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Gov't plans to lift sanctions against Manila   [Copy link] 中文

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TAIPEI, Taiwan -- The government announced yesterday plans to lift the 11 retaliatory measures levied on the Philippines government after the country promised compensation and a formal apology over a shooting incident.

        It has been nearly three months since the fatal shooting of fisherman Hung Shih-cheng (洪石成) by Philippine coastguardsmen. Hung, 65, was killed after the Philippine coast guard opened fire on his fishing vessel in the Bashi Strait, between the Philippines and Southern Taiwan.
        The Philippines government has decided to send Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) Chairman Amadeo R. Perez as a representative of Philippines President Benigno Aquino III to officially apologize to Hung's family and the people of Taiwan.
        The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) expressed their support of the Philippine government's actions and their hope that the 11 sanctions can be lifted as soon as possible.
        Perez reportedly is to bring more than NT$10 million to the Hung household as compensation — a figure that is by far the largest compensation sum in Philippines history. A source has revealed that the funds are intended to compensate for the family's mental anguish, loss of income and maintenance costs for repairing the fishing boat, the Kuang Ta Hsing No. 28.
        According to CNA, Perez will present the apology to the Hung family in Liuqiu, though comments on the compensation were kept brief. He said he hopes the controversy surrounding the shooting incident will come to an end as soon as possible and friendly ties between the Philippines and Taiwan can be successfully restored.

Justice Ministry Vies for Harsher Punishment
        According to the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), 20-year sentences are often handed down for homicide in the Philippines — far more lenient than Taiwan's capital punishment system which can be imposed on the most heinous of crimes. The MOJ explicitly urged the Philippine government yesterday to levy a harsher punishment on the eight accused personnel.
        The governments of both the Philippines and Taiwan yesterday announced the results of their the investigation reports over the shooting that divided relations between the two nations three months ago. The Philippines government stated that they would press homicide charges against the eight coastguardsmen who allegedly opened fire on the unarmed vessel. According to Philippine criminal law, the harshest punishment that can be imposed for homicide is less than 20 years of imprisonment.
        The MOFA and MOJ later held a press conference, stating that the alleged actions of the Philippine coastguardsmen warrant that murder charges be brought against them.
        The MOJ stated that according to the Philippine criminal code, convicted murderers can face sentences of less than 40 years and more than 20 years in prison. Nevertheless, the MOJ said that they will respect the Philippines judiciary system, urging them to judge based on the evidence presented.
        MOJ Minister Tseng Yung-fu (曾勇夫) said that he can accept the results from the Philippine government's decisions, including the homicide charges. “Homicide charges in Philippines include killing someone through deliberate attempts. The strafing was done deliberately, so it should be considered homicide.”
        Ties between Taiwan and Philippines has grown tense since the killing of Hung on May 9 that enraged the people of Taiwan. Taiwan had initially demanded four requests on the Filipino government — official apology, compensation, punishment on the criminal and open bilateral fishery talks between both countries. The Cabinet then launched a string retaliatory measures on the Filipino government after they could not receive a satisfactory answer, including freezing the import of Filipino workers.?

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if this incident was 'tween china & the filipines then i'd understand but not with taiwan, and the filipines already caused somethin like that for almost half a dozen times just NO excuses whatsoever from the filipines...i wouldnt accept THAT  {:soso_e114:}{:soso_e135:}{:soso_e135:}
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This post was edited by NgTran at 2013-8-8 01:01

China killed scores of Vietnamese fishermen in recent years.

Are you not aware of that ?

(Between two countries - ruled by Communist parties - such incidents might end with a brotherly kiss between "dear leaders")

(Between two democratic countries the rule of law will lead to consent and mutual agreement)

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Taiwan to lift sanctions against PH

8 Coast Guards face raps over Balintang shooting

TAIPEI—Taiwan’s foreign ministry said Wednesday it would push for the lifting of sanctions against the Philippines after Manila recommended homicide charges against Coast Guard personnel who shot and killed a 65-year-old Taiwanese fisherman in Philippine waters.

Calling Manila’s move a “constructive response,” the ministry said it would recommend the Taipei government improve relations, including lifting sanctions imposed after the shooting.

In a separate move Taiwanese prosecutors on Wednesday charged eight Filipino Coast Guard personnel with homicide following the killing on May 9.

The indictment was considered symbolic as it is unlikely that the Philippines will allow the accused to be tried in Taiwan due to the lack of formal diplomatic ties.

“The Philippine Coast Guard illegally chased an unarmed fishing boat for 75 minutes and fired more than 100 shots at it, which was clearly not proper defense… and with an intent to kill,” prosecutors said in a statement.

Among the eight charged with murder are the commanding officer Arnold dela Cruz and seaman first class Edrano Aguila, who was found to have fired the M14 rifle that killed the 65-year-old fisherman, Hung Shih-cheng.

Taiwan’s indictment came on the same day as Justice Department investigators recommended homicide charges against the eight Coast Guard personnel.

The incident happened in waters near a Philippine island that Taiwan also claims as part of its economic zone.

Taiwan reacted furiously, announcing a ban on the hiring of new workers from the Philippines and suspending official trade and academic exchanges.

The two sides later swapped teams of investigators following weeks of acrimony over the death.

In Manila, National Bureau of Investigation chief Nonnatus Rojas said the eight Coast Guard personnel were the ones who admitted firing their weapons.

“The NBI report recommends that criminal charges of homicide be filed against these eight PCG personnel,” Rojas said.

He said the criminal complaint would be lodged before the state prosecutor’s office.

Under the law, the prosecutor will then determine whether there is enough evidence to take the case to court.

If convicted, the eight could face 12 to 20 years in jail for homicide, Rojas said.

While the shooter of the gun that killed the Taiwanese fisherman was identified, all eight would face the same charge under the principle that they acted in conspiracy, Rojas told reporters.

Nine other Coast Guard personnel who were on the same vessel, as well as three fisheries bureau employees with them, will not be charged, he said.

President Benigno Aquino III had repeatedly apologized for the incident that caused a rift with Taiwan, but Taipei rejected the apologies as insincere.

Rojas said there was no evidence to support the Coast Guard claim that the Taiwanese fishing vessel had tried to ram their boat.

“The video [footage of the incident] failed to prove the attempted ramming,” he said, adding “the intent to ram was not clear.”

The commanding officer, Dela Cruz, also faces obstruction of justice charges for allegedly tampering with evidence, ordering the falsification of his unit’s monthly gunnery reports to reflect a smaller amount of ammunition used during the shooting. The same charge was also recommended against Seaman First Class (SN1) Mhelvin Bendo, SN1 Marvin Ramirez, and Lt. Junior Grade Martin Bernabe.

The NBI report quoted Ramirez as saying he was instructed by Bernabe to splice portions of the video footage that “tended to incriminate the PCG crew, viz, the portions which showed the crew firing at the Taiwanese vessel.”

The NBI said that while the Coast Guard had given the Taiwanese vessel ample warning, there was “no conclusive justification for the use of deadly force against the fishing boat.”

Rojas said the factual issue boils down to a question on whose statements are more credible and which among the two opposing crews is telling the truth.

“The determination on whose version is credible rests with the investigating prosecutor or the trial judge,” Rojas said.

He said both sides are free to present additional evidence during the preliminary investigation or courtroom trial.

The NBI report added that the burden of proof on the alleged ramming attempt fell squarely on the Coast Guard.

The NBI also disputed Taiwan’s claim that the incident occurred in its territory.

“Without a doubt, the incident transpired within the waters over which the Philippines exercises jurisdiction and sovereign rights,” the NBI said.

“The maritime law enforcement operation conducted against the Taiwanese fishing vessel was validly,” it added.

The NBI, which conducted the investigation in Manila and Taiwan, submitted its report last Tuesday Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, who transmitted it to the President.

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NgTran Post time: 2013-8-7 08:58
China killed scores of Vietnamese fishermen in recent years.

Are you not aware of that ?

i'm aware of that since 1976 but here i answered directly to your postin not somethin else that you have in your own mind...and you need to spit it out klearly next time on your posts so that you dont need to ask us again (and i thankew)  
a man who uses his hands is a laborer. one who uses his hands and his mind is a craftsman. but he who uses his hands, his mind, and his heart, is an artist...

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So the Philippines marine life can be plundered at will by Taiwanese and Chinese fishermen?? No wonder the only animals to be found in Taiwan or China are cockroaches and rats...keep outta Philippines please...

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