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Great Satan Caught Lying YET AGAIN
- another "sexed up" report and another "Dr. David Kelly"

By now everyone's used to the forked-tongue of the Great Satan.

The chemical weapons lie had already been preceded by another chemical weapons lie, where it was the rebels in Syria who had been supplied chemical weapons and weren't told what they were so accidentally poisoned themselves.

Here's the Great Satan at it again: You may recall that, one month after the Skripal incident, there was allegedly a “chemical weapons attack” in the jihadist enclave of Douma, which led to air strikes against the Syrian government in support of the jihadist forces by US, British and French bombers and missiles.
. . .
Robert Fisk was subjected to massive media abuse and I was demonised by countless mainstream media journalists on social media, of which this is just one example of a great many.
. . .
Such evidence for the attack that existed came from the jihadist allied and NATO funded White Helmets and related sources; and the veteran and extremely respected journalist Robert Fisk, first westerner to arrive on the scene, reported that no chemical attack had taken place.
. . .
The results show that no organophosphorous nerve agents or their degradation products were detected in the environmental samples or in the plasma samples taken from alleged casualties. Along with explosive residues, various chlorinated organic chemicals were found in samples from two sites, for which there is full chain of custody.
. . .
Mr Henderson was in charge of the engineering sub-group of the OPCW Fact Finding Mission. The engineers assessed that the story of the cylinders being dropped from the sky was improbable, and it was much more probable that they had simply been placed there manually. There are two major reasons they came to this conclusion.

At least one of the crater holes showed damage that indicated it had been caused by an explosive, not by the alleged blunt impact. The cylinders simply did not show enough damage to have come through the reinforced concrete slabs and particularly the damage which would have been caused by the rebar. Rebar is actually thicker steel than a gas cylinder and would have caused major deformation.
. . .
the OPCW Fact Finding Mission reflected in their final report none of the findings of their own sub-group of university based engineers from two European universities, but instead produced something that is very close to the amateur propaganda “analysis” put out by Bellingcat. The implications of this fraud are mind-blowing.
. . .
Still more revealing is the reaction from the OPCW – which rather than acknowledge there is a major problem with the conclusions of its Douma report, has started a witch hunt for the whistleblower who leaked the Henderson report.

- The World: What Is Really Going On

Rather than being "just a stupid policeman" as Dr. No referred to Jimmy Bond as, MI6 are more accurately a terrorist organisation as when Jimmy Bond blew up an installation at the start of "From Russia With Love": The Russian government claimed to have intelligence that indicated it was MI6 behind the faking of the Douma chemical attack.

We already know that Scurrilous Anglo Skank were caught disguised as Iraqis and in possession of a van load of explosives when they illegally forced Iraq to hold elections. Obviously the intended victims would have been men, women and children. When they were arrested, instead of demanding their release, the regular Anglo skank performed a jail-break. Similarly, the Scurrilous Anglo Skank were caught in Libya, disguised as farmers, fomenting the very conflict that war criminal, Billy Jeffereson Hague, claimed they needed protecting from.

Thus nine months passed before it was admitted that the first person who “coincidentally” came across the ill Skripals on the park bench, just happened to be the Chief Nurse of the British Army.
. . .
Every single one of these points – that “Boshirov and Petrov” have never been charged with the manslaughter of Sturgess, that the bottle was sealed so could not have been used at the Skripals’ house, and that it cannot have been in the charity bin that long – are points that I have repeatedly made, and for which I have suffered massive abuse, including – indeed primarily – from dozens of mainstream media journalists.
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Like the Bhopal disaster, the Great Satan couldn't give a rat's a$$.

Infants are still being born with birth defects linked to a toxic herbicide used by the US military to weed out Viet Cong fighters
Environmentalists say the country could see six to 12 more generations of victims, but US courts are so far not satisfied with evidence indicating a link

- Vietnam war: 44 years on, birth defects from America’s Agent Orange are increasing

In recent years, the Great Satan finally relented in paying compensation to their own cannon-fodder who were also getting birth defects from this defoliant. So we know these vermin are lying: VAVA filed three lawsuits in the US – in 2004, 2007 and 2009 – seeking compensation from 37 chemical companies that manufactured Agent Orange.

It lost all three cases. The courts ruled there was insufficient scientific evidence to link Agent Orange to the debilitating condition of many Vietnamese.
This was despite two other successful lawsuits against manufacturers of Agent Orange – in 1980, when 8,300 US veterans were awarded US$180 million, and in 2006, when 6,800 South Korean veterans received US$62 million.

Get that? Over $22k for amerikan cannon-fodder but only $9k (after 26 more years of inflation) for Koreans and Vietnamese get nothing.

As the Vietnamese had nowhere else to go, they had no choice but to fight the Great Satan worthless vermin and their rabid nutjob quest for World domination. The anglo/jew propaganda claimed that this meant they were willing to die. As gangsters, the Great Satan tried to bomb Vietnam into submission: An estimated 7.6 million tonnes of bombs were dropped on Vietnam by the US military, 40 per cent of which landed on Quang Tri alone. Wartime remnants can be found in the compounds of homes and schools, and in forested areas near villages.
So far, 8,540 people have died in Quang Tri from stepping on unexploded bombs and landmines, says the Quang Tri Mine Action Centre, a provincial body providing help to victims.

Some Amerikans have returned and begged forgiveness. It was an amerikan helicopter commander who trained his guns on convicted war criminal, Billy Calley, at My Lai and ordered his men to open fire if war criminal Calley persisted. Calley had to brush aside one of his own underlings who balked at slaughtering women and children. War criminal, Nixon, pardoned Calley after only four days. After all, these war crimes had been ordered from "the very top".

But they're at it again. They're attacking Chelsea Manning for exposing more Great Satan war crimes and Julian Assange is being drugged and is near to death. Manning spent two years in torture conditions even before the kangaroo kourt trial.
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Normalisng War Crimes
- by subhuman skank

So horrific were the crimes of Lt. Billy Calley that it was an amerikan helicopter commander who trained his guns on Calley and ordered his men to open fire if Calley persisted. Apparently Calley had to brush aside an underling who balked at the crime. Those with more sense than Calley would shoot their own officers such as Calley; known as Fraking (not Fracking).

More recently, a blonde woman with an amerikan accent stood up as the closing credits started to roll on the state-run BBC's heavily-controlled, Question Time, propaganda programme and shouted out that the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika was the most evil nation on the planet.

But it's not just war criminal, mad Madelyne "worth it" Albright, who is trying to normalise the Great Satan's crimes: Defending Gallagher recently, Hunter put his own record up next to the SEAL to suggest that he’s an elected Congressman who has done worse things in battle than Gallagher.
. . .
Rep. Hunter described his philosophy when fighting in Iraq:

“You go in fast and hard, you kill people, you hit them in the face and then you get out…We’re going to hurt you and then we’re going to leave. And if you want to be nice to America, we’ll be nice to you. If you don’t want to be nice to us, we’re going to slap you again.”

This shows how much Duncan Hunter does not understand about war. When he speaks of hitting people in the face until they are nice to America, he doesn’t seem to realize that the people of Fallujah – and all of Iraq – never did a thing to the US to deserve that hit in the face. The war was launched on the basis of lies and cooked-up intelligence by many of the people who are serving in the current Administration.

- The War Crimes That Don't Get Punished

So, this is like the scene in Spartacus, where Kirk Douglas shouts out that he is Spartacus, only for everyone else to also shout out that they were Spartacus.

The Guardian, an MI6 mouth-piece, reported that Poodleville had used torture during WW2 in defence of the Guantanamo Bay torture chamber.

Hunter's attitude in Iraq is similar to that of John Kerry in Vietnam: shoot first and don't bother asking quesitons later. Like Hunter, Kerry claimed he wanted to avenge someone else who was rightfully killed in the illegal infestation of Vietnam. He would strafe houseboats on-sight murdering civilians rather than risk his own neck.

These are the worst crimes possible alongside starting each and every one of these wars. There's ABSOLUTELY no way that these vermin should be considered human and not put to death. What kind of sheeple allow themselves to be ruled over by the worst scum on the planet?
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Disgusting "Amerikan Values"

Look how these barbarians are devolving into subhuman pieces of excrement: A Wall Street Journal report (5/25/19) by Warren Strobel whitewashed CIA Director Gina Haspel’s career and put a positive spin on the CIA’s insulation from public accountability with its turn towards its greatest opacity “in decades.”
. . .
Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell said he is absolutely confident that Ms. Haspel will push back if policy makers ask the agency to do something it shouldn’t.

“I was told that somebody asked that the agency do something that was inappropriate. Her response was, ‘No. And don’t ask again,’ ” said Mr. Morell, who hosts the Intelligence Matters podcast. He said he did not have details of the incident.

Strange: That’s precisely the opposite of what Haspel did when she was asked to violate domestic and international law by torturing post-9/11 prisoners (euphemized by Strobel as “controversies” over “treatment of detainees”), and peddling lies about torture’s effectiveness (National Security Archives, 4/26/18).

Nor did Haspel say “No. And don’t ask again,” when told to destroy videotape recordings of the CIA inflicting torture on its captives, which was condemned as “obstruction” by 9/11 Commission chairs Lee Hamilton and Thomas Kean (Intercept, 3/13/18; New York Times, 1/2/08).

Haspel actually supervised Detention Site Green in Thailand, one of the US’s notorious “black sites” where suspects were sent to be tortured after being kidnapped and held in another country to evade legal accountability in the US (Washington Post, 11/2/05). Sondra Crossby, a US Navy Reserve doctor with extensive experience treating torture victims around the world, described one of Haspel’s prisoners as “one of the most traumatized individuals I have ever seen.”

John Kiriakou, a former CIA official not cited in this laudatory profile, said that Haspel was known to other colleagues as “Bloody Gina” because people like her “tortured for the sake of torture, not for the sake of gathering information” (Democracy Now, 3/14/18).

Many of Haspel’s champions have offered the irrelevant and unacceptable “Nuremberg Defense” of “just following orders” to shield her from criticism. Morell himself is one of those people, as he praised her nomination as deputy director specifically because she obediently follows immoral orders (Cipher Brief, 2/2/17):

- WSJ Says CIA Chief Wouldn’t Do Anything ‘Inappropriate’—Despite Record of Torture and Coverup
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If You Ban Guns, Then Only the Criminals Will Have Guns
- and blowback justifies more war-profiteering

And Poodleville's Oxbridge-edukated goons & thugs are MOST DEFINITELY criminals showing TOTAL disregard for any laws.

Under British law, it is illegal to licence arms exports if they might be used deliberately or recklessly against civilians – or in legal terms, to violate international humanitarian law. There is overwhelming evidence that the Saudis are flagrantly in violation, and yet when questions are raised in Parliament about Britain’s role in the atrocities occurring in Yemen, Conservative ministers typically limit themselves to three well-worn responses.
- ‘The Saudis couldn’t do it without us’: the UK’s true role in Yemen’s deadly war

In fact, two committees of Poodleville's own goons & thugs said the evidence of war crimes was "overwhelming".

As with the Great Satan's "double-tap" assaults and bombing of MSF hospitals with infantile sadism, the only motive can be deliberate attempts to create blow-back and freedom-fighter incidents in a cycle of violence with which to justify even more war profiteering: Human rights groups have criticised the Saudi-led coalition for its use of so-called “double-tap” attacks – in which a second bomb is dropped a few minutes after the first, targeting civilians and emergency responders who have rushed to the site of the first explosion. One such staggered attack on 8 October 2016 hit a funeral in Sana’a, killing 155 mourners and wounding at least 525. Another double-tap strike hit a wedding party in the remote village of Al-Wahijah on 28 Sept 2015, killing 131 civilians. “The corpses were scattered among the trees,” the father of the groom, Mohammed Busaibis, told the Yemeni human rights group Mwatana, adding that he learned his own mother had died when he saw her familiar scar on a disembodied leg. “Why did they attack us? There is nothing around here. No military camps, not even a police station.”

So war criminal, Auntie May's, claim that they had to murder in Yemen so that they don't come to Poodleville is a reversal of the truth. It's similar to false-flags with the freedom-fighters doing the dirty-work of killing your own sheeple for you.

These are very deliberate crimes for cash: Two months later, on 23 May 2018, Boris Johnson, then foreign secretary, released a carefully worded statement committing an undisclosed number of UK troops to provide “information, advice and assistance” to “mitigate” the threat to Saudi Arabia from Houthi missiles.
. . .
In March of this year, the foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, marked the fourth anniversary of Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen with an audacious defence of Britain’s role in the conflict. In an opinion piece for Politico, Hunt insisted it would be “morally bankrupt” to cut off the Saudis, with the counterintuitive argument that Britain’s pursuit of peace in Yemen requires the government to continue selling weapons to one of the combatants. Otherwise, he warned, we would “surrender our influence and make ourselves irrelevant to the course of events in Yemen.”
. . .
Afterwards, I asked the official how it was possible that his own department – the Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU) – had issued blanket approvals for arms exports used in Yemen. “I don’t know, it just is,” he answered. “I’m doing what I’m told and doing my job,” he added. “But I’m uncomfortably aware that Adolf Eichmann said the same thing.”
. . .
In 2015, Vince Cable, Javid’s predecessor, delayed the export of a shipment of Saudi-bound Paveway bombs in the wake of reports alleging that the air campaign had targeted hospitals in Yemen. But Cable told me that he quickly came under pressure from the then defence secretary, Michael Fallon, and prime minister David Cameron, to release the shipment.

The poodle state refused to even prosecute, convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, despite the whitewash that was the Hutton Enquiry still clearly showing the convicted war criminal was a war criminal. As ever, the criminality isn't even disguised: “I struggle to think of a case where the evidence has been so overwhelming and compelling than this one,” said Rosa Curling of Leigh Day, the legal firm instructed by CAAT. “If arms can be exported legally in this scenario, then when could they not?”

These vermin
have waged war every year since 1918 with the sole exception of 1968,
parasite off the rest of the World with jew-confetti,
have thieved the land they call their own,
produce s**tware such as the Boeing 737 MAX,
dump their waste in Asia, and
test their atomic bombs there too.

MLK said the Great Satan was the worst purveyor of violence on the planet, whilst Jane Fonda implored someone to do something to stop their evil. One blonde woman with an amerikan accent, appearing on the state-run BBC's heavily-controlled, Question Time, propaganda programme, stood up as the closing credits started to roll and shouted out that the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika is the most evil nation on the planet.
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War Profiteering
- the usual undisguised criminality reports that the amerikan sheeple consume HALF the entire planet's snake-oil and a whopping 80% of prescription narcotics.

The Great Satan imprisons a quarter of the entire planet's inmates with 97% of convictions based on the terrorism of plea-bargaining whereby they threaten you with the death penalty unless you confess to a crime you didn't commit.

And as we all know the amerikan taxsucker also pays for a quarter of the entire planet's war profits. Whereas the amerikan cannon-fodder pay with their lives and limbs, the military/industrial complex gives nothing away for free. Instead as General Smedley-Butler wrote, it reaps a ten-fold increase in profits during war. And the Great Satan has been at war for all but 40 years since it escaped the poodle empire in 1776.

The defense department is essentially a “procurement agency” for buying military equipment and weapons and is actually more a “money entity” than a “military entity,” former US diplomat and political analyst Jim Jatras has told RT.
. . .
Jatras’ view was echoed by retired US Air Force officer Karen Kwiatkowski, who told RT that spending massive amounts of money on weapons is essentially the Pentagon's most major role.

“That’s all the Pentagon is. The Pentagon is a way to spend taxpayer dollars on mainly American industries. It’s almost a laundering operation in terms of spending money,”Kwiatkowski said.

The relationship works the other way around, too, Jatras said; government employees form relationships with these companies “with the expectation” that they will eventually land a job in the industry when they leave “at salaries far, far higher than they were making on the government payroll.”

- Shanahan out, Esper in: ‘Revolving door’ of lobbyists in Pentagon is like ‘money laundering’

Unsurprisingly, the poodle-state is just the same, having been at war every years since 1914, with the sole exception of 1968: The UK Court of Appeal ruled on Thursday that it was “irrational and unlawful” of the government to allow arms sales to Saudi Arabia without making proper checks. In addition, it concluded that the state had “made no attempt” to assess whether Riyadh had breached international humanitarian law in the ongoing Yemen war.
. . .
Russell-Moyle denounced Boris Johnson for granting many of the arms licences when he was foreign secretary, adding: “This goes to the very top of the Conservative Party.” He called for a public inquiry and believes the UK judgment should have further ramifications, particularly around Europe, in halting arms sales to what he insists is “a war that is not legal.”

- ‘Brutal condemnation of UK foreign policy’: Anti-arms sales campaigners react to Saudi arms ruling

In fact, during the co-alition, Vince Cable blocked sales, only to be over-ruled by the pothead war criminal, and war criminal, Jeremy Hunt. So we know that they know, full-well, that the sales are illegal.
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- nobody could possibly have more to be ashamed of

Arron Banks

The British led the world on abolishing slavery, we have nothing to be ashamed of...

- Ann Widdecombe's EU slavery remarks branded as 'disgusting'

Banks is, of course, taking the p**s!

For five centuries, they've been plundering the World, illegally infesting all but two nations and then braying that the Sun never set on the areas they infested. China and India were half the planets GDP until the Anglo infested. The zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense even showed a graph depicting the collapse of India's GDP in the 18th century and then China's in the 19th. A five-fold increase in famin in India was because they were cultivating opium in India with which to poison China. Since then Asia and Africa have endured grinding poverty which the anglo/jew propaganda touts as an example of how krappy and backward we humans are. When refusing to return India's Koh-i-Noor diamond, the pothead war criminal's lame-assed excuse was he didn't believe in "returnism". Refusing to return Greece's Parthenon marbles, the Poodle Museum of Plunder now claims the theft was a "creative act".

When raiding native American settlements, murdering women and children because the braves were out hunting, they themselves complained that they, and not the native Americans, were the savages. They openly violated written land treaties and violated sacred burial grounds in search of gold and silver.

This era of plundering they tout as the "Industrial Revolution" which they peddled at the 2012 Olympics as their response to China's display in 2008. Except the Anglos themselves complained it was krappy.

There is NOT ONE THING they can be proud of. NOT ONE!

For 350 years they had overt enslavement of Africans. They were transported to the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika in the cargo holds which had no room to stand and they were chained to the mast. A third typically died on route. Chinese labourers were also cheated by simply not being paid.

When they abolished the legality of slavery, they compensated, NOT THE VICTIMS, but the slavers, such as the ancestors of the pothead war criminal, his wife and his coke-head FinMin. On visiting the Carribean, the pothead war criminal refused to even apologise.

Before that they had "indentured servants".

Today, the exploitation continues. The Great Satan imprisons a quarter of the entire planet's prisoners, paid less than $1 a day and then further exploited by JP Morgan's monopoly on those bank accounts, charing HUGE fees for little more than checking the balance.

Like the Great Satan, the poodle-state has a white-supremacist, apartheid edukashun system. This means these morons are breeding themselves ever dumberer. Their own propaganda admits it.

So piece of excrement Aaraon Banks is equivalent to Harvey Weinstein volunteering not to rape Hollywood actresses anymore and then claiming he'd "led the World in abolishing rape" and that he had "nothing to be ashamed of" but then secretly continuing to rape them.

Furthermore, these vermin started both World Wars to impose jew-confetti on the planet at the Genoa Conference in 1922, then Bretton Woods in 1944 and have been parasiting off the planet ever since.

Because they only care about money, they make lethal snake-oil that never cures, death-trap krudmobiles and carcinogenic "crap as food".

Their yooniversities are fraudulent issuers of yet more "worthless paper", underperform Chinese in English and they cheat wholesale at the Olympics too.

NO ONE has MORE to be ashamed of than the Anglos, but of course, they intend to go out still owing the quadrillions in reparations they owe the World. The "first time the mail-boat was a day late" the anglo, illegal-immigrant, mongrel barbarians LITERALLY started eating one another.
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