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Thank You Jamie Dimon for Illegally Smashing the Gold Price Again   [Copy link] 中文

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gork Post time: 2013-6-29 06:26
Gold Market Stressed; Banksters Desperate; Hyperinflation Inevitable

So, because they're running ou ...


Gold bugs have been selling the fear for many years.

But their customers have lost their patience with their salesmen including you.

Where is the inflation you talk about?

And even if there is is not necessary for gold to go is totally irrelevant to the discussion ever since the link between gold and currency has been broken.

I've made my living, Mr. Thompson, in large part as a gambler. Some days I make twenty bets, some days I make none. There are weeks, sometimes months, in fact, when I don't make any bet at all because ...

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gork Post time: 2013-6-29 06:26
Gold Market Stressed; Banksters Desperate; Hyperinflation Inevitable

So, because they're running ou ...


you lost the script.

even if gold goes to US$ 400, so what?

I've made my living, Mr. Thompson, in large part as a gambler. Some days I make twenty bets, some days I make none. There are weeks, sometimes months, in fact, when I don't make any bet at all because ...

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The banksters are desperate. At a time when their liabilities are simply unpayable they're embarking on wholesale theft, whilst their stockpiles of gold are running out. Some would say they've ALWAYS perpetrated wholesale theft, but now they're not even trying to hide the fact. Even if you think you've put your savings in a safe place, they will thieve from you. The UK's largest mutual fund banksters, Standard Life, placed customer funds in U.S. subprime mortgages and tried to return massive losses to their customers. These funds were supposed to be in a DEPOSIT fund! Only when the scam was publicised did Standard Life agree to compensate the victims.

Get your savings BEYOND THE REACH of these bankrupt, insolvent and massively indebted thieves. Buying ANY financial product is just advertising your stupidity. In fact, bankruptcy is the model they all use; all banks are technically bankrupt under a leveraged, fractional reserve scam.

The entire amerikan financial system has a real possibility of completely imploding. The propaganda rags claim the US has never defaulted on "debt", meaning US Treasuries. But that's only because they can print dollars out of thin air. The biggest default in history was in 1971 when Nixon defaulted on gold payment "temporarily". Another big default was in 1933 when FDR defaulted on gold payment and abrogated all gold clauses. Funny money allows a constant stealth default. Then there's the theft of America itself and the 350 years of slavery. Amerika is not only a serial defaulter, it's the history's worst and now with the worst debt in all of history. But the funny money has created moral hazard and now the debts are so huge they've been paying interest on the interest since Dec2006. That's why ALL of Obama's financial advisors have now resigned with B.S. Bernanke the last one to go.
Compounding is the magic ingredient.

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gork Post time: 2013-6-30 15:33
The banksters are desperate. At a time when their liabilities are simply unpayable they're embarking ...

Funny thing is inflation is a problem for China

Japan tries to creates inflation

And America is still waiting for inflation.
I've made my living, Mr. Thompson, in large part as a gambler. Some days I make twenty bets, some days I make none. There are weeks, sometimes months, in fact, when I don't make any bet at all because ...

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Thank You Supermarkets For Illegally Holding Prices Steady

Revolutionar Post time: 2013-6-30 16:21
And America is still waiting for inflation.

Liars don't provide answers, they just ask questions to imply, but not state, supposed facts. Revolutionar is obviously a state propagandist; a puppet propagandist to the Great Satan.

Inflation is readily evident:

Since 2008 the JRF said real inflation had climbed by 25% rather than the 17% increase as judged by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the method used by government.
. . .
Over the past five years:
. . .
Food costs have increased by 24%

- Joseph Rowntree Foundation says poor worst hit by 25% rise in living cost

This is a lie similar to John Williams's BS, which aims to catch those who are not fooled by the official BS statistics which exclude food and fuel. Food prices have DOUBLED in the last five years in the UK. Milk was 28p, a standard loaf of bread was 39p, salmon was £5.99/kg, a tin of corned beef was 79p. All have doubled and the prices are exact. Salmon, for example is £12.99. This means an illegal but state-sanctioned cartel, just as regulation Q in the US is an illegal but federally mandated cartel for interest rates on deposit accounts. Prices rose during the credit inflation phase of this Greater Depression. Now that the monetary inflation phase has started, they're limiting credit and holding prices steady to avoid a hyperinflationary run. This also shows the merger of state and corporations, better known as "fascism" or "gangsterism".

But even that isn't the truth. Price inflation isn't inflation. It is the lie, ever since Bretton Woods. Monetary inflation is the true definition of inflation.

B.S. Bernanke is printing $85bn a month with a monetary base already at $3.4trn. That's a 34.489% rate of inflation.

The UK is doing similar. So worried are they of hyperinflation, that Mervyn King has faced off against naturalised amerikan quackonomist, David Blanchflower and amerikan quackonomist Adam Posen. The BoE has used the trick of separating actual inflation from the announcement. They've announced £375bn in inflation but the propaganda rags claim it's already been used. In fact, only two thirds of this amount has, which is why you have the perverse announcements that the target of £375bn will stay the same. In Mar09, the monetary base was £93.766bn. Latest figures are £354.069bn, May13 (source: BoE) almost four-fold in just four years. That's an average annualised rate of inflation of 37.559%!!!! All of this hyperinflating approaches the Wikipedia rule-of-thumb, metric for hyperinflation of 50% and that's before you consider the fractional reserve nature of the bank lending. They WILL lend out all these massive unlent reserves, so hyperinflation is guaranteed.

Compounding is the magic ingredient.

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Unrestrained Thieving

Sheep are meant to be sheared.

Once you deposit money in a bank, from a legal standpoint, that money is no longer yours. Instead, the bank owns it. You are an unsecured creditor.
. . .
During a traffic stop, Nebraska state troopers asked Gonzolez for permission to search his vehicle. During the search, the troopers found bundles of currency totaling $124,700. Based on a dog sniff, police seized all the money.

Gonzolez contested the forfeiture in court. Prosecutors neither convicted nor accused Gomez or any of the other owners of the seized cash of any crime. Nor did police find any drugs, drug paraphernalia, or drug records connected to the cash. Despite these facts, a federal appeals court upheld the confiscation of every dollar found in the vehicle.

- Civil Forfeiture of Cash: It Could Happen to You

The law was changed in Amerika in the 19th century so that depositors became creditors. In other words, if the bank can't repay you the money it owes you, then it's your fault for LENDING them the money. Imagine leaving your furniture with a warehouse and then finding they've sold most of it because they needed the cash.

The law is also seizing cash in what can only be described as theft and that's on top of the inflation stealth confiscation. This is how bankrupt, insolvent and desperate Amerika is. But it's no suprise at how ruthless they are as they murdered 80 (including 20 kids) at Waco for no reason other than to justify the budget of the ATF which is just an FBI offshoot, job creation scam.

Here's some more gangster shake-down:

One rice producer gained an award of $500,000 even though the crop for 2010, the year of the disaster, actually made higher levels of profit than previous years.
. . .
In other cases multi-million dollar payments have been made to businesses hundreds of miles inland where the link to the spill appears at best tenuous. The approach appears to be – if you send in a claim we will settle in your favour.
. . .
One letter I've seen from a firm representing claimants starts innocuously enough with "Dear business owner". It goes on: "The craziest thing about the settlement is that you can be compensated for losses that are unrelated to the spill." The word "unrelated" is helpfully set in capitalised bold type just in case the "business owner" had missed it.

All any business needs to do is show a drop in revenues over a 2010 period and a similar period in 2011 and the money will follow. It's a mathematical formula, not a matter of legitimacy.

- Uncle Sam's proxy war against British business

BP has been beset with numerous "accidents". Two refinery explosions in Texas, two pipeline leaks in Alaska and then the Deepwater Horizon. In answering questions on the earlier accidents, Lord Browne was ousted as chairman when he was said to have lied about his homosexual private life. Amerikan Bobby Dudley was in charge of the Deepwater Horizon and was also accused of sabotaging the BP/TNK joint-venture by wasting time and money on exploration rather than production right up until the price peaked in July 2008 at $147 a barrel.

Is it any wonder that they've imposed the so-called "Patriot Act" which has posted the TSA gropers at all airports to block all the exits? Is it any wonder that they threatened a retro-active tax on anyone who renounced citizenship? Is it any wonder these gangsters despise gold so much? What beggars belief is that the amerikan sheeple ever allowed them to confiscate gold, though only about a half complied with the demand that they hand in their gold in 1933, despite the massive fines that were threatened.

The gold-price smash has seen a stark divergence between physical demand and the dumping by institutional banksters playing with other people's money.

Don't forget that the two custodians for the gold and silver ETFs are HSBC (US) and JP Morgan respectively and they're also the biggest shorters of the very same metals. The ETFs were obviously designed to draw demand away from physical, which is why the annual charges are a mere 0.4% and despite the supposed costs of insurance, security, opportunity cost and storage; blatant fraud if ever there was one. But the liabilities of this scam appear to have ballooned and an ETF default was probably imminent. Now that they've sold off ETF shares, the gold price may be allowed to rocket much higher. The Jan1980 gold price of $850 was merely the level where it would cover the monetary base of the US and it's alleged but unaudited 8,134 tonnes of gold. Today's price would have to be $15,000 by the time B.S. Bernanke's QE explodes the monetary base to $4trn at the end of this year.

Meanwhile the propaganda denying a hyperinflationary monetisation of debt descends into farce: Every boom and bust cycle runs its own course, but I would strongly argue any comparison to 1937 is misguided. In no way do I believe the 2008 financial crisis was the current historic cycle's 1929. There was indeed significant financial and economic stress in 2008/09. But there was definitely no global collapse in credit or economic activity - no globalized economic depression.
- Uninsurable risks

In Dougno-land there is no such thing as debt monetisation, unless perhaps, it is sneering at other nations. SMEs are definitely being starved of credit in order to avoid any hyperinflation. Only buyers of unproductive homes are allowed to indebt themselves, bid up house prices and increase profits for the banksters. The global depression is currently readily apparent.

Back then the lies were flying freely too: Friedman thus sided with the central planners, contending that the market of the day was wrong and that thousands of banks that already had excess reserves should have been doused with more and still more reserves, until they started lending and creating deposits in accordance with the dictates of the monetarist gospel. Needless to say, the historic data show this proposition to be essentially farcical, and that the real-world exercise in exactly this kind of bank reserve flooding maneuver conducted by the Bernanke Fed forty years later has been a total failure—a monumental case of “pushing on a string.”
. . .
More crucially, the “excess reserves” in the banking system grew dramatically during this forty-five-month period, implying just the opposite of monetary stringency. Prior to the stock market crash in September 1929, excess reserves in the banking system stood at $35 million, but then rose to $100 million by January 1931 and ultimately to $525 million by January 1933.

- When Professor Friedman Opened Pandora’s Box: Open Market Operations

One of the enduring lies of the last Great Depression was that there was a credit-crunch where those who wanted to borrow were not credit-worthy, whilst those who WERE credit-worthy didn't want to borrow. Then as now, those who are credit-worthy can't even roll over their existing debts because the banksters don't want a hyperinflationary run on the currency. Clearly, then, Friedman was a liar.

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You forgot to mention how the obscenely rich that own the USA 'borrowed' trillions of dollars from
the Social Security fund to fight wars in the Middle East so they could make even more money.
They have no intention of paying that back.
The children of the wage slaves can worry about that.
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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