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American Atrocities   [Copy link] 中文

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Blood Money

Anglo atrocities include 350 years of overt slavery before adopting slavery disguised as a prison system and braying that they "led the World" in abolishing slavery. The Anglos are illegal immigrant, mongrel barbarians. Like the Boeing 737 MAX and the litany of krappiness that's being exposed at Boeing (or at Tesla or Gangster Motors), money is the only consideration regardless of the crimes that are committed.

Ministers have asked the courts to set aside a landmark ruling that British arms sales to Saudi Arabia are unlawful, a legal manoeuvre that prompted Jeremy Corbyn to accuse the Conservatives of prioritising military exports over civilian lives.
- UK ministers challenge court ruling on Saudi Arabia arms sales

The sale is a war crime. Germany has already blocked arms sales. Vince Cable has tried to block the sales but was over-ruled by war criminal, Jeremy Hunt and the pothead war criminal.

This is like the TWO rulings in favour of the Chagos Islanders for the return of their land in Poodleville's own kangaroo kourts, but which convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, blocked using an ancient privilege of the monarchy. It's a Victoria Nuland to the rule of law!
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gork Post time: 2019-7-8 23:30
Blood Money

Anglo atrocities include 350 years of overt slavery before adopting slavery disguised a ...

Good News:
   Chagos Islands dispute:     May 22, 2019
UN backs end to UK control. The UN has passed a resolution demanding the UK return control of the Chagos Islands to Mauritius.
The General Assembly adopted the resolution Wednesday 'Advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on the legal consequences of the separation of the Chagos Archipelago from Mauritius in 1965' with 116 votes in favour, 56 abstentions and six nations voting against, including the UK, the United States, Australia, Israel and the Maldives and Hungary...

   Unfortunately it's a non-binding vote, still  a major diplomatic blow to the UK...

The islands have since been used for defence purposes by the UK and the United States, which established a military base on the island of Diego Garcia. The entire Chagossian population was forcibly removed from the territory between 1967 and 1973, and prevented from returning.

It demanded that the UK withdraw its colonial administration from the Chagos Archipelago unconditionally within six months, enabling Mauritius to complete the decolonization of its territory as rapidly as possible. India voted in support of the resolution...

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Yet More Anglo Barbarity
- weasel words

The poodle empire of plundering is over. They've shot their bolt. They're not even a World power any more. As russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, said, no one listens to them any more. Their quackonomy is in a state of implosion, described as "menopausal" by Ben Broadbent and "dependent on the kindness of strangers" by Mark Carney as it undergoes a HUGE doggie death-spiral firesale and buys Hinckley Point C on the "never never". Their own propaganda report admits their IQs are plummeting (which came as a surprise to me as I never knew they had any). Brexit will add fuel to the fire.

The chickens have come home to roost. That bridge now has to be crossed. The day of reckoning has arrived to bite them in the bum and it's becoming routine. The Mau Mau sued and won their case in Poodleville's own kangaroo kourts, demanding reparations, despite war criminal, Billy Jefferson Hague, repeatedly trying to block them and then claiming "sincere regret" when he lost. Shashi Tharoor is also demanding reparations.

Now it's the turn of the Maoris: Statement from high commissioner Laura Clarke comes ahead of 250th anniversary of Cook’s landing, but stops short of apology
- Britain expresses 'regret' over Māori killings after Cook's arrival in New Zealand

That's similar to the pothead war criminal refusing to apologise for his ancestors slave-ownership when he visited the Caribbean or his refusal to return India's Koh-i-noor diamond claiming he didn't believe in "returnism".

Justin Welby admits he only speaks for the church and not Poodleville's goons & thugs: In 2013, David Cameron became the first serving prime minister to visit the site of the killings, bowing his head in honour of the victims. The episode was “deeply shameful” and should never be forgotten, he said, but he stopped short of apologising.

This year Theresa May called the killings a “shameful scar” in British-Indian history but also stopped short of formally apologising.

- Justin Welby prostrates himself in apology for British massacre at Amritsar

They also continue to refuse to return the artefacts looted from China's Summer Palace, Egypt’s Rosetta Stone, Greece’s Parthenon marbles,
Australia’s Gweagal shield and Myanmar's Nga Mauk Ruby, to name but a few.

But not only do these "foreign devils" refuse to apologise, they continue to commit their war crimes and atrocities! This is because they have every intention of seizing the entire planet in accordance with rabid doctrine espoused by Cecil Rhodes or the Monroe Doctrine. To apologise would be to accept others as your equal as well as their right to exist. They wrote in the margins of Dr. Gregory Clarke's report that they wanted to see India and China "at each other's throats". Luckily they're already making their way around the u-bend of history.
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Forked Tongues

The 1835 Treaty of New Echota precipitated tens of thousands of Cherokee joining the infamous Trail of Tears – giving up their ancestral homes in the south-east, to trek to what is now Oklahoma.

In a minor concession to the Cherokee people, buried within the treaty was a promise that the nation could appoint a delegate to the House of Representatives, to have at least some sort of say in the government that had forced them for their land.

- Will Congress finally fulfill a 200-year-old promise to the Cherokee people?

A violation is a violation. You can't for example sell a car, keep using it for 200 years until it's a wreck and then finally deliver on your side of the contract. America belongs to the native Americans and not to the infestation.
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Yet Again Crocodile Tears

Poodleville's gangsterism never changes; all the same propaganda; all the same dirty tricks.

War criminal, the Donald, has accepted defeat in Syria. What is extraordinary about Russia's win is that she defeated the Great Satan with conventional weapons which is the type of warfare the Great Satan believes it dominates. Nuclear weapons were out of the question. An assault by the Great Satan was easily rebuffed by Russia's S-300 system.

But the propaganda rags in both the gangster-run, thieved prison-states of Poodleville and Amerika have protested, blaming Turkey for any casualties in the aftermath of the Great Satan's defeat. Turkey's ambassador has defended the setting up of a buffer zone and president Erdogan's treatment of Kurds. Graphic scenes are meant to tug at the heart strings. This is the usual, disgusting crocodile tears, typical of poodle propaganda which has also produced the scurrilous Integrity Initiative propaganda cell and now the Global Disinformation Index, both funded by the poodle states, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, even as they raise pension ages from 60 to 65 for women with little notification.

But it was the Great Satan and poodle which started this war, without even the excuse of WMD used to illegally invade Iraq or R2P used to illegally invade Libya and then to thieve their gold. It was reported that one family fled the war to Ukraine, only to be caught up in the Great Satan's other war; one to block Russia's gas to Europe; the other to provide a competing source. The poodle state provided a "rat line" of arms form Libya to Syria. The Great Satan illegally built a runway in Syria and thieved Ukraine's gold.

As for the refugees, Poodleville refused to take more than a token number, using the refugee crisis to attack the EU.

And we know what they really think of refugees or the EU from the likes of war criminal, Victoria "F**k the EU" Nuland, when she illegally overthrew the ukrainian government, which was democratically elected in what war criminal, Jimmy Carter, said were free and fair elections. Her fellow National Endowment for Democracy terrorist, war criminal, Mad Madelyne "worth it" Albright, was invited on to Poodleville's Richard & Judy show to demonstrate that the evil, insane, mentally-retarded and worthless piece of excrement wasn't the evil witch that we know she is. The food for oil sanctions imposed on Iraq that genocided a million by slow-starvation and with half being kids under the age of five, weren't because Iraq was in any way a threat, other than to the jew-confetti "worthless paper" USD, when CIA operative, Saddam Hussein refused to price oil in "worthless paper" USD. She has since admitted that revealing her insanity was mentally-retarded. In other words, she thinks the only mistake she made was mis-handling the P.R. War criminal, Winston Turdhill murdered a million Germans in the same way, illegally classifying food as "contraband". The malignant evil slaughtered his own allies, the communist youth of Greece, for no reason other than he wanted the greek royalty to resume power. But UN officials resigned in protest, just as Poodleville's junior ministers and lawyers resigned in protest, when convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, illegally invaded Iraq on the now proven lies of WMD. One commentator compared the illegal invasion to Mike Tyson vs a small child.

But amid all the condemnation of war criminal, The Donald, and Turkey the war-profiteers don't donate any cash or aid to their victims. Jimmy "Mad Dog" Mattis is a multi-millionaire who resigned when war criminal, The Donald, announced the syrian withdrawal last December, meaning Mattis's paymasters wouldn't make as much profit. His replacement, Patrick Shanahan, is the Boeing shill and his replacement, Mark Esper, is the Raytheon chief lobbyist. The long time before the ACTUAL withdrawal shows how it's an uphill battle.
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