrants in US

That lack of legal protection persists today as New York chambermaids can attest. Chinese labourers were simply not paid, effectively enslaving them. Speciesist kangaroo kourts would barely provide protection for Anglos, never mind humans.

Hope for an end to five centuries of anglo-induced, barbaric and parasitic misery and poverty comes in the form of China's mach-10, low-flying, nukilar-tipped, highly manoeuvrable MIRV ICBMs, decades ahead of slug-brained amerikan technology. Russia too expects to have similar technology implemented by 2020, saying it will defeat any amerikan missile shield for years to come.

Twain had been a reporter in San Francisco in the 1860s, and wrote about how upset he had been when he witnessed Chinese people being attacked on the streets while policemen just watched. Twain filed the story, but the editor said: "I can't put the story in the newspaper, it will offend our Irish readers."
. . .
It was only in 1943, when the US and China were allies during WWII, that the Chinese Exclusion Act, which banned Chinese immigration to the US, was repealed.

And it was only when Mary Seacole shamed the Anglos with her graciousness that they "honoured" her with a medal . . . . . and just before they tried to overshadow her with the mythology of Florence Nightingale, a mere nurse. To this day, Seacole is smeared as being only a nurse by Anglo/zionist propaganda, despite this kenyan doctor's cures being more effective than that of Poodleville's finest quacks. That means her cures are more effective even today, as Rummyflu, Prozac and statins are all proven snake-oil with lethal side-effects. AND that's typical of western snake-oil too.

In 1969, Yu's parents attended a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. In his speech, the then US Transportation Secretary John Volpe said, "Who but Americans could have blasted tunnels through the Sierras? Who but Americans could have built 10 miles of track in one day?" Yu's parents were very disappointed by what they saw as ignorant remarks.

Yet, Boris Johnson, admits being "gobsmacked" that China built her entire high-speed railroad in two years and today amerikan infrastructure is in a state of collapse despite maintaining a slave trade disguised as a prison system. So the answer to the above double-speak question, which implies much but answers little, is african and chinese workers. It wasn't ignorance other than the ignorance of never having done an honest day's work. It was congenital lying.

Today's "chinese head tax" consists of blocking chinese participation with NASA, blocking Chinese from the ISS, sabotaging the joint sino-european sat-nav and persecuting ethnic Chinese in kangaroo kourt trials based on lies about espionage, even as the NSA even has a remit for industrial espionage.

If the defrauding of Chinese workers wasn't bad enough: "During the construction of the railroad, there were people that threw rocks at the Chinese workers and shouted, 'Chinese must go.' Some unions started an all-white anti-Chinese policy - the Segregationists, the KKK. We know their names, they are in the history books," she said.

Asians are currently protesting the admissions policy at Harvard, which admits being partly based on species and, as well as Yale, accepted convicted war criminal, Shrub, despite him being officially designated as "stupid". The well known adage, "Fool me once . . . ." was also fluffed by the simpleton, who instead finished, "you'll never fool me again."

Like freakin' toddlers they chant, "We're No.1. We're No.1. U.S.A. U.S.A." Yeah, No. 1 sad little bastards.

The corruption ensures their krappiness just gets worse: "Half the British public... don't trust the British public, survey finds" That means the dog-eat-dog poodle state will sink into the dystopian quagmire of corruption where wealth is destroyed rather than created. It's partly why their entire krudmobile industry completely imploded.
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gork, you have posted many pages of excellent indepth comments on this topic. If you do have some spare time, please comment on the Tianjin issue, which I have posted recently. The author of the article is Mike Adams of the Natural News website. He infers that China is evil ! What about the U.S. and UK ?!

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Utterly Shameless Gangster Exploitation

Just as puerile Lord Palmerston joked that if anyone was to sell opium "poison" to China it may as well be the Anglo, the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika prescribes 50% of all drugs according to and a whopping 80% of all prescription narcotics, despite being only 5% of the World's population. So a whopping 10 to 16 times over prescribed relative to the rest of the World.

Cuba, long the victim of Great Satan embargo, has free healthcare and a longer average life span than the dystopian gangster-state.

The infamously untrustworthy Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has furthered its reputation as one of America’s most beloved hypocrites with its latest motion. It was reported on Thursday that the FDA has just approved OxyContin prescriptions for children between the ages of 11 and 16 years-old.

For those unfamiliar, OxyContin is an opiate-based pharmaceutical painkiller used to ease severe pain. Aside from being known for its powerful effects on users, it is also notorious for its widespread abuse.

- The FDA Just Approved OxyContin To Be Prescribed To Children

While opium was banned in China. The Anglo only banned it in the thieved, gangster-run prison-state of Poodleville, when WW1 started, which is strange because by all accounts, it appears they wanted to kill off the excess population anyway. Going "over the top" was near certain death and officers were shot for "cowardice". However, further evidence such as the suicidal Charge of the Light Brigade or the battle against the Zulus, suggests they're just plain dimwits.

Amerikan actress Lilla Tomlin said that cynical as she was she had trouble keeping up with all the corruption. Cynical as you are, every now and again, the anglo/zionist atrocities still shock you. This is on top of robbing the sheeple on the highways and Monsanto successfully lobbying to quash legislation that would force retailers to label gangster-modified frankstein crops liberally dosed with cancer causing Roundup. The movie, Soylent Green, shows this concern is nothing new.

ADHD, otherwise known as being a normal kid: As we reported last year, at least 10,000 toddlers are now prescribed amphetamine-based ADHD drugs in the U.S.
. . .
There is clearly either a major conflict of interest, unfathomable stupidity, or perhaps both.

Of course, one black woman with a spotless record did stand in the way of the corrupt contracts given to war-profiteering contractors involved the illefal war of aggression against Iraq. Just about the only cannon fodder with any balls was also Chelsea Manning and for doing the only decent thing she could do in the situation, she and Julian Assange have been persecuted. But convicted war criminal, Lt. Billy Calley served only four days of his life sentence for committing the crimes Manning and Assange have exposed, before being pardoned by Nixon.

This is why a naturally occurring chemical like psilocybin — which is proven to have not only psychological benefits, but physical benefits as well — is considered illegal in the United States.
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Whistleblower: 35 years; Convicted War Criminal: 4 days

Lt. Billy Calley, responsible for the massacre at Mai Lai was pardoned after just four days of his life-term prison sentence by Nixon. Convicted war criminal, Donald Payne also served only about a year rather than being hanged.

But for those who blow the whistle on such crimes, the term is much longer and everything is a transgression: Whistleblower Chelsea Manning has allegedly been denied access to a prison legal library, days before she will defend herself against charges including possessing an expired tube of toothpaste and unapproved reading materials, for which she could face indefinite solitary confinement.

Manning, who is serving a 35-year prison term for passing hundreds of thousands of classified US military documents to the Wikileaks website, has tweeted that prison staff are not allowing her access to the law library at Fort Levenworth.

“Prison staff are now denying me access to the law library @ scheduled times—w/only 2 days until my board,” she wrote.

Prison staff are now denying me access to the law library @ scheduled times--w/only 2 days until my board
— Chelsea Manning (@xychelsea) August 16, 2015

The 25-year-old, who is a trans woman, stands accused of keeping an expired tube of toothpaste, having unauthorised reading material including an issue of Vanity Fair featuring Caitlyn Jenner, sweeping food onto the floor, and showing disrespect, the Associated Press reported in mid-August.

Other books and magazines confiscated from Manning include a copy of Malala Yousafzai’s autobiography, the book Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy — The Many Faces of Anonymous, an issue of Cosmopolitan featuring an interview with her, and a copy of the US Senate report on CIA torture.

- Chelsea Manning 'denied access to legal library' days before hearing over allegations including possessing Caitlyn Jenner issue of Vanity Fair

Some, who Mark Zuckerberg would refer to as his customers are dumb enough to give up a highly paid football career to become cannon-fodder. But Manning is just about the only one with balls to go against peer opinion and the brain-washing of military indoctrination to do the decent thing. It takes brains too. Some have noted that in emergency situations, the average sheep will look around waiting for cues from others for what is socially acceptable.

The gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika has been hi-jacked by the very worst skank; the sort who say that the genocide of a million Iraqis through slow-starvation and where half are kids under the age of 5 is "worth it". The iconic picture in Vietnam of a naked girl and other children fleeing whilst amerikan thugs casually stroll beside them shows what kind of low-life they are. On the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, reports on the few who regretted their war crimes but, of course, did not have the balls to do anything.

The anglo/zionist propaganda often refers to the "questionable human rights record" of other nations to shout down criticism of their own atrocities.
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Poodleville Kow-Tows to Big Gas Corporations
- renewables vs gas & oil

Poodleville's corrupt administration previously raised taxes on oil extraction, but promised to transfer the tax to the petrol pump when international market prices were low. The net effect, then, would be to import more oil when prices were high.

Despite allowing the sheeple to protest onshore wind-farms and placing them where there's the least wind, the corrupt administration has not only stipped the sheeple of any rights below their own homes but now fast-tracked the introduction of shale. This is also despite the fact that this century old technology is not even commercially viable.

The applications are subject to approval by local councils, which will have 16 weeks to decide on them. The government promised last week to step in if councils fail to keep to the deadline. The new guidance has given the secretary of state for communities, Greg Clark, the power to “call in” and fast track a ruling if deemed necessary.
- 1,000 sq miles of England to be opened up for fracking

The noise and alleged health effects of wind turbines has been hyped. Anyone who has driven past one will know that they're essentially silent, certainly a LOT quieter than road traffic. There has never been a debate on the noise produced by windmills, for example. This is especially true when the fraud requires that the wind turbines are switched off. By contrast, fracking has already been halted in Poodleville due to earthquakes.

Feed-in tariffs have been slashed and then suspended.

The Great Satan has fomented a coup in Ukraine to thieve Russia's gas market. But it would take a huge shift in markets to make LNG from the thieved state of Amerika competitive.

It also peddles pollution in China in a pathetic attempt to reduce coal consumption.

Solar power is already FAR cheaper than current electricity prices in all but three gangster-run, thieved prison-states according to Reuters: Amerika, Poodleville and Kanada. This large difference in the cost of solar in gangster-run states is inexplicable as even taxation can't be justifiably applied to solar panels. Renewables are cheap, CONSIDERABLY less than 10p per kWh. Electricity prices, however and in spite of claims to being subsidised are AT LEAST 50% higher. But despite the fact that you can go on eBay and compare the price of a fully installed system, either wind or solar, against your electricity bill, the anglo/zionist propaganda rags continue to peddle the lie. The leeway they get is from the unpredictability of wind and sunshine. The propaganda only claims that renewables are subsidised in spite of the supposed "subsidy" being HIGHER prices for consumers: The climate change policy implanted by Labour and Conservative ministers, which is based on a mix of carbon pricing and subsidies for expensive renewable energy and green taxes, is going to be even more expensive if it is trying to displace relatively cheap fossil fuels.
- Oil still has the power to humble leaders who fail to hedge their bets

In Poodleville, protesting against wind turbines has been encouraged but protesting fracking has been banned, allowing frackers to cause earthquakes beneath private property. You would have thought that solar would also be a better match for daytime demand. Instead, wind turbines are switched off. The fraudulent taxation on oil extraction has been increased, but only when prices on the international market are high. When they're low, the tax is transferred to the petrol pump. The effect is to encourage import of crude when prices are high. The latest nukilar power station contracts also lock in a much higher price for decades to come.

Reuters presented a graph of the cost of solar vs electricty prices based on Deutsche bank estimates: ... rity050415-620.jpg.

The lowest price for solar was 10c/kWh but in Poodleville, the cost for solar was strangely claimed to be about 23c/kWh, whereas electricity prices were 20c/kWh. No explanation for the varying cost of solar between Anglo-thieved states and non-thieved states was given. My prices are over 15p/kWh or over 24c/kWh. So the Reuters propaganda report appears to be understating electricity prices and massively overstating solar prices for the poodle state.

By contrast, shale isn't even commercially viable but seems to be a counter to the falling cost of solar panels. One propaganda article even claimed it would be better for micro-generators (those on domestic homes) be turned away from due south. This would suit the carbon producers and not the solar generators. The thieved state of Auztralia, for example has a problem at about noon when solar peaks and there's a glut. One sucker even wrote in asking whether she should point her solar panels away from south.
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