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Thank You Jamie Dimon for Illegally Smashing the Gold Price Again   [Copy link] 中文

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EU Under Attack

So, war criminal, BoJo's big deal is not to have one border but TWO borders across Ireland with a zone in between. In other words, it's a flagrant attack on the EU's economic borders, which, given the Good Friday Agreement, require either that Occupied Ireland has the same customs regime as Free Ireland or Free Ireland is taken out of the EU system.

He's like a five year-old who's been instructed by a mischievous ten year-old to go and kick teecher in the shins. Indeed, when he was selected as poodle minister, he appeared every bit as excited and dishevelled as a skoolboy.

The rumbustious greeting the DUP terrorists gave him, shouting, "Boris! Boris! Boris!" shows what a Hurrah-Henry he is, once telling a fellow goon & thug that goon & thuggery was the same as managing a rugby team.

In practice, customs checkpoints, whether they be two, five, or 10 miles from the crossing points — represent a hardening of the border which is illegal under the Good Friday Agreement — a binding international treaty — and the 2018 EU Withdrawal Act.
- A border ‘buffer zone’ is a hair-brained scheme that won’t work. It’s not a ‘solution’ to the backstop

War criminal BoJo is often referred to as a "buffoon". He got a 2:1 from Oxford in ancient Latin and Greek literature, presumably because he never expects anyone to question him on it ever again. War criminal, Winston Turdhill, similarly passed his greek exam by leaving nothing more than an ink blot on the exam paper and then the grandson of the duke of Marlborough praised his examiners for being able to "see beneath the surface.

But judging by his articles in the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense, war criminal BoJo can't even reed & rite at an adult level in English.

The EU will reject this nonsense, resulting in no deal or an extension which war criminal, BoJo, inisists he will not ask for, meaning he will.

The Benn bill has already done an end-run around, this requiring a FOURTH extension to Brexit, in which case it could all just be a distraction.
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Gold was hugely smashed on Thursday on no apparent news.

This is what some gold bugs have, no doubt, been anticipating. The banksters will smash before they buy.
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Yes, Munger! It DID Work!

"I don't have the slightest interest in gold. I like working on understanding what works and what doesn't in human systems. To me that is my…that's not optional…that's a moral obligation. If you're capable of understanding the world, you have a moral obligation to become rational. I don't see how you become rational hoarding gold. Even if it works you're a jerk."
- Jerk-Off, Charlie Munger in 2010

LOL! Munger talking about morality! Soon he'll be worm-food. Then he'll have to try and get a camel through the eye of a needle.

Gold has also easily outperformed the Shyster of Omaha who only averaged 6% in his ten year bet with Protégé Partners and also underperformed shares. Since war criminal, Nixon, defaulted on gold it has risen from $35 to Friday's $1,488.92 which is 8.1% per annum. In Poodles it's 10.1%!

Yet the Shyster of Omaha has the temerity to claim: Many mainstream investors avoid gold entirely, including Warren E. Buffett, who told a group of business school students in 2009, “It is a terrible investment over time — it just sits there and stares at you.”

- E.T.F. Investors Are Going for Gold, Despite Many Drawbacks

Yeah and this "pet rock" poops 8% per annum in the litter tray.

This is freakin' hilarious! The Masters of the Universe obviously hate gold, yet I'm beating the pants off them! These two fraudsters were lying to amerikan stewdents which means they're a bunch of gullible simpletons.

But instead of telling the truth, the Shyster of Omaha cherry-picks a period when the "worthless paper" USD was pegged to gold so gold couldn't rise and included the fake gold-standard, the gold-exchange standard, when the so-called "monetary" base was based on other nations' credit and so credit rose rapidly boosting share prices: In a February letter to investors of Berkshire Hathaway, Mr. Buffett calculated how gold would have performed if, as an 11-year-old boy in 1942, he had bought a few ounces of the metal instead of three shares of stock for $114.75.

A fairer comparison is: From September 1999 through September 2019, the S&P 500 returned a solid 229%, including dividends. And the stock price of Buffett’s company (Berkshire Hathaway) is up an astonishing 536% over the same period. But the price of gold has surpassed even Buffett, returning 591%.
- "Paper Money Systems Have Always Wound-Up With Collapse And Chaos", Buffett Senior

And even that is citing the price of Berkshire Hathaway shares which is not the same as the Shyster of Omaha's even krappier investment performance.

As gold bugs point out, the "worthless paper" USD is just a credit note, originally defined as 371.25 grains of silver until silver was demonetised. Gold is money, so measured in money the S&P500 and Berkshire Hathaway shares have been losing value these last 20 years.
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Absurd BS

Not only does China thieve technology off the Great Satan's dumbasses using a magic/space time-masheen, but the Great Satan has a magic/space mind-reading masheen that can read the minds of everyone on the planet simultaneously. Eat your heart out Charles Xavier!

HSBC sees year-end prices at $1,555/oz, end-2020 at $1,605
- Gold Set to Extend Rally as Retail Investors Climb on Board

Yes folks, gold will extend its rally by MASSIVELY SLOWING DOWN. It was $35 on 15Aug71 when war criminal, Nixon, defaulted; the biggest default in all of history. It's just been smashed to $1,479 as I type.

So after 48 years averaging 8.1% you're supposed to believe it will only increase 3.2% in 2020. This is like the propaganda in "1984" where chocolate rations were increased, but Winston Smith remembers that they were previously higher.

If someone had $100,000 in savings in 1971, it would now have the purchasing power of $2,366; virtually all gone; thieved by the money-changers. And if you put it into a bankster account, not only would they not pay you 8.1% interest to compensate for the loss, but the goons & thugs would have taxed you whatever meagre rate as a profit too. Furthermore, that assumes that gold has kept up with inflation when we know the banksters want to suppress it's price with propaganda such as the absurd BS above and with the Great Satan and poodle both defaulting on gold. If gold was restored as money, Poodleville's £500+ bn monetary base and £500bn in FX reserves denominated in Poodles would mean a price of £100,000 per ounce of it's 310.3 tons of gold reserves.

The propaganda is as absurd as the claim that japanese consumers were delaying purchases over a 0.5% deflation rate over a 10 year period. So they would save 1 yen for every 200 yen spent if they waited a decade, all the while monitoring the deflation rate like a hawk and believing it too. Even then it omitted food and fuel like BS Bernanke's "preferred" measure.
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The Stench of Market Manipulation Heightens

So the outlook for sterling all hinges on Saturday.

Technically, the forex markets will still be open, at least to central banks and related VIPs. But they will not be open to ordinary retail traders, which makes for an interesting situation.

It means there is a possibility of a large gap up or down on Sunday, depending on Saturday’s outcome. Use of stops will become complicated to say the least. Needless to say, there is a lot of risk. Caveat emptor.

- Currency Corner: what does Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal mean for the pound?

Except that the vote was blocked by Oliver Letwin who forced war criminal, BoJo to ask for an extension. Instead of committing suicide in a ditch as promised, war criminal, BoJo has caved and sent the letter to the EU asking for an extension but failed to sign it in a puerile and meaningless gesture.

The absurdity of the Brexit pantomime has been going on for over three years now. War criminal, Auntie May spent two years negotiating, held an election to decimate her majority, invited the DUP terrorist group on board then held an open vote whereupon all of Poodleville's goons & thugs scattered to the nine winds.

War criminal, BoJo has similarly removed the whip, giving himself a minority, failed to prepare a deal, threatened to Brexit "do or die" on the 31st, before coming up with an absurd deal that no one likes at the final hour. And along with the letter requesting an extension he has included a second letter arguing against it.

Traders are in a war of attrition; repeatedly being given a false dawn, like Charlie Brown having the ball whipped away at the last second. The swiss franc was re-valued to parity with the euro with far less indolent timewasting.

The possibility of the EU rejecting an extension due to there being no benefit from it, would result in the No Deal Brexit. This raises the possibility of Poodleville becoming a tax-haven, which is why some have called it the Billionaire's Brexit.

At least the propaganda is now reporting that protesters cheered the delay in Brexit by Letwin's bill. Even the jewish-controlled, state-run BBC admitted this, but only claimed the protesters were only in favour of a second referendum despite the profusion of gold stars on blue insignia that adorned them. The goons & thugs in favour of Brexit all required plod protection as the crowd jeered them including Jacob Rees-Mogg with his mini-me offspring.
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Not To Be Trusted

No matter how many crimes they commit and how TOTALLY LAWLESS and SUBHUMAN their behaviour, they insist on peddling the BS that they're the "leaders of the free World" or the "civilised World" and instead of claiming they abide by the rule of law, only claim to want to abide by a "rules based order", which is probably a gangster-threat that the kid-gloves will come off if you don't do as they demand.

Like Singapore, New Zealand regularly ranks at the very top of global country rankings on metrics such as business friendliness, economic freedom, rule of law, property ownership rights, low levels of corruption, personal freedom, and monetary freedom. These rankings demonstrate that New Zealand is a safe and secure jurisdiction suitable for bullion storage.
- Buy Gold & Silver in New Zealand - Diversify your Bullion Storage

With the Great Satan having defaulted on gold owed to Germany in 2013 and more recently China, plus, having thieved gold from both Libya and Ukraine during it's illegal wars and with its mini-me poodle-state having thieved Venezuela's gold, the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of New Zealand cannot be trusted either. Even if NZ isn't bankrupt, insolvent and so desperate it's robbing its own sheeple on the highways, as a Five Eyes/Echelon gang-member, New Zealand will be obliged to bail-out the Great Satan and poodle. Both of these "gangster-run" "criminal states" and "kleptocracies" as Paul Craig-Roberts, John Pilger and max. Kiester call them ALSO rank highly in those indices for "business friendliness, economic freedom, rule of law, property ownership rights, low levels of corruption, personal freedom, and monetary freedom". But that just means the indices are, in of themselves, COMPLETELY RIGGED.

Morgan Stanley was caught charging customers for security and storage for silver bars, even displaying the bar numbers. Except they didn't have any bars. Even then, that story was probably to fool you to buy silver rather than gold. In fact, amerikan gold-bugs are warning everyone to diversify their locations and jurisdictions PRECISELY BECAUSE they can't trust the Great Satan. In 1933, war criminal, FD Roosevelt, confiscated gold. In 1966, Poodleville also banned gold ownership. If memory serves, it was only 24 carat gold that was banned.

They bray that Hong Kong's legal system is based on their own, neglecting to mention they copied theirs from the French. But the reason the likes of Singapore and Hong Kong rank highly is because they were both infested by the Anglo and they want to peddle the lie that they've brought such civilised behaviour to Asia. The truth is the exact opposite. The Anglo are literally illegal immigrants, mongrels and barbarians. The "first time the mail-boat was a day late" they LITERALLY started eating one another. They're now :

ROBBING their own sheeple on the highways,

MURDERING african Amerikans,

EXTORTING cash out of corporations both foreign and in the land they thieved,

GUN-RUNNING to mexican drug barons under Operation Fast & Furious,

using amerikan taxsucker funds to irrigate the poppy fields in Afghanistan after illegally invading, and

funding a frozen-shrimp company to SMUGGLE those illegal narcotics into the land they THIEVED.

Vincent Chen got no justice after the korrupt kangaroo-kourt judge claimed his murderer "wasn't the sort" (white) to go to jail. A black maid is raped by a rutting ape and doesn't even get a criminal trial, having to sue the subhuman skank in a civil court for cash instead. The same happened for exchange student, "Yoshihiro Hattori: The door knock that killed a Japanese teenager in US".

Diversification of location and jurisdiction is a good idea. But you shouldn't do so without due care and attention. Of all the gangster-run, Anglo-thieved prison-states, NZ has, at least apologised and paid some minor reparations to the indigenous people of the land they thieved. But that means they at least admit they have a criminal record.
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Without a Clue

Volatility isn’t bad for everyone, though. For traders who make their living in foreign exchange (FX) markets, it means opportunity.
. . .
The pound soared, and Matts cashed out around 8:30 p.m., making about £45,000 for two days’ work. Mehra, out with friends, noticed the climb and stepped out of the bar to close his positions, up $131,400.
. . .
Matts is a chartist, spending hours staring at graphs in his living room, like Captain Ahab poring over nautical logbooks in his cabin. The charts show historic markets Matts thinks offer clues about the future. In explaining his methods, he might invoke “cobweb theorem” or overlay the sterling’s movements with those of the New Zealand dollar, pointing excitedly and asking, “What do you see?”
. . .
His long-term girlfriend had just started a business, selling high-end pet products such as the jacket Mario wore, and Mehra was happy to be up about 10% for the year. He was in the outdoor area of a bar near the Rhône River, drinking vodka and soda from a glass the size of a goldfish bowl. “I need it in this job,” he said. “It’s just gambling with the pound at these levels, not trading, because nobody knows what’s coming next.” He’d begun buying gold instead.

- The Always Exhilarating, Sometimes Lucrative Lives of Brexit Currency Traders
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