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American Atrocities   [Copy link] 中文

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seneca Post time: 2013-6-29 04:31
DNorth Korea is at the receiving end of charity and food donations from S Korea, the U.S. of A., E ...

Lift the sanctions against North Korea and lets see who will feed who?

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The socialist labour system in the DPRK is the one that is centered on the popular masses, and it provides the working people with independent and creative labor lives free from exploitation and oppression. In the socialist system of the country where people are masters of the state and society, every working-age citizen has the right to labor on equal terms irrespective of nationality, sex, age, social affiliation and religious belief.

The rights to labor include free choice of occupations, offering stable jobs and labor conditions and rewards for labor according to quality and quantity of labor. In the country where unemployment was gone long ago, the right of a citizen to labor has been proclaimed and substantially provided .by law. The labor law which was proclaimed in June, Juche 35 (1946) introduced a 8-hour labor regime and was reinforced by the Socialist Labor Law newly adopted in April, Juche 68 (1979). The daily labor span is also 7 hours or 6 hours according to the conditions of heavy and special labors.

The socialist reward-for-labor regime is materialized through salaries, bonus and bounty according to the quality and quantity of labor and through distribution by working-day in the cooperative economy. Under-age child labor is totally prohibited in the country.   

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Does the great AMERICA have this? The GREAT North Korea does...

Apart from gains by labor, the people enjoy enormous additional benefits from the state thanks to socialist policies enforced by the Party and the government.

Food Supply Benefit
The state supplies food to workers, office employees and even newly-born babies. The state purchases rice at the price of 189 won per kg and corn at 96 won per kg from cooperative farms and sells rice at 46 won and corn-processed noodles at 33 won.

Benefits from Providing Houses
The state is involved in building and allotting dwelling houses free of charge, and the people are ignorant of dwelling tax. It is the only country that builds and allots dwelling houses for working people and bears most of the utility costs. The state builds rural dwelling houses for nothing and never receives rentals from the cooperative farmers.

Benefits from Free Medical Care
The country enforced free medical care for workers, office workers and their dependents since January Juche 36 (1947). Universal free medical care was enforced since January, Juche 42 (1953) and the complete, universal free medical care since February, Juche 49 (1960).
Thus, the state bears totally the expenses of medical checkups and treatment, bed and board in hospitals, medicines, and even travel costs to and from sanatoria.

Benefits from Free Education
The country enforced universal free education at all educational institutes since Juche 48 (1959). Today the country offers the complete 11-year compulsory free education which enables from kindergarteners to university students to study free of charge. Even college and university students are learning supported by scholarships from the state.

Benefits from Tax Exemption
Thanks to the popular policies pursued by the Party and the government of the Republic, the country eliminated the devilish tax regime enforced by the Japanese imperialists, landlords and capitalists and gradually reduced some taxes which led to abolishing the agricultural tax in kind in Juche 55 (1966) and a small amount of income taxes paid by workers and office workers in April Juche 63 (1974), thus completely eliminating the tax regime, a legacy of the old society.

Benefits from Social Insurance and Social Security System
Female workers take 5 months of maternity leave, and in case of having more than 3 children, receive salaries equivalent to 8 hours' work even though they work for 6 hours. When workers become physically impaired due to diseases, wounds and other factors, they are provided with relevant subsidies, treatment and living conditions from the state. Old pensioners (men over 60, women over 55) receive pensions and old people and orphans devoid of care receive living conditions from the state.

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seneca Post time: 2013-6-28 14:57
You are another pathetic slimy wannabe knowitall, easy to deceive and easy to enroll in propaganda ...
You are another pathetic slimy wannabe knowitall, easy to deceive and easy to enroll in propaganda exercises.

You somehow seem to think that beginning a conversation with insults is the way to obtain results? Is that the way they do it in your home country, which you refuse to name? It's certainly not the way things are done in the civilized world.

Why don't you invest some of your intellectual resources into finding out the truth about Muslims and the perverted views you gringoes hold on them?

I have spent quite a bit of time on just that. Why is that so important to you? Are you a Muslim? Does the world's generally negative perception of your religion bother you so much that you resort to insults instead of trying to repair the image by treating others as equals instead of as infidels who must be either converted or killed?

I don't feel like putting my life in danger, so I am going to stop this particular discussion here rather than continue.

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gaiacomm Post time: 2013-6-28 15:26
North Korea does not have hunger as you think. Post evidence to the facts. Don't assume. I am sure ...

He won't admit what that land is, though.

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seneca Post time: 2013-6-28 14:57
You are another pathetic slimy wannabe knowitall, easy to deceive and easy to enroll in propaganda ...

"Wannabe knowitall" Interesting phrase, beside being grammatically incorrect.

I do want to know more. I am looking for the truth about these matters, which is why I am involved in this discussion. The original poster is presenting information that directly contradicts what is taught about the DPRK here in the US, so I questioned him/her on the matter in a polite and non-confrontational manner. I am simply looking for the truth.

I learned that much of what I was taught about the PRC was wrong by meeting and getting to know people from the PRC, and much later by visiting the PRC. I would love an opportunity to do the same with the DPRK, to learn the truth.

I don't believe everything on the DPRK's web site, but I don't believe it is as bad as we in the USA are being told it is, either. That's why I want to find out for myself.

You, naturally, immediately resort to insults, ad hominem attacks, and non sequiturs when confronted with anyone who disagrees with you. It's sad, really. If you'd put some effort into trying to learn and in being willing to admit that you could be mistaken about things I am sure you would have a much more pleasant life. That is exactly what I am trying to do. Rather than holding tightly to pre-concieved ideas about other cultures and countries, I am trying to learn what I can about them and arrive at my own conclusions.

Usually, this results in an elevated opinion of the country or culture being investigated. Understanding is a powerful thing, and I firmly believe that the truth is the most powerful weapon against bigotry.

If you believe that I am mistaken, then provide decent evidence instead of ranting and insulting people. My opinion on climate change has changed partly as a result of information you have provided. It would help if you would be civil toward others. Treating others with respect and addressing the beliefs themselves rather than attacking the person is usually much more effective.

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querist Post time: 2013-6-29 04:43
He won't admit what that land is, though.

querist.. I know. Fear and ignorance are his or hers friend.

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