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Hainan, the American Spy Plane, was in Chinese Airspace. [Copy link] 中文

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I will take you at your word and end it there.

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First of all I was laughing that hedan called you whitebread, but only because I thought he did it intentionally, which he did not.

"1. You can't refute my assertion the US violated UN convention on the law of the sea which it is a signitory. Having said that we can go further.
I certainly can and have done so.  I posted a link that had some info from a chinese newspaper (state run of course) that suggested the US planes was in international airspace at the time of th colision.  But, the plane did enter chinese air spcae when it had to make an emergency landing.  So, i agree that it did go into chinese air space as that should be obvious considereing it laned there.  But, i'm disageering with your assertion that it went into chinese air space at the time of the  COLLISION.  Show me some facts to change my mind and be willing to do so, but I will not take a mere assertion over evidence i've read.

"2. You accusation of me being "chairman" is groundless. Show me your evidence. It's only a sign of despair---nothing substantial to say but puffing hot air."
I thought hedan knew you were chairman...people make these claims of chairman all the time, but I never can tell.  I assumed he was right, but he didn't intend that anyways.  I conclude you were chairman on my own, essentially.

"3. Training? US pilot should be trained to respect Chinese air space, how about that as a starter?"
even if the american entered chinese air space, isn't it absurd that a fighter jet ran into a defenseless 1960's design air plane???  Ur kidding your self man to think otherwise.  The chinese fighter killed himself.  It's unfortuante sure, but I don't think it the american fault, it the chinese air commander that sent him up to provoke the US.

"4. Your infantile behavior only proves that my arguement is beyond any of the defense, even excuses you could put up. Admit that, then you may start to learn something."
it seems to me that you insulted me to a much higher degree than I did to you...i'm glad you agree.

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I meant the US plane was NOT in international airspace at the time of the collision.

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wholegrain, thanks for confirmation of what the majority thought.

wholegrain, Hainan, the American Spy Plane, was in Chinese Airspace.

Thank You, we all knew the USA Spy plane was in Chinese Airspace but your confirmation was great. Thanks.

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mikeghet, I lifted this back up as you have forgotten already.

You are a warmonger mikeghet and if its war you want, war you will get.

China is not afraid of you.

Here is the post that you choose to forget, the one that involves the cowardly and gutless murder of a Chinese heroe.

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BL, man, those must be some good drugs ur taking

how can i get some???

Like i said, about a 100 times to you, I never agreed on your need to resurect an old topic, when you RE-STARTED it already...

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You western devils, try and explain to me, why that Hainan post is not hate.

Go on.
Read the English, read the pleasure and joy in the written lines.
Read the laughing insults.
Read it and tell me it is not China Hate, beacsue it is China hate.
The great majority of you are guilty of it.
The white superiority complex that is washed into your brains never allows you to grant China anything at all. Nothing.

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