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[Dating advice] [Original]Are foreign guys very eager to have sex?   [Copy link] 中文

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prashil Post time: 2013-7-5 05:25
Here you get wrong meaning for play . I think you might be new.  here is china they often use chin ...

prashil I think you are correct. I think I just misinterpret what she has meant.

But I still stay with my view regarding this subject. It is not only foreigners who react in this way. All people of different cultures has different values, even from within the same culture you get different views regarding sex.

People react differently from one another, even within the same family you will not find that every brother or sister is the same as the other siblings. One may be promiscuous and the other one shy. Same parents, same value system that they have been taught, yet not the same character.

It all depends on the individual and what they believe.

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roninxian Post time: 2013-7-3 22:23
"For a "genuineaussie" your English poor and".  Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.  You ...

One typing error does not constitute bad English. Grade me 95/100.

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those guys are animal's sex until third date....
Never Let Anyone Outside The Family Know What You're Thinking.

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HarryVC1822 Post time: 2013-7-6 10:40
One typing error does not constitute bad English. Grade me 95/100.

I reread both your comment and the one by genuineaussie.  I think they were both simply typing errors.  Many people write, but don't check what they've written or maybe don't have spell check.  This is a common problem/situation.  I know I have been guilty of it as well.
Feel free to jump on someone for their viewpoint, comments, etc., we all do that, but please try to overlook spelling, especially as many people try to write too quickly.
And many peoples' computer make mistakes.  I have problems with "c" on mine, so many times it gives me double 'cc' instead.

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"    robert237 Post time: 2013-7-2 11:58
    When you finally get laid come back and talk.

tell us after you spent 1,000 dollars, what happened???"

I'm guessing his male order bride cost more than that.

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roninxian Post time: 2013-7-6 20:32
I reread both your comment and the one by genuineaussie.  I think they were both simply typing err ...

I believe you have misunderstood the point of my comment. If he was an Aussie I wanted to apologise for the derogatory comments he made about the “majority of Chinese women”.

I was disgusted by what he wrote and perhaps did not want to attribute them a fellow Australian. More importantly did not want anyone to think that his comments were an indication of what decent minded Australian men thought about Chinese woman.

I had doubts about him being born in Australia and wanted to point out why. My lovely wife is Chinese, my daughter is half Chinese and I have been to China many times and corresponded with quite a few Chinese people. A western person, especially 50+ years old, does not use “he he” or “ha ha” when corresponding, Quite a few of the emails I have received from China, mainly from women and/or young Chinese, do. Also “OMG ” is not in the vocabulary of many Australian males. “Oh my God”, “hey guy ” and “Hump” are Americanisms and I suspect they are picked up from Americans who teach English. Also “if the heat in the kitchen is too hot...get the hell out of the kitchen.“ and  “this wonderful country”  are more likely to be spoken by an American than an Australian. I wanted your readers to see why I thought he may not be what his name implied.

I have met many, many Chinese women, none of which I tried to sleep with (outside marriage), and of all the countries I have visited, in general I find them to be the nicest, kindest and sexiest.

One more thing, he has not disputed my deduction about his nationality or his age.

If I have transgressed, sorry I did not mean to. To use his words I am just a “silly foreigner”.

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I understand  now, thanks.  Well, I have no idea where he is from, his nationality, etc.  Of course there are so many in forums for whom we have no idea.

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