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Hainan, the American Spy Plane, was in Chinese Airspace. [Copy link] 中文

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So, that makes the entire South China Sea "China's airspace."

Well, hedan ( Head Jackal ) who should engage brain before using mouth or keyboard.


Again, please read the maps.

Please make yourself more familiar with China.

Lastly, China has much Territory that you the foreigner, the alien, do not understand and was never included in your education system, as you have limited and narrow education.

I have devoted an entire post to this subject in this section.

Try to learn hedan ( Head Jackal )

chairman is not wrong hedan ( Head Jackal )

chairman just has a very nasty way of making simple points to idiots.

Your presumption in other posts that chairman is wrong, because chairman is not nice, is very silly.

Correct and Nce have nothing to do with each other.

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Is this the logic?

No, this is the facts and the truth.

It has nothing to do with logic.

Please do yourself a favour, not me, yourself, and look at a China Map.

You are " NOT " trying to learn, every time, some of us, lighten up on you, you drop back into your old ways, you are " NOT " trying to learn at all.

This is China.

It has a huge and massive history, there are many reasons why China is the way it is and one of those reason is to maintain it's territorial integrity.

There is not one Chinese National, not one, not one anywhere, no matter how limited his education, that does not know where Chinese territory is and where it extends to.

arksi, yapchongyee, chairman and wchao37 will also tell you exactly the same things I am telling you.

As for which chairman posts, please, more than 1,000 of them.

The problem with you people and chairman, if you scroll backwards, is that chairman has always written the truth and the facts, but he has a limited endurance for the idiot factor, even Yapchongyee has a longer fuse than chairman does and then arksi and then wchao37, the others are very tolerant of ignorant fools who think they know what China is and why, but poor old chairman, he is guilty of the most wicked crime of all crimes, pure outright, brutal, honesty.

If you want to learn, many of us, will be only too happy to help you learn, we do not live to fight in this forum, we all have lives, same as you.

Justice, derived from truth and facts, is what is important to us.

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no, it doesn't

No one has ever claimed sovereign airspace over the Pacific Ocean.  As far as I know, a country's airspace continues for 12 miles out from its coastline.  Some countries with coastlines closer than that have mutual  agreements as to how they control their space.  I don't know how it works with the Marianas Islands or other archipelagos.  While I'm sure we use super fast and stealthy spy planes over other countries' airspace (though very rarely), I'm quite sure we did not send a lumbering, bulky, noisy EP-3 anywhere close to the 12-mile limit from Hainan.  Why would we do this, when we have other means for doing it totally undetected?

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You know full well the International Laws on the distance from Land,

That constitutes a continuation of territory.

You also know, that disputes are in play on extensions to where by who and why.

You are also ( or should be ) aware of the extension given to territory spread over an area of sea or ocean.

( there are disputes here, we will not argue that )

But the disputes involve the calculations on the territory, say from one island to the next island, plus, the area marked on your map, has been marked on Chinese maps, since at least the year 900 AD ( or longer ) and this also presents a part of the problem.

Ancient title to sea and ocean versus, international treaty title, where many country's and lands were not considered, this problem is not limited to just China.

The close proximity to Borneo and then the use of the calculation, reveals that there is a serious problem there.

That is another story, see other post.

This problem was part of the Vietnam War, in regards to Air Terrirory and Sea Territory at that time, with War Ships of not just the USA but also of the Soviet Union, making intrusions into Chinese waters.

This is not a " NEW PROBLEM " invented by me today, this has been a problem for quite some time, in any case, my guess would be that International Flights, fly through that Chinese Airspace everyday and that there is much dispute wilh illegal fishing in that area, but when you send in a Spy Plane or for that mater, a military contigent, that has the sole purpose of instrusion to China, then there will be a problem.

Dispute, would be a sufficient ending for these several posts, except that as far as the Chinese are concerned, there is no dispute.

It is China.

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I am going to bed now, but before I do, this post to Chinese readers.

You will see above where I extended the hand of friendship to the foreigner hedan ( Head Jackal ) you will see as you read his reaction to my genuine attempt to help him learn and my agreement to do so.

I can do no more, but you Chinese readers must understand that this is where xenophobia comes from, because, they do not want to learn , they want only to detroy and argue and create havoc.

They want no one China, they want if possible no China at all and the muzzling of the knowledgeable Chinese, is not a good way to help the foreigners learn.

Good Night.

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Blackie, why can't you argue the facts?  HeDan posted what looks pretty irrefutable to me.  I asked some questions about the flight data recorder, which no one has even addressed.  Bchung said China should have shot the plane down and I agree, if it was in Chinese airspace.  Now he k screams about paint.  You cry  "Xenophobia" when the facts don't support your argument.  If you look at your first post on this thread, it does not at all square with what HeDan posted.  So by your definition, Chinese airspace extends to wherever you want it to in order to claim the right to attack an unarmed spy plane conducting totally legal operations.  What's next?

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"no one china?"

blackie lau, whoever said china should be split?!

i've never read that anywhere on this forum yet.  i've never written that, neither has anyone else here.  


to hedan and meiguoracing,

if c-man doesn't make sense, then don't waste your time with him.


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